1v1 Tourney – Assassin Round, Match 2 – Sefarix v Starving

The Bucket’s Brice (Sefarix) takes on the reigning tournament champion (Starving).

So what is it assassins all right assassin’s oly your time assessing what liverpool so police asked and only me you have to look up assassin in the search bar i only get cassiopeia what you mean i spelled it wrong you spelled it wrong you to tuck the entire word oh yes baby clip ass ass out like no extracted and what is up everybody it is zac recitation and we

Consider for the game here it’s going to be safar x on the assassin shako versus starting here on the headhunter nidalee already got a head start for the skin here a couple boost in the crowd here for so far he’s definitely got a chip on the shoulder i’m show up from what and we have starving here clearly at the forefront of casilla really won the korean won be

One contest to your last month at msi so there’s definitely something to prove here from safari let’s just dive right in ways don’t think garbage you’re talking about this just fluff it’s not even real ones real this is the germs 1v1 this is ed irish outcast before you donate wall let’s go ahead you know let’s go ahead and see who we have here on the endless desk

I actually don’t know if it also mod documents yet we have joshua jack mr. m as well as roger rick rods drugs roger roger roger roger on chalice and would go fascinator fight i really don’t both it is this the bottom the first bush fear lands straight for the trap the box between a lot of damage here to start things off but that’s gonna be a little five golden

Force target on me ox spear mrs. straight for the bush into our last games yeah saw on the zed the echo being played that evelyn and the yeast so these are both not ordinary pics you’d see every day um nice first first yes they’re from starting surprises glad i got it bit of a position here in the wave as he is melee to csuf for starving it’s looking pretty good

Here now notice oh that’s going to be the steve coming in here for support lands there quick starter stop w it from some starting over the box gonna go ahead and take him down hp here steps on the track from starting potential jump here at night comes out exhaust on the star be tonight goes both ways first one starving lift late the quick switch onto the spear to

Finish off subparts there let’s go ahead and city no it can’t against are you solo why this channel oh my god get this game on the road here we have coming in from silly kitty dodge nothing like if we could be like look at the gag comes out on the starving barrier possible does not block a church on your sub barks is on the ropes here cue comes in from starting

Ignite to back them up here the barrier also comes out very low start before the minions even reach the lane push the way here to turn it here starving is not gonna risk anything does be the portal those showing that jut generosity i love it um just random know where you found what haha i mean i’m on the belv coming out is he not stop playing this is a couple to

Turn here the cutest which what i saw i see little ball okay the legs no bail out of nowhere hey southeast edge is definitely keeping him all man enough hero i have an afk warrant and go and fix that here but we see the level 6 comes out your egnyte barrier the bike comes up from starving that goes in who can land the last combo here they’re both interview very

Low from about 40 to 50 hp here was the range from both of them here on both low going in for the health swine to see the queue wait what i like a good one the one blames on the blackberry classic north america haha i like to see the game doing some post match analysis and i am shocked to find that the damage telegraph’s are nowhere to be found so unfortunately i

Can say that way awesome climbing nasty ways they call me nasty all right josh the analysis guest appearance pod hassle um i would say that sucks did more damage to champions because you won that is what this case thank you so much and i changed something else but not the secret ok so the set stuff rick’s has allegedly swapped out scaling ad and ap for you realize

You don’t level up line it ain’t you for something else smartly saying realizing that you don’t level up a lot of things you’re repeating me okay uncle l okay that’s a very can you analyze the skin that rod chalk is easy ok rock is using the batman skin first it it’s a very nice one minds us that our jerbs last official shove the dark night honey be paid but that’s

For another time yo what is what is the aim i guess i my feet heading back in his cheating with that that either removing himself from the map their cs 7 11 good story yeah we actually fun i believe we have someone in the booth there that may work there roger rog hahahaha i’m nicely me and inner voice on his right now okay i who except we have brown brothers you’re

In the house safari for bro-bro no oh that helps time are you that not disguise not there dodge is with the e tries to go in queues in takes a turn shot here even with the hp nice i’m starving here oh that’s bad forest but yeah he does have more minions to goes in from sparks dodges all pope with the e they’re starving able to get out alive no excuse dumb or summers

Starting really contemplating the strats you he needs spacing and he needs to land ho skill shots before sponsor the eq goes in from some parts hits the e as well looking for the z old here the fish does not land there ignites the bar sitting on this one has the best of lean what i got it starving yeah i plus we all said that point was just announced take the game

Best of three in the first round here taken by son

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1v1 Tourney – Assassin Round, Match 2 – Sefarix v Starving By Roghog