6 Month Ritalin Review

Ritalin Review After 6 Months of Use

Hey guys miller million here i’m going in i’m gonna be talking to you guys about how i personally feel about ritalin been a long day at work i have mega allergies that’s why i look the way i do right now um but here we are two o’clock in the afternoon i finally got back from work we’re going in um ritalin is a drug prescribed to people for adhd it’s also prescribed

The narcoleptics for narcolepsy um i have it personally for hypersomnia just to keep me awake throughout the day um the half-life of ritalin is three to five hours which means that whenever you take it three to five hours later it will be halfway out of your system basically all the plasma levels and stuff of the medicine itself um i will talk about my dosage

I’m one 20 milligrams of extended release ritalin three times a day which is the max dosage that you can acquire it works okay for me um i’m gonna be real i can sugar coat ritalin it’s not the best drug um i’m actually about to be taken off of it and put on focal in which is um the isomer form of ritalin um basically ritalin’s generic name is methylphenidate

And vocalin’s generic name is dex methylfinity so it’s basically essentially the same thing i don’t know if it’s going to work any better supposedly it might be a potentially intentionally stronger but i don’t know i will find out here next week starting um but yeah um ritalin is pretty good um it keeps me awake it puts me in a focused state um it gets me put on

Topic it lets me you know ignore all the realities of the world the background noise and keeps me focused on what’s ahead of me what’s in front of me um i like it it’s it’s pretty good it amps me up it gets my heart beating gets my blood pressure up pretty high um i’m 30 years old so i’ve never really was on stimulants for adhd or anything back in the day but i

Mean i have experimented with like adderall i’ve taken a drug called nitrovit which is a nootropic um i’ve taken modafinil for two and a half years and then i had to get off of that and i got put on ritalin because i needed something else because the root the modafinil will eventually build up in my system so much that i had gained a tolerance to it and i was on

Max dose and i couldn’t get any satisfaction out of it but i have lost tremendous amount of weight with modafinil and ritalin um i was at 235 at my highest that dirt that’s printer ink yo my work today it was beast mode um so much dust from like old electronics open my up in my nasal cavities sucked um guys ritalin’s okay it has spiked my anxiety tremendously

And um like i said it raises my blood pressure it gets my heart beating pretty good i’m on masters um good gets the job done but it’s not a save all cure all kind of medicine for nootropic world or anything i feel like i make more rash and rush decisions i have impulse control issues um like i have gambling problems and stuff so i don’t know what medicine in

Particular it is that’s doing that to me but ritalin in general is it could be a culprit i mean let’s be real um but yeah i mean other than that like i have schizophrenia also and people are weary of even putting a schizophrenic one stimulus just for the simple fact that they can cause um like coasts and stuff so that being said like i haven’t had any of that

Happen to me i my voices are dead from schizophrenia they don’t even talk anymore and i mean my mind’s running but it’s not like illusions or anything like that so either way you slice it and dice it ritalin’s been okay with the whole psychosis side of things in life and everything like that but um it does raise my anxiety pretty tremendously um but yeah other

Than that it’s an okay it’s an okay medication um hopefully focal in is better for me but everyone’s different um how a drug affects one person could be totally different from the next person and stuff like that um i’d much rather be on like adderall that i could take once a day and then like stay awake all day or like buy advance or something but my insurance

Doesn’t cover that so it is what it is guys thanks for watching i’ll uh i’ll be back in the future here pretty soon just trim this it feels good i feel good that’s my take on ritalin though it’s it’s a pretty good upper but it could be better well i’m gonna say guys thanks for watching and uh keep it real keep it awesome that’s six months on ritalin and thanks for watching i take

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6 Month Ritalin Review By Miller Million