Amber Heard Exposed For Hooking Cara Delevingne On Drugs

Amber Heard Exposed For Hooking Cara Delevingne On Drugs

Did rocky tell you that amber heard was having an affair with cara de la vigne while she was still married to johnny depp yes here levine obvious because of her substance use and mental health issues and while a lot of her friends and fans are hoping she will get the help she needs several people also blame amber heard for kara state but how is amber exactly responsible

For cara being hooked on drugs a lot of carrie’s behaviors have left people concerned on social media like in march she was seen acting really drunk and uncontrollable at a party in new york then there were cara’s disturbing photos outside of the airport that also sparked health concerns among her fans and media because she looked like she was hooked on something

She was photographed speaking on the phone right outside of the airport with no shoes on and seemingly disoriented while talking about the concerning pattern followers also reference paparazzi photos of cara putting on a hand-rolled cigarette and sporting marks on her legs that looked either like bruises or scabs something else that made fans realize that something

Was definitely off was when during an interview with jimmy fallon it looked as though cara was a bit nervous as she talked rapidly stumbled over words sometimes and fidgeted frequently well it just happened it’s one of the most incredible places i’ve ever lived in obviously but i just i can’t believe it i feel so connected to you but i feel so grateful man i just

Things seem to get worse during her appearance on live kelly and ryan because as she answered questions about a new tattoo she’s going to be getting kira could be seen rubbing her hands together she also answered her questions very rapidly nearly cutting off kelly and ryan before they could finish responding and stumbled over her words multiple times in addition

Kara also failed to show up to a new york event celebrating the lodge of kara loves carl her capsule collection with carl lagerfield apparently her friends are worried that she is struggling with a combination of mental health and substance issues in fact her friend and co-star margot robbie was actually seen leaving kara’s los angeles home looking distressed and

Photos of robbie in tears spark speculation that there were serious issues going on with cara an insider also told tmz that margot robbie was visibly distraught with good reason over what she allegedly saw at her friend’s home another close friend of cara also told the sign that they are incredibly concerned saying there is talk of staging some kind of intervention

And making sure kara gets the help she may well need she has been burning the candle at both ends of late and it’s clearly taking its toll obviously because of the trend cara became a hot topic and while she was a meme on social media other people call on followers to have a bit of empathy one person wrote y’all might not like cara delevingne but at least have the

Decency to not make fun of her current state she is obviously going through something it could be drugs or it could be something else like mental health she’s a human being and deserves to be treated like one and someone else also wrote i wish cara delevingne all the best i hope she overcomes her personal issues please don’t post her photos in her worst please

Guys so there are also people who said that kara is going through what she’s going through because of amber heard when it comes to amber and cara details of their relationship blew up when popcorn planted got exclusive photos of amber passionately making out with a woman in the elevator and both andy and his guest emmy insinuated that the woman sharing a kiss with

Amber heard might have been cara de levine amy said i’m looking at the cheekbones i’m looking at the eyebrow the eyebrows you know who she has those like very prominent eyebrows johnny depp also previously claimed that amber had an affair with elon musk and kara no later than one month after they had tied the nod in 2015. he said that amber received a late night

Visits from elon at the la penthouse they shared when he was out of the country johnny depp went on to claim elon was even granting had access to his home the same night amber presented her face to the public for his part elon opened up about his relationship with amber amid reports that he and amber had had a three-way affair involving cara they say cara and i

Are friends but we’ve never been intimate she would confirm this also i wish to confirm again that amber and i only started going out about a month after her divorce filing i don’t think i was ever even in the vicinity of amber during their marriage even though elon denied that he had had a three-way affair with amber and cara josh drew said that to the best of his

Knowledge amber elon and cara delevingne were involved in a three-way and do we even have that specific clip did rocky tell you that amber heard was having an affair with cara de la vigne while she was still married to johnny depp yes did she ever tell you in words or substance while amber was still married to johnny depp that the three of them met the night together

Yes so here’s a crazy theory that explains why elon denied the three-way affair aunt waikara has never opened up about it both elon and cara do not remember the affair happening because they were both drugged by amber in case you are wondering why some people insisted that amber is the one who got kara hooked on substances followers referenced how one ex of amber

Already spilled that amber drugged her before sleeping with her so it would not come as a surprise if she also drugged cara the x we are talking about was given the name gia during an expose by jessica reed krauss where she talked about adult parties that were hosted by richmond in hollywood sources told jessica that during the parties there was always alcohol and

Hard drug consumption involved which is a major part of the issues that cara is currently going through gia said that when amber first kissed her she slipped a pill into her mouth and she could not remember anything after that when she woke up she found herself alone in amber’s silver lake loft deemed the tree house with a handwritten note on the bed beside her

With kara seemingly on edge one person sent an anonymous message to dumoy saying amber heard won’t come out to support her ex-girlfriend cara delevingne because she’s trying to repair her image even though amber is what got her hooked on meth on twitter people also posted comments like it’s sad about cara delevingne it seems like everyone amber befriends it’s not

Out of sincerity it’s more because she is jealous of their fame beauty and wants to see them destroyed if she is a friend from the heart where is she amber now according to followers it’s also possible that whatever amber gave people before hooking up with them clouded their judgment which is why kira has never exposed her for reference when gia was giving her

Account of what happened to her she said that she was confused but enamored because she had never been into women but the intensity of the new attraction she had for amber was unexplainable she credited amber as being very seductive and smart who figured out what she liked and told you things that she wanted to hear others also said that the drugging would also

Explain why kara so willingly betrayed her friend lily rose deb their friendship goes all the way back to 2015 because of their work relationship with chanel and at one point chanel even posted a photo of lily rose affectionately embraced by cara delevingne at an exhibition premiere that was held at sochi galleria in london in october 2015. both lily rose and cara

Also scored chanel eyewear campaigns after lily rose was made the phase of the pearl eyewear collection in september 2015 and kara in april 2016 when chanel also released the collection of its fall winter 2017-2018 campaign starring the house ambassadors lily rose and kara in one of the photos from the collection they also shared a tight embrace so for carrotype

Betray her friendship by hooking up with amber when she was still possibly married to johnny depp some people said that there might have been something else involved aka cara was drugged well there are people who also said that followers should stop making it about amber because cara clearly needs help like one twitter user said i pray kara has people that are

Looking out for her and that people stop trying to capitalize on her struggles making this at al amber when cara is clearly struggling is sickening another person also added what cara delevingne needs is privacy and support while she gets the help she quite obviously needs but instead the media will hound her and do anything they can to get footage of her looking

Her worst for a story how they’re allowed to get away with it is beyond uh we can only hope that cara will get all the help she needs and as we all remain hopeful check out this other video of something crazier happening in hollywood

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