Here’s my current skincare routine:

This is how my face looks like right now i’ll be again after a few days bye now reduce the redness the face go and then i only have scars left everyone my name is rv and welcome back to my youtube channel today marks the first month and i couldn’t be more than happy with the results that i have right now so if you’re interested to know more please keep on watching

Okay so as promised every time the maga update yoga is now weekly update go on my iso tretinoin treatment i would not be wearing any makeup and i’m not wearing any makeup right now so from this changes let me just zoom you in and then i only have scars left and i’m happy no problem before is that angel i’ve been using different kinds of products that go work the

Mancilla irritated and i don’t know but just the feeling of having a lot of pimples right here really really annoys me and irritates me so i’ve been really happy now noah la amala pimples area although you may see scars as i’ve mentioned but the lagoon it’s healing so i’m really really happy but the thing is if you are someone who’s taking isotry to knowing in

The taboos first month and you do not see the same result as me of course reactions some will have purging and some like me is talagang sahiling because of course i already had an iso charted on treatment before but naputo due to pandemic so if you’re someone who’s not so familiar about isotretinoin it is a prescription drug prescribed dermatologist and also if

You’re having severe acne so if you are someone and do you think impossible heal by yourself so you could just go to your dermatologist and have a consultation they are just the best people to treat our acne also guys at the same time because what if among a nasa is that what if they depend on the skin colon with that in mind what i did is that i really learned

A lot of things and i’ve been trying to learn a lot more so among watch a lot of youtube videos on how to treat acne naturally without iso charging um even after taking this isotretinoin course and then aguaba said in a honeymoon libra about skin cleansing and i actually learned a lot the thing is hindi na tindapat it depends on adding skin on the drug that

We’re taking on the vitamins and of course on the products nagina gamete and what if we’re really trying some products natalia effective it’s just that super unhealthy not in combined so this month is that i’ve been trying to eat healthy and then pina lite cow milk into nut milk so meaning hindi nasa dairy and nut two days ago so i am now 26 years old happy

Birthday to me and kumai naho actually na maraming cake that’s why but after two days of my birthday so i would really say na na pakalaking effect guys all of the foods that we are taking and all of the foods that are entering inside our body will really affect on how our skin would look like so maybe that’s the reason why nakai 30 days old i’m so excited and

Then i will continue taking the isotretinoin by the way i am under 20 milligrams and then i will ask my dermatologist but on the products that i am using guys products before i am using right now the stellatec hydration cleanser cellotec toner and cellotech moisturizer and hydration line so you know and then i am also using a sunscreen which is the bellow because

I am also liking the cos rx i’m also using this course rx but sometimes measures tikisha or parang mejo sobrang safisco that’s why i am not using this neo is that i really really like that so this is the this is the products seletech console and it’s really really so effective until now and then on the blackheads go guys wow it’s it’s really white right now but

No times no matter blackheads this is an aha cream retexturizing cream it was just given by a friend to me and i didn’t realize the talagang effective on my blackheads that’s why i get a garmin cushion two times a week and then kongos coverage i am just using this bb cream threshold the magamet nang foundation but i do use a concealer from maybelline um on my

Lips as well anglapan sincoden would be my lips very very very dry and lips especially in this area around the corner around the lip area is so i’m using a lot of petroleum jelly so and by the way if your question is if i’m peeling yes i am peeling but very little manga spots like in here petroleum jelly guys because at night time i am also using tretinoin so

Again during the day cleanser moisturizer sunscreen during the night cleanser moisturizer tretinoin and then extra long tongue toner because i am actually not sure kung talagan necessary basha but for me it’s not so you know i’m gonna go with lately and when it comes to the back area naman something that really helped me is the nature republic i will be doing

Maybe a separate updates a back area haul because talagang and damien lumumba pimples are back air hoe and also that’s the reason why gusu talagamu malik is a dermatologist and it continues on isotretinoin course because benjamin hit up and hit up the more products para mahila acne go at the back but right now it’s healing it’s very dry um i’m really happy so

Yeah i think that’s just gonna be it i’ll just make it short i just want to update italia every week and um nah so far so good and then i’ll just see you on my next video bye you

Transcribed from video