Ankylosing Spondylitis Simplified (Bengali)

Ankylosing Spondylitis is a chronic disabling autoinflammtory disease of the vertebral column that starts from the sacroiliac joints at a very early age. It is more prevalent in men and can cause considerable disability and deformity in an amount that may cost one’s employment and quality of life. Go through the video for simplified discussion.

I am a rheumatologist and i am practising here in kolkata, india previously i had posted some videos on rheumatoid arthritis ankylosing spondylitis is an arthritis of low back region (in simple terms) you might not be familiar with the term initially but… it starts at a young age. more in males than in females. the presentation is like a low back pain with a typical

Character. initially there is a low intensity pain but later.. the pain in severe after waking up from bed or after a period of rest. the low back remains very stiff and they take a long time to get back into full motion again, whenever the person goes into inactivity, the stiffness reappears it happens in those sit for long hours e.g it prof, teachers etc they develop a

Stiffness after a period of prolonged rest or sitting this type of pain which has a morning stiffness and improves wit movement.. even they develop a pain in the 2nd half of the sleep while turning on the bed. this type of back pain is called inflammatory back pain 90% of all back pains are actually mechanical back pain mechanical signifies pain due to bad posture, injury,

Heavy weight lifting , jerking, fall etc only 5 to 10 % of all back pains are inflammatory back pain. the mechanical back pain and the inflammatory back pain the mechanical pain tends of increase with a typical posture or work often after string sneeze or cough you might get an acute mechanical back pain even after prolonged standing you might get this pain sometimes these

Mechanical pain may translate into sciatica kind of radiating pain down the leg family history of inflammatory back pain is common. .. colitis characterised by mucoid or blood mixed stool with abdominal pain..and.. characterised by acute and repeated redness of an eye thus ..history of these suggest inflammatory back pain.. when somebody presents with an inflammatory

Back pain we suspect… spondylosis and ankylosing spondylitis are not the same disease spondylosis is basically the term used for most of the mechanical back pain exercise … exercise…. exercise..the main 3 treatment strategy the sacroiliac joint in low back is the affected area the chronicity of the arthritis at this joint results in… the joint fuses in case the

Disease is not controlled thats why we try to keep this joint mobile as much as possible or vigorous yoga so that there is a movement in that joint. the patients respond well to exercise proprotionately the patients communicate that they do well after exercise we ensure that patient really does vigorous exercise to ensure movement in sacroiliac joints interestingly in

Patients with spondylosis (mechanical back pain(… excess exercise may worsen the mechanical back pain hence differentiating the two entities is very important we always suggest, that even if you dont consume any medicines, donot stop exercise. the exercise is the most important stuff in management of as if the joints fuse, even the costliest of the medicines wont work.

In case the disease is not treated, the joint fusion will progress gradually it will ascend and the bones of vertebra will fuse with each other. a time will come when the entire back will be immobile only the eyes will be able to move as the neck will become fixed it is an extremely disbaling situation for the person but we can stop this. exercise is mandatory to stop the

Diseases progression painkillers are only medicine that can stop the progress of the disease it can cause kidney injury, gastric ulcers, rise in blood pressure we do prescribe pain killers, often for a month or two. in case the patient responds, we ask them to stop the medicine and consume as sos basis exercise needs to continued and painkiller can be taken sos the value

Increases in case there is any inflammation in the body we check it frequently and ask the patient how is he/she is doing? degree of stiffness, degree of pain in other joints, degree of pain and disability that indicates that the disease is not under control if the disease activity is normal, that indicates he/she is under control many use medicines like sulfasalazine,

Methotrexate, leflunomide in case there affection of the spine only, these medicines wont work these medicines work only if the patient has a joint involvement which is out of the spine.e.g knee,ankle in case the joints outside the spine is affected, we call it peripheral seronegative spondyloarthritis we give sulfasalazine 2 to 3 gms/day, methotrexate upto 25mg/week,

Leflunomide upto 20mg/day the problem arises when the medicines are unable to provide any control of the disease. we use biologics when the conventional medicines fail to achieve a control of the disease we will do a different video on biologics.. it is necessary to do one they are a few injections who block the molecule which causes the inflammation and damage at the

Joint space. some are intravenous and needs hospital admission and some are injected subcutaneously just like insulin just because they depress a part of the entire immune system of our body, there are … it might cause reactivation of diseases like tb, hep b, hep c or hiv further, it may cause herpes zoster, pharyingitis, diarrhoa etc. there is a 0.5 to 1% chance of

Development of cancer in case biologics are used long term it is necessary to know the adverse effects before taking biologics that does not mean that one should not take the medicine even sulfsalaize can cause hepatic damage, methotrexate can cause hepatic and renal damage and we do take care in case the patient develops any side effects well, this is most important part

Of biologics therapy biologics is a costly injection but very effective injection but if a bony fusion (ankylosis) has already taken place, even biologics can’t help there are 4 to 5 types of injection under biologics thus you should consult a rheumatologist for any kind o fback pain it avoids the foods that can increase inflammation in our body they are readily available

Calories and can cause inflammatory mileu in the body they cause inflammation and they contain lots of bad cholestrol we also ask to avoid sea foods as it can increase uric acid even fruit juices… including those which are freshly made we discard the fibrous pulp and consume the sugar of the fruit… its harmful chicken … can be consumed freely. its called lean meat

We ask to avoid fried foods, noodles, paratha, luchi etc any pulse and legumes are allowed… all vegetables can be taken freely consume lots of water. be regular in physical activity there is a direct link between smoking and ankylosing spondylitis because biologics are usually not covered by insurance we have no idea why dont they cover… there has been petititions and

Request.. the status quo is maintained thus is case you have a back pain or neck pain or msucle pain hlab27 is found positive in 90% of the patients of as. checking for hlab27 for once is enough if done is correct method keep the report of hlab27 safe and produce it to the rheumatologist we will be back with more topics. keep an eye on this channel. thankyou

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Ankylosing Spondylitis Simplified (Bengali) By The Rheumatologist the joint solutions