Aspirin for Dogs: is it safe?

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Aspirin is it really safe for dogs should you be giving it or not hello welcome back to my channel if you’re new welcome click there to subscribe hit the bell to sign up for notifications and then we click the link directly in the box below i can send you copy my free book pippi’s a middle aged dog she is slowly getting stiffer she goes for a long run and guess

What she could be limping on a leg so is it safe is it okay for me to give her an aspirin is it okay for you to use an aspirin in your dog a number of veterinarians including an array of different veterinary sites are all now saying never give aspirin to your dog it’s a very unsafe said non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug now is that true is it really that

Unsafe is it so much better for you to be on that conventional veterinary anti-inflammatory for years i would have clients asking me their dog’s a bit sore is it okay dog for me to use this guy for me to use aspirin on my dog in my opinion it’s safe and for years that’s what i would tell clients so long as you’re using it safely short term at the appropriate

Dose the aspirin dose is one 325 milligram tablet per 50 pounds of body weight twice daily as needed it’s much better for using the non-enteric coated aspirin because the entire coated or stomach coated stuff can go right through your dog not being effective at all can there be side effects yes of course aspirin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug so it

Can cause gi upset vomiting vomiting diarrhea more serious cases you can see stomach ulcers and even more serious cases where far too much is given or a dog is seriously dehydrated on far too high of a dose you can see kidney disease you can see liver disease but do i think that this veterinary anti-inflammatory medicam is actually safer i think it’s marginally

Safer especially if you’re going to be giving it to your dog over the long term but can you see the same side effects and serious side effects from metacam and the other anti-inflammatories like carprophen etc yes you can say you can’t afford you know this metacam this veterinary anti-inflammatory is it okay then for you to not give your dog anything and have

Them wandering around in pain in my opinion no it’s not but if you’re not in a position you want to go ahead and purchase that veterinary anti-inflammatory your dog needs some short-term pain relief i think it’s okay as a veterinarian to then suggest yeah short-term okay use the aspirin no the safety margin isn’t as good i don’t encourage you to use it long-term

Here’s the appropriate dose you don’t always need to feel obligated to buy that conventional veterinary pharmaceutical and are there other options you bet there are via in the form of supplements be it in the form of acupuncture be it in the form of acupressure one really good option in my opinion is cbd or cannabidiol i just so happen to have some here and you

Know who loves it the pipster that’s my two cents i’ll put some links in the description box below say some in the animal poison control center referencing the toxicity of aspirin the suggested aspirin dose along with some of the other veterinary anti-inflammatories and some of their documented side effects thanks so much for watching this edition of veterinary

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Aspirin for Dogs: is it safe? By Veterinary Secrets