Aug 29, 2011 Linc Cnty Commission ref: Pseudoephedrine PtII

August 29, 2011 Pseudoephedrine Public Policy Discussion with Mr. Jim Gwinner Part II

I’m not saying that there’s a direct correlation what i’m saying is that there’s not easy that i think bill that it demands a careful deliberation and what is it a meth lab incident i think how you calculate a meth lab incident is somewhat vary depending on the institution that tracks the information but it could be as simple as a trailer the old time when people

Used to think the old ways of making method the large operations in a large trailer in the middle of nowhere that would be innocent it can also be the 2-liter bottle neck line so it is there’s a very yeah idea what i read that before have stuff and i’m really know what a bit and just like with just like with any type of technology with the stops else’s and it’s

Identifying a lot more incidents and it’s identifying your having to go you identify the purchasers jim what would you i look here at the states with the reductions greater than ninety percent arizona on down through i drove washington has the in plex system oregon has the prescription mandate these other states have anything huh what’s what’s the word on the street

Is to what they’re doing to reduce it with absolutely nothing well no i think if you look at california for examples under consideration and places there are some pharmacies made in early utilize tracking some places all you like it may not be the in flex system statewide there may be a county or there may be a pharmacy chain that they utilize an internal system

That talks to each other what i’ve seen and from what i’ve seen from these states in particular is that there was a a large influx of mix the methamphetamine coming in that there was a large drug busts of mexican infineon reduction in this region so i think that there is there’s a lot of a lot of services i don’t think there’s one simple thing but again like i

Mentioned what we have a very complex issue and i’m again besides clearly one eliminate illegal meth mission systems legal method i think we’d all want to tell them a the illegal drug use you know there is a cost to taxpayers currently over-the-counter medication is set a sales tax farm over the executed prescription medications are not subject to sales tax so

We calculated based on sales last year and this is part of the fiscal note that was in the missouri state house bill there’s an impact of a rounded million dollars to the net sales tax on an annual basis it’s something to consider that revenues like this we removed and then there’s obviously i mentioned there is that cost of the health care system whether it’s the

Physician shortage whether it’s impacting midway or search areas just this last week it was supposed to scratch mentioned that there’s a pharmacy two agents amit singhal school of pharmacy is increasing their enrollment to 1,200 to impact the the increase in the to impact the perceived decrease in pharmacists and as i mentioned you know that the blocky cell system

Works and happy to answer any questions i think we’re very much willing to see the stain out and this guy put it behind the counter again with what did that take to get that off the shelves and you can buy it where it’s behind the pharmacy what time you can with it how did they get the back i don’t move yeah i’m going to talk and not being a specific part of this

Issue i notice about five years ago maybe even more than that way went behind the counter i just kind of pointed backwards away my ears might be also please i hope anyone years yo currently in flex system and electronic tracking a couple of years ago there was a spiral-bound notebook that you’re walking to a chinook and i did this and i did sign your name i’d lose

My sudafed or i can leave it in my office and i went back to the same or different one there was a very minimal tracking system and they didn’t talk to each other prior to then i believe was the eliminate an f act i think i believe what senator talent was a part of this back in the early 2000s took soup faedron from on the shelf behind the counter which believe me

When tricks oral didn’t stop making drinks all that was the worst thing that happened to me so it’s been in the 2000s and i know just not very good at those exact years but it’s been a gradual process from taking it from on shelves to behind the counter the final income in your training system and i know that our industry is working with state legislators to look

At some legislation from this next session about what some of the options are and then then supplement right downtown state house this winter that’s probably going to pop pop back up statewide i’ll shirt but it kind of like the fee that we talked about for 911 one of the things it does or a little control for law enforcement saying puts their yeah it’s kind of oh

Let’s go such a sucky right right so back to this map am i assuming correctly is that everybody else on the map is less than a ninety percent reduction oh no no what the map what you’re looking at are the two dark ones right the two very dark ones are to the two states in the united states the only two states that have prescription only one statewide the darker

Gray not the black the very dark me including missouri that caller and in addition michigan cavium flex system the shaded raise do not have anything on statewide system what type of reduction numbers are we seeing in the state ppm like system in states with the influx admits and blocking it’s a malaka system so we’re seeing in missouri firms and i can’t speak to

The other states but we’re seeing in missouri we haven’t tracked the implication has not tracked the sales since it’s only been operational since january morning we’re seeing is a block of 5,000 sales per month and then i can put on the data from those those western states again you know there’s those westerns things that have decreases and i kin and i don’t have

It in front of me but i can get you very very shortly i believe it’s alabama this seems similar reductions to mississippi mississippi seen similar election stuff mississippi has mississippi four mississippi has a alabama does not end of oc similar reactions to it i’m gonna go down to alabama and say am i in alabama or mississippi and they’ll tell you they will

They will certainly tell me and go to the football game they’ll straighten out right away you know what i’m going to i’m going to be a missouri game on saturday and i’m not going to make the same mistake when i go anywhere near kansas city to cross state line we’re go ahead and say that i run a genuine there you go that’s bad at the bad practice to get into a fight

As there might be a fairly large number of states it’s reduced i think that’s i think that’s something i have to look at state-by-state on i would i would say that the western states for us simply looked at there’s a large number that i’ve seen that reduction and i would say that in the state sort of seeing influx we’ve seen the blocking and now we’re having more

States that are implementing this floor the states can talk to each other you can’t buy your legal limit missouri across the river and going to illinois does the two systems track each other you can’t go into arkansas it to tennessee loses track of each other you can go from arkansas into mississippi and it is mississippi’s i remember driving across the board from

The market son mississippi on this game you can drive across the board from arkansas and mississippi and get a prescription and entity systems i’m talking each other well didn’t tennessee just overtake missouri is the i believe so anteus honor of being the most i believe so manthan fasted state view yeah not not to make light of the missouri is still if there is

Still there is still wrong they’re just that many more users or i think the technology and and i know i know um couple weeks oh you have a meeting in the evening i would start to crawl right right i think you would agree i think everybody agrees that the technology is going away from the large manufacturing facilities of illicit drugs the technology is now pardon

My friends to get a tattoo i think that is why you’re seeing this in my opinion i think that is leading to a significant spike in the number of incidents because instead of large operation there are still large operation something that the ones that was busted out in the western states it was a huge operation and the majority of methamphetamine is coming in from

Mex doing that and mexico is banned suit veteran since 2007 get there so they’re still getting it yeah and we’re not really law enforcement if they bust somebody with methamphetamine baby maybe this is not something you know can you tell whether it’s mexican methamphetamine or whether i would not even want to guess on that way i better i would say if they’re making

It it’s obviously not i mean not to make light of the bush i i think there’s a it’s in the production stage it’s obviously domestic if it’s in the final stage i would have to assume that there’s no way to tell them that there may be an awfully once they would know that i think i think it would be incumbent upon tracing back what a supply chain painful but i’m not

Sure you doing from just pure the blood right how many cold allergy remedies do the companies that you represent how many cold and allergy remedies do they put out that don’t contain to a fitter that don’t i know there’s 16 that do i think there are i couldn’t even begin to guess the number whether it’s 2 or 2 million of it that do not contain sudafed room but for

A large segment population suit veterans one of those things that definitely works for hunters a large segment of the population that marijuana works for pain killer as well well fortunately this is not that this okay jill denial it up just an observation i would i would think it would be very difficult or impossible guardian that the in blood system is not good

And its infective solo laughing bottom line question you’re quite videos is that going for enough for the people would favor prescription and a lot more be done in to helping the lesson prevent problem prescriptions yeah you know i think it goes back to we all want we all want the same in and i think that’s where at the statehouse we’re having those preliminary

Deliberations with our with our industry to figure out what can be done from our perspective into work with the legislators down the state i think when you go from over-the-counter and prescription and you blind yourself to the ability to see what’s happening in real time i think to put yourself at any institution or any state puts himself at disadvantage well

This infection was just in january personally it went fully online january wedding jitters past if i get my dates correct would have been passed during 2010 session it would have been fully it began implementation september of 2010 and it became fully state wine i think there’s a time for probably available independent pharmacies to give them a chance to get all

The stuff integrated and in january wanted you can it became along walmart and walgreens for a little behind the curve getting a private reasons aside they didn’t come online until january all right some of the smaller ones i think we’re i came i can’t answer that i i know that that’s why the heavy right spread whether it’s a worn or whether it’s jerry’s pharmacy

At 47 and and you know right there by the gas station or whatever happens we i think they put that grace period with any kind of new technology to give them the ability to to come online you gentlemen have anything else for these guys the hipaa laws some so there’s a difference as far as what it’s the in place or whether it’s prescription state that’s an idea i

Had it is a hipaa law being federal limits the ability of any non healthcare provider i mean here when you go to adopt yeps under hipaa designation for my wife done do whatever and with with hipaa laws you cannot in a real-time allow law enforcement to locate it requires

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