BAD Interactions between my Metformin & My Seizure Medicine¦.

This is extremely frustrating!

Hey guys so in today’s video i wanted to talk to you about some issues that i’m having with two of my medications so i recently was finally able to get in to see the doctor after a whole big snafu because i was assigned to this one doctor and she didn’t want to take me because my medical conditions are too complex for her so anyways i now have a new primary

Care doctor and for those of you who don’t know i have a seizure disorder i have pcos and a few other medical issues going on as far as the pcos i take metformin the extended release 500 milligrams twice a day so i usually take that with breakfast or after breakfast and after dinner because taking it that way seems to be the easiest way for me to avoid like the

Stomach issues if you guys have taken metformin you may know what i’m talking about that’s the reason why i’m on the extended release because the regular version of metformin was like giving me horrible diarrhea stomach cramps and you know it was to the point where i didn’t want to eat because i didn’t like the way that it made me feel so anyway the doctor before

I left indiana he switched me to the extended release version of metformin and i don’t take it for diabetes i’m not diabetic i take it because of pcos and if you don’t know pcos you usually have a problem with insulin resistance and so metformin is supposed to help with the insulin resistance from pcos as well as to get your periods on track or keep them on track

So basically that’s a little bit tmi but my seizure medicine i also have to take that twice a day and it’s really interacting with my metformin so i didn’t know that these two drugs that i take i take topomax for my seizures and i take metformin for the pcos so i didn’t realize that topamax and metformin have like the potential to have serious um side effects

And interactions with each other so since i take the topamax two times a day also i was basically taking it at the same time as i was taking the metformin and when i take those together the topamax like gives me severe stomach cramps and um diarrhea and all the other stuff if i take it with metformin so i did a little bit of a probably stupid um a little

Experiment i guess you would call it and i didn’t take my seizure medicine for one day now i took the metformin by itself without the seizure medicine and the metformin isn’t giving me any issues when i take it by itself so i don’t know if i’m gonna have to switch seizure medicine or what because obviously i feel like it’s important to take both medicines both the

Topomax and the metformin because obviously i need help with the insulin resistance from pcos and i obviously also don’t want to have seizures so i need to be able to take my seizure medicine but you know i just don’t know what to do in this situation because you know i need to take both of my medicines but i also need to be able to live a normal life obviously

You know i work i’m in school i have other stuff going on and i need to be able to still live my everyday life but also manage my medical conditions and it’s just a little bit frustrating i’m probably going to call my doctor on monday tomorrow to let him know that you know hey i’m having like really bad issues with taking the topamax and the metformin and also

There’s another scary side effect that i’m getting from the topomax when i take it the last time i took it anyway it made my fingers go numb and the top of my hand and my forehead and my cheeks um it was numb and they say that you can have tingling and stuff as a side effect of topamax but obviously that’s a little bit scary when you’re trying to do certain

Things um you know i don’t think that it’s really safe to have those side effects so i’m gonna have to call my primary care doctor’s office tomorrow and see if we can figure out something else because you know like i said i need something that’s gonna prevent me from having seizures but i also need to be able to take my metformin and i need to be able to live a

Normal life i don’t want to be feeling numbness and tingling and all that crap just from taking this medicine if i’m able to find another option that works and doesn’t cause those issues so anyways i just wanted to share that with you guys if any of you guys are on a seizure medicine or on metformin or really just any medication that you take with metformin and

It causes you to have these severe like interactions side effects with each other please let me know that i’m not alone because this has been really annoying um i’ve been trying to stay on track of um taking my medications as they’re prescribed every day i even downloaded an app to send me reminders if i miss a dose um because i get so distracted and i’m like

Busy with everything that you know i’m so busy that it just kind of like so i downloaded an app to remind me but i keep having to skip the dose of topamax or metformin because i can’t take both because together they do horrible things but anyways um yeah if you have any advice let me know what you would do in this situation and i will give you guys an update

On what the doctor says tomorrow when i call

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BAD Interactions between my Metformin & My Seizure Medicine…. By Robynne