Dermatologist Dr Dray on the best moisturizers to use with retinol. Moisturizers that you can use to reduce dryness and peeling with retinol.

Well hey guys in today’s video i’m going to be sharing with you some moisturizers that are really good to use if you happen to be using retinol when i say retinol i’m including all forms of topical vitamin a so retinol is what is most commonly found over the counter in all of your anti-aging wrinkle serums you also can find retinaldehyde another effective form

Of topical vitamin a used to improve the look of wrinkles and then of course you have prescription retinoic acid aka tretinoin you also have prescription to serotine aka tazerac and you have a dampylene aka different which here in the stage you can buy over the counter so those of you who have watched any number of my retinol videos at this point i have a whole

Playlist of them by the way you know that this is an effective ingredient that is pursued for improvement of acne as well as for anti-aging benefit of removing sun damaged skin cells boosting up collagen production and smoothing out fine lines retinols can be an r often very irritating when you first start them it can lead to a lot of peeling and dryness the extent

To which that occurs depends a lot on your background skin type how much sun damage you have for some people who have acne that irritation can translate into a temporary worsening of the acne a lot of people refer to this as purging but a lot of it just has to do with the irritation that happens one of the best things that you can do to help ensure success with using

Topical retinol is to use moisturizer consistently this is so important this has been shown in studies of patients with acne that when they use moisturizer as part of their skin care routine they get they tolerate the retinol better and they get better results with it as far as incorporating moisturizer into your skincare routine when using retinol there’s really

No right or wrong way to do it so don’t lose too much sleep over it but the way i counsel people to incorporate the moisturizer along with a retinol is you should always apply retinol to clean skin so you’re going to start off by washing the face at night time to remove dirt oil cosmetics when you rinse the cleanser off that’s when you want to apply moisturizer

Right away to automatically start reducing water loss out of the skin allow the moisturizer to absorb fully and dry fully and once it’s done so then you can put the retinol on or you know prescription vitamin a this will reduce irritation when it comes to choosing a moisturizer i’m obviously going to get into the good ones here but really what you want to look

For is fragrance free because the addition of fragrance it can add potential risk of irritation which is the last thing you want when you’re going through the irritation of retinol you don’t want to add more irritation to them the other thing you want to avoid in your moisturizer is moisturizers that are formulated with alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid aka

Salicylic acid because these exfoliate the skin a little bit and they can cause more irritation and you know make things worse for you and in some cases they might actually compromise the stability of the topical vitamin a when it comes to moisturizers you have creams and you have lotions lotions are more water-based and more lightweight whereas creams are more oil

Based and they’re going to give you a better reduction overall in that trans epidermal water loss in comparison to lotions but for some people with really oily skin they don’t care for heavy creams on their face so it’s a matter of personal preference but a brand that works really well for most skin types because it’s pretty no nonsense is good all vani cream so

They make a moisturizing cream that again is much thicker and they make a lotion that is more lightweight both of these would be a fantastic choice really no nonsense very short ingredient list highly recommend this would be a great choice and then next of course we have everyone’s favorite cerave moisturizing cream you know not only is this going to help address

Issues with dryness through the hydrating ingredients that it has it’s got humectants in it but it also has ceramides in it which can help encourage your skin barrier to go about restoring itself this is a great choice however many people find that it burns their stings and when you’re going through the retinization process as it’s called meaning you’re getting

Used to the retinol and you’re having a lot of peeling you’re going to be more sensitive to that and you may find that this just burns and stings another cerave option though that is actually much thicker than the cream is the cerave skin renewing night cream this one has again the ceramides in it but it’s much thicker it has shea butter in it and so give this a

Try if you’re really battling with that retinization process i find that it’s a lot easier for people to tolerate less they’re less likely to report burning and stinging with this feels more comfortable and it’s really i feel it’s a little more intense as far as putting the brakes on that trans epidermal water loss just because it’s a thicker vehicle overall so

That would be another really good choice now if you prefer lotions you might want to try serebii pm facial lotion ovens xericom a.d lipid replenishing cream another phenomenal choice free of fragrance and then all of their products are formulated with their thermal spring water which is used in eczema treatment centers in france and you know there’s some thought

That that’s really helpful in promoting a healthy skin microbiome and reducing flares of eczema and helping with skin barrier repair this particular moisturizing cream also has an ingredient in it derived from the bacteria in that thermal spring water that has been shown to kind of facilitate an anti-inflammatory profile in the skin and help with repair again a

Very short ingredient list and i personally like that it comes in this pump you can see this is a nice thickness now they also make a balm which is a lot thicker than this i actually recommend the cream i think the balm is a little too thick and you don’t want to run into issues where you have to question if the if the retinol is actually getting in creams is

Generally fine and lotions generally fine but when things start to get to the consistency of like vaseline then you have to question is it is is your retinol actually able to penetrate through that but this is this is a great one to to select now another moisturizer that i highly recommend is the la roche posay lipicare ap bomb i like this because like the cerave

Skin renewing night cream this has shea butter in it as well which again as i said is really good for really good for putting the brakes on that trans epidermal water loss this is really this one in particular is especially good if you have a lot of peeling which is to be expected you know a lot of people when they experience that peeling the temptation is to

Pick and to attempt to exfoliate that but really you don’t want to do that because the peeling is exfoliation and if you pick or attempt to remove it you’re kind of just encouraging more and that ends up leading to irritation instead you want to put a nice soothing moisturizer on to kind of help with skin barrier recovery and those cells will you know slough off

As you go through that retinization process and within a few weeks that will die down or should die down similar to la roche posay secoplast bomb is cetaphil redness relieving night moisturizer i always rave about this in a lot of videos it’s also got shea butter and niacinamide in it so the shea butter is great for trapping in hydration and the niacinamide is

Anti-inflammatory and it helps with skin barrier restoration it also has caffeine in it which is antium inflammatory and can kind of help in calming down redness if you have really red redness prone skin and you’re suffering with that as you go through the retinization process consider this one it will kind of help address those issues and see the skin barrier

Making the vitamin a form more easy to tolerate a moisturizer that i love but actually it’s kind of getting hard to find is dml forte with panthenol panthenol is great it is a wonderful humectant so it adds hydration to the skin but it also helps with skin barrier restoration it’s really comfortable on oily skin types it doesn’t feel greasy or oily so this is

A favorite i also recommend this in my video on skin care products to use while on accutane really nice thick cream that’s really going to put the brakes on water loss and help reduce irritation from from retinol and then last but not least is the qv cream game this you can get i believe in the uk and australia i love this it’s kind of similar to vanity creams

Moisturizing cream very no nonsense very short ingredient list and it you know i mean these all start to these all start to kind of look similar but you can see it’s a it’s a nice cream this feels really good to put on i mean these all do so this would be another great choice those are the moisturizers i recommend for people on retinol but honestly there are so

Many moisturizers out there that are good really again what you want to look for short ingredient list fragrance free just kind of bland not touting any exotic ingredients botanic extracts just to minimize that risk of irritation and you also want to make sure that your moisturizer doesn’t have salicylic acid in it or alpha hydroxy acid these are great ingredients

And moisturizers and you’ll find them in products aimed at people with rough and bumpy skin but they can increase the irritancy of the topical retinol so you just don’t want to use them together this dryness and irritation it should only last for a few weeks if you’re getting peeling and discomfort beyond that it’s a time to give your derm a call and kind of figure

Out what’s going on it could be that you know you need to reduce the frequency of use of the retinol or it could just be that maybe you’re using some other product or ingredient that’s adding your irritation to the skin there are numerous potential reasons but i would say try and avoid the temptation to pick any peeling skin really what that will do is cause more

Irritation the peeling is exfoliation so if you attempt to exfoliate exfoliation you can run into problems i recommend using moisturizers first allowing them to absorb fully and then applying the retinol but you certainly can’t apply them afterwards in fact that’s what retinoid tretinoin you know if you read the instructions that’s what it tells you to do but you

Know there’s no consensus that that is the best way and it’s been shown to be effective either way so you you know in my opinion in my experience i find that people tolerate it better if they put the moisturizer on first but you may have the opposite experience personally in which case keep doing what works i hope this video was helpful to you guys if you liked

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