CHAIN SMOKER Chantix Day 1

Trying to quit smoking. Started smoking at 14 years old. Chain smoked till now, 35 years old.

Hello chantix review day one well first things first i roll my own cigarettes i used to smoke a pack and a half to two packs a day of camel lights and you remember back in about 23 years ago 2015 now these days sell the two packs and get one free for like eight or nine bucks so i don’t know maybe i smoke too much and then i used to also use the nicotine patch

To quit and i’d use the biggest nicotine patch and then i’d even want even more nicotine so anyways i’m a three to four pack of roll your own cigarettes a day smoker i roll the gambler red box with the kentucky select yellow bags i buy the two boxes does one of the 16 ounce bags so i’ll go through that quickly in fact i’ll go through two cartons maybe two and a

Quarter curtains a week i’m 35 years old i smoke around the clock when i put a cigarette out here i am i start lighting another one and i do that all day and all night it’s been recently that i started hacking up a little bit in the morning and sometimes throwing up and then that goes away no weird colors or nothing that goes away and then my day is normal i’m a

Crazy hyper guy i’m always busy i work at home auditing charts and i do college work i help my wife whatever she needs i clean up the house whatever needs to be done i handled two dogs two birds i’m very very very very very busy i never take a break unless if i want to go to sleep along with that being busy i like to either have bush natural light one of the two

The bush is the na beer and i’ll drink that all day doesn’t matter if i drink that all day from when i wake up till i go to sleep or i’ll drink soda pop in the morning and then i’ll switch over to bush na and then some days i’ll switch from bush na and then later in the day i’ll move to natural light beer i know its water i get it and what’s the point of buying

Beer i just like the taste of it even if it is low alcohol so now you got all the the little stuff so here i am day one woke up at six thirty this morning took my chantix at about 6 45 ish within 20 minutes i started smoking somewhat like usual and then i did notice that i would go longer without a cigarette more than i usually would when i was busy doing things

I didn’t care much for a cigarette but once i reminded myself that it’s been a while since i had a cigarette that was reminder one and but i’d still stay busy second reminder which is two minutes 5 minutes 10 minutes later that’s when i’d go have a cigarette i don’t really care much if i smoked it or not i just knew that i was smoking a cigarette i do notice that

The s i do like to have that extra nicotine so for the day one it hasn’t completely filled in all my little receptors yet with this medication not bad for day one anyways during the day as the medication wore off i went back to normal smoking again and now i’m smoking left and right so day one overview looks pretty good i’m going to then not take another pill till

Tomorrow morning and then i will if the day’s the same then i’ll just record another video and explain that if it’s different then i’ll try a different way of doing that video and try to explain the better depth

Transcribed from video