Chlorhexidine For New Born Cord Care In Bungoma

Umbilical Cord Care Is A Topic That Is Less Discussed In The Post-Natal Period Despite The Fact That Poor Handling Leads To Various Illnesses And Even Death. In A County Like Bungoma, Ranked Among The Six Counties With The Worst New Born Mortality Indicators At 32 Deaths In Every 1000 Live Births, The Introduction Of An Groundbreaking Antiseptic Medicine To Prevent New Born Deaths Due To Infections Is Saving The Children.

The overwhelming love instant happiness joy and even tears that come with the birth of a child is a rollercoaster of emotions out of this wall but with every bath is a challenge of taking care of the new button and it’s part in spending less time in the hospital after successful delivery taking good care of a new baby is a problem statistics globally and nationally

Plays kenya’s among the countries in the world with poor newborn health indicators our journey to capture a modern house sent in capsule corny on the slopes of the ones conflict prone mountainous monk elven constituents in bukhoma county is one full of marriages the sorry state of the road and the hilly terrain perhaps being the biggest impediment to access to

Health care services for the residents here although the country has made significant progress over the past two decades in reducing newborn mortality the red still remains high at 22 deaths per every 1000 live births this is in stark contrast to specific counties like ben coma which is among six counties with the oise newborn mortality indicators at 32 deaths in

Every 1,000 live births way above the national rate for the longest time use of clinical spirit was recommended to a majority of mothers to clean the public accord others however like violet in diiemma a mother of six opted for more unsafe methods like traditional hubs and cowden living the newborn babies with terrible infections why yo kitto beauty porn know when i

Taught to have a condo can drain away not cry at rosa named orphan nuit an violet and other mothers now can breathe easy with the introduction of a locally available child lights water solution for amla called cod care newborn mortality has been a persistent challenge in most of the low-income countries in the world of the greeters assume that improves socioeconomic

Status and our better healthcare facility will improve and impact greatly on these facilities but do you know that a very simple public health strategy called the chlorhexidine who go a long way in reducing neonatal deaths in the world hello hexade in is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that is applied on the cod and it helps in the prevention of infection of the court

By preventing the colonization of bacterias on the cod harbor to go to the nursing officer in charge of this dispensary shows a new mother how to apply this gel which is stand out to be a ch x gel formulation which is waterless potable safe and efficient is effort replaced in child care area for use by mothers and other family members as well as placing them in

Bath attendant kids as an essential medicine as recommended by the world health organization one because it is cost-effective it is something that a low-income and is able to purchase from a local chemist and i think it goes at around eight shillings two hundred shillings it’s very simple to use because there is a job aid that is written on the box and there’s a

Leaflet inside that shows the mother on how the application is done unlike other antiseptic it does not contain alcohol it’s not uncle based and therefore it does not cause any skin irritation the use of these low-cost low technology gel could break through barriers to markedly reduce neonatal infection and in excitation deaths as evidenced by this charge on the

Wall of this facility according to our data the facility data we had so many cases of neonatal sepsis but after the introduction of chlorhexidine i want to say that there’s been a significant reduction in the cases of neonatal sepsis that we are seeing within the facility the husband calls for more resources to be put into research and innovation like these for

Preventing neonatal deaths serve the children a nun governmental organization is leading the way the rollout of this gel in 21 facilities in the county the managed access program that serve the children is being is almost coming to an end so the county should ensure that there’s no stock out of chlorhexidine so as to continue to significantly reduce the neonatal

Infection sepsis and ultimately in your not immortality this was achieved through partnership with drug manufacture do not so smithkline kenya to develop a sustainable supply and financing cost recovery mechanism to scale up introduction in this area a survey that was done by unicef it showed that one coma had well data for children a good number of children were

Vulnerable and therefore it was good for save the children to come and intervene maternal live one health was actually a key project for mu gamma of a survey children especially in manama office where the skilled deliveries was quite low it was about less than 50% so many mothers were actually delivering at home and that led to a lot of neonatal mortality there

Is however nude for the county government to take this up after the pilot phase is over oh mon yong-go reporting photo kazan kutv nairobi

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Chlorhexidine For New Born Cord Care In Bungoma By Onyango Oumar