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Welcome back and that’s made easy my name is tarun today we’re going to be talking about coldest irony and also known as prevalent they come into packets it’s a powder that you mix in liquid and generally i believe it’s about sixty eighty mls to 120 ml 60 to 180 ml of liquid and you want it to be non-carbonated liquid the carbonation messes with the dissolving

Aspect of it so don’t do cokes or sparkling waters keep it to juices water soups anything like that so it’s used for hyperlipidemia people with high cholesterol it’s also used for varieties associated with cholestasis explain that it’s like itching due to if you have partial biliary obstruction it cheating that happens inside it due to that this kind of calms it

Down so this thing isn’t absorbed so closer meaning is not absorbed by your body what happens is is whenever you eat a fatty meal your bile salts get excreted and those bile salts are what kind of absorb and kind of combat the fat and at some point that fact if that cholesterol gets reabsorbed into your body this prevents that because it’s kind of a non soluble

It forms like this non-absorbable complex and it interacts with those bile salts and stuff like that and so that prevents the cholesterol from getting reabsorbed into your body so that that’s awesome that’s kind of like creating like a barrier in which the fat can’t get back in that’s what we want to do cholesterol is lowered through that off-label it’s used for

Chronic diarrhea associated with bile acid bile acid malabsorption so again those bile acids once they get into the beginning part of your intestines they are neutralized because they’re so highly acidic right in our stomach high acid is great but not in our intestines it’ll actually do damage so if those bile salts are neutralized and that first of all in essence

If it if it is able to get into the regular to the rest of intestines then you start to see problems you get to see like peptic ulcers peptic the gastric ulcers and things like that and so what we want to do is one be able to neutralize that acid right away so this compound kind of takes place if your natural body isn’t taking care of that also for people with

Hyperthyroidism as well it’s used for that this peaks the peek effect will be felt in about 21 days so you know you gotta take it before about three weeks or so to really get the maximum effect women that are pregnant totally safe to take again it doesn’t get absorbed into your bloodstream totally cool for women that are lactating not a problem again it doesn’t get

Absorbed so you can’t get it to your child so all good stuff i’m going to put up a list of side effects here and really kind of things you want to watch out for it is maybe kind of any kind of gi distress and kind of issues you get there because you’ve got this one non-absorbable thing kind of moving through your colon kind of almost like that i’m gonna say it’s

Not quite like them airlocks but kind of is because miralax forms like this gel and so if you tend to see any sort of issues in the gi region because of it you know contact your doctor low know that this may not be something that works generally in practice you never have a problem i’ve never had a single patient come in and have a problem with this medication

It’s just the adherence to it and the taste of it is just kind of gross so that’s kind of the main reason people stop taking it tastes all that great i believe for the most part that the product we’ve had had like an orange flavoring to it or something but it tastes like a terribly metamucil and that amusing tastes terrible to begin with so that’s kind of what

You’re looking at so guys i think that’s it i believe so questions concerns leave them down below hit subscribe listen are doing another channel and we’ll see you next time on meds made easy

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