This video will show you the of making curry chicken jamaican style. I cooked a full curry chicken dinner jamaican style in this video. Curry chicken jamaican style is usually served with white rice, steamed veggies/salad, and fried plantain. Cook with me as I show you a step by step tutorial for how to make a good jamaican style curry chicken meal. Traditionally, other islands with heavy Indian influence tend to toast or burn their curry first before adding their chicken. Sometimes I do that, and sometimes I don’t! It still tastes great!

Hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel so today we’re going to be making my special blend of curry chicken i am showing you guys how i blend my three curries i use feta park cheap curry powder and jamaican curry powder from this plant you’re making choice now i already have a video on my youtube channel about how to make curry chicken but it doesn’t contain

My special 3 curry blend so this video is an updated video on how i blend the three copies and let me tell you when you blend the three curries you get the best that curry has to offer because all curries are not created equal see this is the jamaican curry it’s manufactured in jamaica so this one is going to be different cheese curry powder is more similar to an

Indian style curry powder this one is from trinidad so you get really at the best of both worlds and then you’ll see this one is also a jamaican curry powder and i really like this one this comes in spicy or mild this one is the hot version which i really like so let’s go over our other ingredients i have a jar of migraine seasoning that i use on most of my meats

The recipe helped of how to make this is on my youtube channel the link is in the description just tap on it i got all purpose seasoning here garlic powder onion powder and chicken seasoning oh i want to show you the price and i’ve got chicken seasoning here so for those of you who are watching this video and you don’t have any green seasoning or maybe you just

Don’t even feel like making the green seasoning you can always chop half an onion and about four to five garlic cloves as a substitute for this so let’s start over here i have about two and a half pounds of chicken cut up this is how small your chicken should be cut up for curry chicken okay move you may be wondering like what is she doing with the can of butter

Beans we’re gonna put this can of butter beans in towards the ending and let me tell you i tried it for the first time last month and i do not regret it it is so good a lot of people cut up some potato and they put potato inside the curry chicken but i found this alternative listen this is a game changer this will thicken your gravy and at least you don’t have to

Cut worried about cutting up and peeling potatoes and it’s so good when you add it to your dish so let’s start seasoning okay so the first thing we’re going to do is just get a large spoon of the green seasoning add it i also forgot to mention that i’m going to be using a few sprigs of thyme so we got our green seasoning we got our time and i am going to sprinkle

Just a teaspoon of onion powder not too much because there’s a lot of onion already inside the green seasoning i’m going to use another teaspoon of garlic powder i’m going to sprinkle the all purpose i’m also going to sprinkle the chicken seasoning and now we’re going to get to our curry the betta patch kali that i use and we’re just going to sprinkle so i’m

Going to estimate that’s about three tablespoons we’re going to use about three tablespoons of each here’s our cheats and as you can see these curry’s have a very different color to it because they’re not all the same and this is why i like to blend my curries because you’ll really bring out the best of each color so i got another three tablespoons of that curry

And then now onto the neck the last one okay so now all we have to do is blend it make sure you double glove because curry has a tendency to stain everything it comes in contact with so i put two pairs of gloves to protect my nail and now i’m just gonna massage it in so this is what the chicken looks like once it is nicely seasoned and as you notice i didn’t put

Any fresh onion or fresh garlic in this because the green seasoning already has tons of onion tons of garlic that’s already fresh so you don’t need to put another set of fresh onions and garlic’s but like i said if you don’t have the green seasoning you can just substitute the green seasoning for a half of chopped onion and about four to five garlic cloves so now

We’re ready to just put it in the pot i’m gonna turn my fire to number on number three which i would say is a low to medium heat and i got myself this dutch pot here you can shop my amazon store this is the dutch pot that i’m using this is the blend i’ve had their pots for a few years this is a newer one but i always use these dutch pots to make my meat and if you

Just tap on the description i included a link to my amazon store so you can purchase the pot so as my pot is heating up this is just some water that’s gonna evaporate after i already washed it so the pot is getting hotter we’re gonna put about 1/4 cup of oil inside the pot and then we’re gonna let this car be chicken do its things so there we go now i’m gonna add

My oil really don’t need too much oil for this recipe because the chicken is going to spring its own water so now it’s getting hot and we’re going to add the curry chicken into the pot now a lot of people at this stage of the game they burn a little bit of curry in the pot first sometimes i do it and sometimes i don’t it really just depends on what mood i’m in

And today i’m not in the mood to burn curry so i won’t be burning the curry first but really and truly you can do it either way and in my opinion it makes no difference so now that we’re ready i got my 1 spoon as you can see it’s really green because i use just one spoon to do my curry so all we have to do now is just add there’s an up close so sometimes what i

Do is i just catch a little bit of water inside the container that i use to do the curry chicken and i just add a little bit and this just picks starts the steaming process this smells amazing one of my favorite things to do is cook curry anything i just love the way it smells so we are going to cover our pot and just let our chicken do its thing i am making some

White rice i am only making a little bit because i have some rice already but i am just going to put a little salt and a little bit of butter and this will cook while our curry chicken is being prepared so it’s been about 20 minutes since this curry chicken has been bubbling but i just want to show you guys what it’s come to what you really should do is check on

It i’m gonna stir it around more water will spring but i’m just stirring it hasn’t sprung its water yet but i’m just stirring it around so it has been about 45 minutes and this is what our card chicken looks like so i’m gonna grab a spoon and just show you what your card should look like right before you add your butter beans so i just want to let you guys know

I get a lot of questions about there not being enough water in the curry let me get a close-up for you the truth is sometimes people have their fire way too high and if you have your fire up too high your curry chicken will not spring enough water but let’s say you had your fire up too high and your curry chicken didn’t spring enough water that’s okay your dish

Is not ruined just add a cup or two of water to the dish and you’ll be fine the only thing i will suggest is to taste it right before you serve it if it needs a little bit more seasoning because you added water then it’s okay to add seasoning towards the end you could even add curry powder at the end if it’s not but if you add curry towards the end you have to be

Sure that you’re going to cook it thoroughly so if you choose to that to do that option make sure you add your curry when you have about 15 to 20 minutes left on the dish because you have to cook your curry thoroughly before you serve it okay so this is what we have going on here as you can see our gravy is a little runny and this is where the butter beans comes

In some people use potato but ever since i found out the butter beans does the same job i am going to be using butter beans it’s so good so here’s my can so now we are just going to add our butter beans okay so you really don’t need to do that much stirring let me give you a close-up on one of these chicken so this is what it looks like okay we’re going to cover

It back up now and allow it to simmer for about 20 minutes and some of the butter beans will start to go like this and disintegrate and that alone will make your gravy a little bit thicker i got my rice over here is almost ready so this is a close-up of the rice so while our butterbeans cooks i am going to fry some plantain make this a complete meal just buying

Some plantain here plantain is one of my favorite things to eat along with curry chicken it’s just the balance of the sweet and savory that really does it for me check out my youtube channel if you want to know how to make these fried plantain here we go so here is our fried plantain that is now ready and a close up of this goodness and our food is ready to be

Served so here is our dinner we got our curry chicken and butter beans white rice fried plantain and steamed vegetables subscribe to my youtube channel

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