Dance Show Day 5

Hi! So this week I’m in a dance show and I decided to vlog it.. Hope you enjoy!

This morning when i woke up at this huge burst of energy which i don’t know where it came from because i slept his bowl that in last night and then now it’s spring to fade i just like over the phone i’m so more white than it happened but i susie don’t know how i don’t i don’t get it i’m so exhausted but like awake and so here tell me the whole funk scene right off

11 doing oh so i just finished third period in the first period till i’m done with my classes at the main high school i’m so tired basically all he did and dance was um was she talked to the company and then went over some numbers but then go and it go nia go over any of mine and so i was laying there is little time i kind of just kind of dozing off visualizing

He’s no i’m like a little more awake and hopefully my math homework and then go and then i have lunch and then head over to math and then i had like an hour so i need to start getting ready so i think i might try and just like take a nap or something maybe hopefully i can now so we’re not really tired like i am like right now if i like i’m doing a little purse or

Something i really have to do i make sure like ever reward something up for it and so my reward for doing my math for my bed is finished we get to eat this orange so now i’m going to eat disorders because i’m finished for that homework so i already finish all my school stuff for the day and i make up on them all ready first showed up my friends just gonna curl my

Hair and i need to warm up and put on lipstick that i’m already it’s the second show and today my mom is watching which my friends are watching um in my dance teacher might be watching i’m not sure one day he’s coming but really excited i feel like a poodle like my hair so currents really cute but i feel like a poodle thank you for my lipstick and warm up and then

I’m lori and take one my guess is that makes if i can’t breathe i’m looking at a front michelle see you like reads like i’m still hurting a lot what i’m trying to practice okay it’s that bad just need agrees with this or that but the my pain is like i’m going to cry and that means walks i never cardigans my pain like i’m always when i just feel like standing like

This and i’m in like my massive massive baden liga should be like an awesome a normal person the lighthouse it hurt so bad i have one more death left and i’m done so the pain levels still pretty high i’m absolutely exhausted but i’m going to bed i’ll be the one for most your day tonight whatever you’re watching this good night

Transcribed from video
Dance Show Day 5 By Lilia’s Lens