Hi everyone welcome to well back to my channel hope that you’re all doing well and keeping safe so today’s video as you can see from the title is about me stopping using dramatica and coming off tretinoin so i have been on dramatica for two and a half years now it’s gone so fast and it has helped me massively along the way on my acne journey so i started getting

Acne at the age of say 13 14 and i’ve just turned 30 now and i’m still dealing with like occasional breakouts i don’t have any makeup on now however i do have like like some blemishes a lot of like scarring and stuff like that i didn’t see it when my skin looks like a natural daylight i think that would be the best thing because i do have a ring light now you know

I don’t blur my videos or anything but my complexion does look better in here apparently natural daylight so i will insert that footage so yeah um so yeah i started using dramatica as like a last resort i just wanted something a bit more professional but i didn’t have the money to go and see somebody private about my skin so um i when i started using the massacre

I had just stopped breastfeeding and i noticed that my skin was really really bad it was angry and it was inflamed so i was it was around about the time where i was trying a lot of diy skincares i was using a lot of fragrant um creams and washers and essential oils as well and i didn’t realize all these things was really bad for the skin and i think that i just

Made things 10 times worse so my skin got so angry so then when i went onto massacre my skin just cleared up it was amazing but i was still using like the body shop moisturizer and stuff like that which would absolutely burn my skin and i thought oh it’s just because i’m on a strong prescription that’s why it’s just normal to burn but it really isn’t if a product

Is burning your skin it’s probably the fragrance or the essential oils like we shouldn’t be using that stuff on our skin it just causes so much irritation and you like you don’t need your face to smell nice you don’t need products that you put on your face to smell nice like that is a big thing that i’ve learned along the way like if it smells nice it’s not meant

For the face it’s really not like we shouldn’t be putting that stuff on our face so um that’s where i was at with my skin i was waking up every single day with more acne more acne more acne and a lot of cystic acne as well and it was just hurting my face but yeah the demotica did an amazing job at just clearing everything and then my prescription changed with

Dramatica and i noticed that i was getting a lot of purging and my skin was like reverting back so even though i was using the dramatica that was amazing i was still using a lot of really bad other products which was just it just wasn’t having the best effect on my skin basically and when you’re using a really harsh ingredient it’s best to just protect the skin as

Much as possible and create a protective barrier around the skin as well and a nice healing environment which i really wasn’t doing so my skin then started reverting back so i left it three months on this prescription with dramatica still harming my skin with all these fragrance and essential oils and stuff that i probably shouldn’t have been using on my skin and

Then dramatica was like oh we’ll change the prescription so every time they my skin was going bad they would alter my prescription and throw a clindamycin in there so it would be say a retinol with niacinamide or as leic acid with clindamycin and then every time they put the clindamycin in my skin would clear up nicely um however the the last three months and then

They change your prescription take the clindamycin out so that you don’t get immune to it and then the acne comes back again so i stopped using my prescription my last prescription was niacinamide tretinoin and clendamycin so my skin was doing really well but it’s been about three weeks now since i have stopped using dramatica i mean skin it’s okay it’s not the best

That it’s been but it’s been so much worse so i don’t have any forehead acne temple acne however i do still get the odd breakout on my cheek no cystic acne though like literally narcissistic acne um but yeah i will get little tiny white heads um texture and stuff like that so i’m gonna be doing a little skincare bootcamp um i woke up about three weeks ago and i

Was just like i’m gonna stop using dramatica and i’m just gonna go back to basics and repair my skin barrier make a nice healing environment for my skin i think it’s really important for me just to stop using actives at the minute um and then when i’ve restored my skin barrier and made a nice healing environment for my skin i can then start incorporating active

Spark so the last prescription that i was on i found that i could use it fine i wasn’t getting any irritation i was using it say two to three times a week and i was moisturizing my skin and i’ve learned so much about skincare but i just want to i just want to know if it’s the clindamycin that’s been keeping my skin clear or if it’s the tretinoin and niacinamide so

That’s where i’m at with my skincare at the minute so my next few videos is just going to be about how i’m stripping it back to basics so i don’t want to ramble too much about that in this video i just thought that i would tell you why i’m stopping using domatica and coming off of tretinoin as well so if you want to do the skincare boot camp with me as well like

Just stay tuned for my videos i think it would be quite an interesting um journey to go on as well where we just focus on repairing and healing the skin and then we can then start incorporating some nice actives in there as well to help us along the way like i say i just turned 30 as well so not only am i dealing with acne and acne scars so we’re going to be

Dealing with aging skin as well like so yeah um if you want to come along on this journey i would really appreciate it i think it’s going to be quite a good one anyway follow me over on instagram if you want in my other instagram got a hack so i had to make another one in last year i’m not that active on it but yeah if you want to follow me follow me on instagram

And thank you for watching i’ll see you all next time take care bye

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