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The determination of calcium in milk is based on a complexometric titration of calcium with an aqueous solution of the disodium salt of EDTA at high pH value (pH 12). Calcium is the most abundant mineral in human. It is important for biological process. Calcium is an essential element needed in large quantities. Calcium is a common constituent of multivitamin dietary supplements, but the composition of calcium complexes in supplements may affect its bioavailability which varies by solubility of the salt involved: calcium citrate, malate, and lactate are highly bioavailable, while the oxalate is less.

Today i will talk with you on net next experiment determination of calcium content in milk by cytometric method first principle the determination of calcium in milk based on the from plexometric titration of calcium with an aqueous solution of the sodium salt of edt at high ph value ph to l when ps2 it is acidic or basic it is basic basic solution basic

And when lower than 7 this phase is called acetic acidic ph acidic creates so in this experiment we use egts edta solution and its ph is basic basic ph complexometric digestion is a type of titration based on titration based on complex formation between the analyte and titan in this experiment during titan a complex is formed a complex is formed between

Analyte and tritone so this type of digestion is called complex symmetric tragedy titration just in his formation of complex such compounds are capable of forming chilean complexes with many cation in which the cation is bound in a ring structure cation first bound ring structure the ring results from the formation of salt like bond between the cation and

The carboxyl group together with the coordinate bond to the lone pair of electron of the nitrogen atom therefore the common form of the agent is disodium salt disodium salt na2s to edta it is colorless and can be wet and dissolve in water to form a stable solution this type of solution is foreign more than 10 more than 10 and i already i already discussed

In above ps2m so ps must be more than 10 the remaining photons leave edta form a edta for negative ion indicator in this experiment we use indicator solo from dark blue easy dark blue or navy color chemical constituents is a suitable indicator in this case so we use solar from dark blue indicator in this experiment for the determination of calcium the

Dye itself has a blue color deep blue basically deep blue or navigable this blue dye also form a complex with the calcium ion changing color blue color from blue to pink blue to p public red in this process but the dimetal ion complex is less stable than the edta metallic complex as a result when the calcium ion die complex is titrated with edta the calcium

Ion reacts to form a stronger complex with the edta changing the dye color to glue calcium indicator plus edta three reversible react reversible reaction calcium edta ion plus indicator in this experiment when we start titration first after few minutes and few minutes titration the blue color is changes to pink public pink public light pink or red

Color then we start digestion and calculate for the result how to determine determine calcium in the presence of magnesium this method for determining calcium ion concentration in the presence of magnesium ion release on the fact that the base of the solution is sufficiently high the ph will be approximately 12.5 due to the addition of the concentration of

The sodium hydroxide solution to ensure that for magnesium ion precipitate as magnesium hydroxide before the indicator is added in this condition magnesium ions are precipitated as hydroxide and do not interfere with the determination of calcium in which i talked already how to determine calcium in the presence of magnesium in the presence of magnesium

How can we determine calcium you first read principal or methods of this experiment principle in his principle and method methods of the experiment who is salt used in this experiment edta and pacquiao therefore how many types of reaction occur in this experiment and this color changes during the experiment which indicator used in this experiment how works

Is reaction occur in these in the conduct of the experiment next chemical and reagent chemical reagent and materials we use in the experiment first chain molar sodium hydroxide distributor solar chrome indicator and point five molar radiation solution only four chemical and reagent we use in this experiment for the determination of calcium first eight molar

Sodium hydroxide distilled water soluble dark balloon and pdt solution next instrument and apparatus used in this experiment first conical flux buried stunt cotton electric balance boiling paper measuring cylinder funnel glass rod vehicle and dropper this apparatus and instrument we used in this experiment next methodology of the experiment is step 1 take the

Take the weight of 10 ml milk sample first we take 10 ml milk sample in a conical flux then combine enamel of milk sample 40 ml distributor and 4 mlm 8 molar sodium hydroxide solution into a conical flux step 3 allow solution to eastern for about five minutes with occasional swirling swirling means shaking shaking just occasionally shaking to properly mix the

Solution it is full of magnesium hydroxide may precipitate during this time when we shake the mixer then a small amount of magnesium hydroxide precipitate in the solution do not add the indicator until you have given this precipitation a chance to form step four add six drop five to six drops hologram dark glue in the sample mixer titration with edta solution

And continue till blue and navy color appear titration citation so we use edta solution is more than 12 sample is used in burette and we start titration no heating needed in this experiment just we take a edta solution in word and we use the sample mixer in conical flux or bigger in the lower braid then instantiation then we start digestion and we

Continue digestion navy color appears or maybe color appears to continue citation when blue or navy color appear then we stop the citation and calculate calculate for the results generally we use in our last in our last practice we use in this area three formula we can use three formula for the determination of calcium generally we use number three

Formula percent of calcium ion equal to weight of calcium ion oblique weight of sample into 100 weight of sample into 100 or amount of calcium equal to molarity of adta into volume of adt naming into 14.5 by weight of sample into 100 this formula is generally used in our lab for the determination of calcium from meat in the lecture section we first about

The topic of mean last class i talked about milk milk is a white color liquid that is generally secreted from the memory land of mammals it is suitable it is a suitable and balanced food for a living system it contains liquid chlorine carbohydrate minerals and different types of essential nutrients in milk then calcium calcium is the most abundant mineral in

Human it is generally required for the formation of home and the essential part of the skeleton of the living system milk and milk alternative nutrition comparison per cup cow milk hole when fat exists in this solution calcium 300 milligram protein 7.99 gram total fat 9 gram sugar gin find 99 total carbs 10.99 calories 4.66 last goat milk goat milk similar

Calcium found 300 milligram protein 7.99 but fat but that quantity is very low 2.50 sugar quantity same times quantity same and calories quantity zero on next biological and pathological role of calcium calcium we know calcium is essential for the wilding of bone support supporters of synthesis of the function of blood cell it is regulates the concentration

Of contraction of muscle not conduction and the clotting of floating of blood and many more essential function found in calcium the another main function enabling the formation of the skeleton such as bone formation and bone remodeling generally conduct calcium binding calcium is may be complex by putting the binding carbonyl group glutamic acid aspartic acid

Residues to interacting the hospital phosphorylated serine tyrosine threonine and others essential amino acid solubility as an example of the wide range of solubility of calcium compounds monocalcium phosphate is very soluble in water 80 85 of extracellular calcium is a dicalcium phosphate with a solubility of 2.0 millimolar nutrition already attracted to the

Nutritional value of calcium is very high it is generally used in the it is generally used as a binding material of a living system it is essential for bone formation blood clotting blood circulation system and many others hormonal regulation of bone formation bone formation and serum levels abnormal serum levels kidney stone kidney stone excessive dietary

Calcium intake increase the risk of the kidney stone so we are we inject calcium but we do not inject more calcium because it is a high risk for the formation of calcium formation of kidney stone and it is a measure of kidney failure or kidney damage bone disease as a calcium is required for bone development benevole manifold disease can be traced to the

Organic material molecular structure of the organization of bone so calcium levels the optimum calcium level is necessary for the healthy bone formation of healthy oil last will also talk about titration indicator how can we prepare high beam f5 molar sodium hydroxide preparation of 0.5 molar rigidity solution significance of this experiment significance of

This experiment while we determine the calcium level from me this experiment indicates the purity of calcium we know calcium level of different sources of milk at different levels if if we found the normal level then we ensure the milk is pure and some other reasons helping bile distros and teeth you

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