Difference Between Red Kratom Vs Hydrocodone?

What I found to be the difference in taking Red Kratom vs an opioid-like Hydrocodone. This is my personal experience of how they affected me.

Red kratom and opiates hydrocodone norcos norcos were the opiates that i had taken i never had a true addiction to opiates uh it was never anything that it got to the point that i was buying it off the street that i needed that i needed that i needed but they were the one opiates that i had taken that i could tell that it’s something i could get addicted to down

The line and i’ve taken right creating before i was a firm believer in kratom and there is a difference between these two but a lot of times what you’ll find is people start to substitute red crate them for opiates for pain killers and here’s what i experience of the two now this is just my personal experience there’s pros and cons to both both are highly addictive

So if you are struggling make sure you get with your doctor make sure you get with your therapist let people know if you are struggling with addiction i have links down below to n a and a a don’t go through it alone but here’s what i’ve noticed are the big difference when it came to taking an opiate like hydrocodone versus something like red crater red crater you

Can buy over the counter hydrocodone you got a good prescription for if you’re new to the channel hit the like and subscribe button down below love to have you along comment down below love to hear your thoughts what are the big differences between those two well besides one being prescribed and one that you can go to a smoke shop or to a vitamin shop and buy in

Most states both are addictive so both actually have the tendency to actually bond to your brain receptors that has an addictive property to it now hydrocodone norcos i just call them norcos because that’s what i knew i’m always as norcos are a pill that you take any time that you took an opi opiate it’s for pain it’s for pain relief it’s for pain management i

Would abuse them in the sense that i would use them for work to help me be able to push through the day to not feel any pain now when you do take an opiate you do take a pill it does release into your system um you feel it immediately where with kratom when i was taking red cranium i did an experiment of taking red cratum tablets for twice a day for 30 days and

Then i went through a withdrawal and and i vlogged the whole thing i have it actually on my channel i did this a couple years ago but with red kratom it was a process to almost get it in my system it wasn’t like an opiate an opiate a pill like that you pop it ah man i would feel the effects of it 20 minutes 15 minutes 25 minutes i mean it varied a little bit but

Man it was in my system i felt a boost of energy it was a dopamine rush all of a sudden my body just felt great i felt like superman i had no back pain i had no feet pain i could walk forever where with red kratom i didn’t notice any of the effects right when i started first taking it i did notice a mental effect both of them put me in really good moods i have to say

That opiates and red cranium both put me in a really good state of mind very positive very upbeat very energetic felt good happy and a lot of that has to also do with the dopamine rush which is the happy uh chemical in our brain that gets released into our system and we feel happy so it did give me that rush both of them gave me that but i didn’t notice any kind

Of pain difference now when i took norco it was because i was working i was in pain i could feel the pain go away really really quick i was working out when i was taking red cratum and i started trying to up and push my weights a little bit more just because i knew it was supposed to be a pain reliever i didn’t really notice the effects of the pain relief maybe

Seven days into it did i notice all sun that hey i had no body aches all of a sudden uh so the effects of it are a lot more delayed it is a powder it’s a natural substance versus something that is a pharmaceutical so kratom did take longer to get in my system in a lot of the different ways than what an opiate did but the one thing that does scare me always about

Both is both are highly addictive and i went through withdrawals of kratom i never went through withdrawals on narcos norcos i would take a one norco at work during an rv show for like 10 days straight and then that was it opiates were something i never really abused my drugs of choice when i was an active addict was alcohol and cocaine i preferred stimulants

Over anything else when i went with the kratom though i really wanted to do this experiment because i had heard of all these beneficial properties to it and everyone warned me about red cram they’re like hey it has opia you know properties i had friends actually who were struggling with opiate addiction that had gotten off of pills and got onto red kratom but then

Ended up relapsing so i knew a lot of the pros and cons when it came to kratom and i wanted to see for myself so i did as much of a scientific study as i could on it um i literally had it measured out to how many grams each day i was taking it wasn’t a very high gram uh the pills i was taking were actually these right here and there’s 150 pills in them and the amount

Is uh let’s see it was 650 milligrams per capsule i was taking four capsules in the morning four capsules in the afternoon so i did that for 30 days i did go through withdrawals my withdrawals with the red crayon were probably not quite as extreme as it was with opiates for a lot of people and a lot of it has to do with i didn’t take a massive amount of red crater

I know a lot of people have taken a lot of red trim we’re talking 10 15 grams of minimum a day just pounding the stuff into their system of course whenever you take a large amount you are going to feel differently but even with the low dosage uh after 30 days of taking i had hot and cold sweats i had constipation i had restless legs i had body aches and body pains

I went through withdrawals i felt like i had a really bad fever just felt like crap so opiates and red cratum are gonna give you those withdrawals i mean it’s a known fact with opiates that they are highly addictive um again if you are struggling with these my suggestion is you don’t trade off opiates for red kratom that’s just my personal preference but i know a

Lot of people are very touchy on the kratom subject because they’re like oh it’s helped me it’s been so beneficial i know the benefits of kratom uh i use kratom like i said i did white red and green kratom i did all three of them 30 days each just to kind of document and see how it made me feel because i was looking for something that was like an antidepressant

Uh i can’t take ssris which are drugs like lexapro prozac so i wanted to find something to help me with my depression but both opiates and kratom they both made me feel great definitely happy uh the big difference though i’ve noticed is like kratom it just it took it a lot longer to get in my system um rather than a pill that hit my system right away both of

Them do scare me i don’t know if i’d ever really do the kratom experiences again i might one day just out of curiosity to see if it’s still like as bad as i thought it was or if it’s better who knows i may do it one day but opiates definitely scare me if i unprescribe opiates i take them how they’re prescribed just because let’s face it i’m an addict and i know

That struggle and i don’t want to have to ever go through that again i don’t want to have to go through the withdrawals again and the withdrawals that i went through with kratom it knocked me out for a couple days for a couple days it was it was pretty bad and people were like oh you’re exaggerating you have no idea withdrawals for everybody are different and i

Can tell you this if you’re going through withdrawals if you are struggling get with your doctor let them know that you’re struggling getting in a get in a a get support around you um there’s suboxone out there there’s different ways to taper out there get help because you’re worth more than a drug believe me and that little bit of life that it brings to you steals

Away so much more but love to hear your comments comment down below hit the like and subscribe button love to share my experiences i love to just make sure that nobody goes through life alone because when we are struggling it sucks but these are my just these are my experiences i’m not a doctor i’m not a counselor i’m just sharing from what i’ve been through and

What i’ve experienced hopefully it helps somebody else out there just know that you matter and you got this

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Difference Between Red Kratom Vs Hydrocodone? By Eric B Zink