Do You Want To Shred Fat Off Your Legs Like This?

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Let’s talk about the science of weight loss british heel strike um there’s this little nike thing commercial we did a few years back but anyway since b-roll from that let’s talk about weight loss okay today we’re in thailand i’m on my motorbike i’m injured i am unable to ride a bicycle for quite some time due to a spinal injury so when the motorbike you know people

Like oh you’re gonna get fat you know like you’re so lean how you’re gonna stay lean you know during already are so lean man like i am lean all right i’m the i’m the leanest people person most people have ever seen their life in real life i am super super lean you can see all my muscles like in that mirror shot there you can see the you can see the muscles start and

Stop the veins the sinew the tendons like i’m just got veins everywhere all right yeah there’s definitely people out there who are lean with me but they’re very very rare so how have i maintained such a lean body fat for decades effortlessly all right no restriction i eat pizza some of that pizza for breakfast right calorie deficit journal it’s a calorie deficit no

It’s not i don’t believe in that i’ve got my protocols i’ve formulated my very own special protocols that sounds all salesy and quacky but it’s true all right if you’ve been following me long enough you know that’s true you see all my girlfriends if they’re tubby when they come live with me they soon lean out if they’re lean they stay lean all right so it’s just

This is how it is nobody gets fat in my protocol all right ever like you know none of my girlfriend’s a fan are they all right none of the long-term drone rider protocol people are fat all right yeah i mean you might have people who have the metabolic rebound you know and they get a little bit fluffy but they would become obese obese if they were doing anything

Else all right uh people think adapted thermogenesis is a myth all right literally people just think it’s calories in calories out you can starve yourself and it doesn’t damage your metabolism hormones got nothing to do weight loss that’s what people think people think hormones have got nothing to do with weight loss most people in the weight loss world don’t

Even know what tsh means do you know what tsh means thyroid stimulating hormone this is a massive con controller of weight gain fat gain fluid gain often in adaptive thermogenesis if you’ve read the the volumes of dr ansel case’s work the biology of human starvation which is everybody should read that those they’re pretty boring because it’s all sciency stuff but

If you’re interested in in weight loss and understanding how it actually works and i encourage people to hunt down copies of the biology of human starvation and read it if you want the summary edition just get the uh i think it’s ross tucker the great starvation experiment get his book it’s quite easy to read so the fun version it’s the american version you know

And it’s very very easy to read to pick up it’s now here no snail on the road just that’s a big snail look how big it is look how big it is massive so if i put over here now i’ll put it on the other side of the road this is me man i don’t have any caffeine in my system right now this is just me every day this is like at six a.m in the morning all right just get

Out some side and get some air on my face and we’re gonna put this big snail this is what my protocols do it gives you energy man it gives you energy to care it gives you energy to observe and to experience life my protocols are unrivaled uh chucked out of the fence into the soft grasses and leaves there keep snails safe picking up snails scorpions and snakes off

The road in thailand always have always will um you know so people have to understand about hormones man like you’ve got to understand the hormone so we’re going to read ross tucker’s novel fun book summary of the great starvation experiment the the biology the biology of human starvation and that when you read that that’ll go you have a light bulbs king ting ting

It’s a long raid man all right most people aren’t going to read it it’s boring uh if you want the short version just get my protocols and start today okay and i mean it’s sort of like it’s a bit like um you know you can read books about sex or you can have sex all right which which you want to do i recommend doing both um just to learn up on stuff but you know

Practicals well i reckon is the best especially when it comes to weight loss because you want to put my protocols into practice because i’ll tell you what being lean staying lean that takes time like healing your metabolism establishing a new set point for your metabolism that takes time how long it’s different for different people have you used a contraceptive

Pill did you shut down your hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis using hormonal birth control how many years did you do that for four weeks okay you’ll be good to go 14 years then you’ve crushed your testosterone you’re intention and your indigenous endogenous testosterone levels will be suppressed so it’s going to take you longer to to bounce back up okay that’s

What people understand that i’m just going to take a pill and it’ll do it for me it’s like no it won’t i mean even or still the bodybuilders man that they’re they’re doing steroids plus diuretics to lean out the plus estrogen blockers like letrozole etc and then doing massive calorie restriction like dnp all this is crazy pharmaceutical mix of stuff and some of them

Are okay to use but a lot of them are very dangerous clenbuterol very dangerous hard in the heart you know just all these things and i was like man like if only people did my protocols they wouldn’t have to do most of the stuff and they’re definitely one thousand percent have a better quality of life all right look at the life i live man every day i wake up like i

Woke up this morning at about i don’t know 5 a.m i saw the the sun just just rising the horizon it’s a little bit just cracking through the curtains and i’m just bouncing out of bed man i’ve got no caffeine in my system i’m just i’ve got to get outside and get some just get some movement going on i can’t rub and bite doctor’s orders so i’m going to motorbike safely

You know just to just get some moving just get outside and get going all right pick out some snails just you know just just where can i be helpful in town all right i just want to get out and around town and say how can i help some people i hope the snail i’m just looking for things to help be helpful with right now that’s the sort of reality i’m in okay how can i

Help i have energy to help when you’re lacking in energy you become we become very egocentric and when the more egocentric we become the more we suffer yes you everybody has to have an ego where we look after ourselves we wear our life jacket okay but some people that they’re just grabbing all the life jackets for themselves they’re not coming anyone else because

They’re suffering they are just doing this calories in carousel thing if you want to learn the truth about weight loss if you don’t have the freedom get my ebook seriously they are the best books ever ever written for humans all right on the topic of how to put realistic fat loss into your daily life and live and the very first day you very first the first

Meal you have on my recipe list on my food charts you’ll feel better all right mentally you just feel better and i don’t i don’t care how you look or whatever if you’re not feeling good you’re losing all right for me it lasts about feeling good looking good being lean that’s just the bonus but more importantly i want to feel good and that’s why i can’t starve because starving sucks

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Do You Want To Shred Fat Off Your Legs Like This? By durianrider