Exogenous estrogens – Where are they and what do they do?

Curious about exogenous estrogens? In this video I talk about estrogen, where it is found, and how the body processes it. Stay tuned for more on environmental estrogens, EMF and how it influences the body.

So i asked you guys on instagram what you wanted to learn this week and everybody was really stoked about estrogen modulators so we’re going to talk about estrogen where it is in the environment and what role it plays but to really understand your hormones you need to understand that it works in the complexity of the environment right so you are not just estrogen

You are not just testosterone you’re constantly interacting with the world with the environment around you that is the pesticides the herbicides the heavy metals we also have commensal pathogens we have good ones we have bad ones we have bacteria we have viruses we have parasites so there’s always a complexity and i like to come back to this because sometimes we

Like to isolate things and we just focus on the picture of what estrogen is doing in the body or we just focus on the picture of for instance in pcos we’re looking at androgens so what is testosterone doing how much testosterone do we have in the body is estrogen converting to testosterone we look at insulin and this reductionist approach is very western medicine

When you look at conventional medicine it’s about breaking things down and putting them into little pieces that we can then analyze under a microscope that is fantastic we don’t always look at the whole picture of what’s going on and it’s really not just you and your estrogen it’s everything that’s contributing to you and your estrogen so that’s where i’m really

Going to take today’s video and we’re going to talk about what you can do to make sure that your hormones are balanced from the outside in and the inside out because we are complex human beings and we need to take all those factors into account so the first thing that i want to talk about in estrogen modulation is environmental toxicity this is starting to come

To the surface people are starting to talk more about environmental toxicity it’s something that you know we kind of just push to the side because it’s not easy to fix we are in our environment but that said there is a lot that we can do to eliminate these things from our environment and to essentially clean it up and instead of healing ourselves within that

Environment why not take all of that environment clean it up and then we’re going to thrive within that and actually dr jess md who i absolutely love on instagram talks about germ theory versus terrain theory where germ theory is keeping essentially a fish a person an organism in a dirty environment and trying to heal them within that environment where terrain

Theory is cleaning up that environment cleaning up essentially that fish bowl so that the fish can then live and then thrive and i firmly believe that healing is in terrain theory we can’t do it in germ theory it doesn’t make sense it’s just gonna come back that’s why things never go away it’s just a broken model so let’s talk about estrogen modulators before

I get off track again so environmental toxicity there’s so many things that we’re interacting with we’re looking at heavy metals i’ve been digging a lot into emf ems is our radiation it’s our wi-fi it’s our computers it’s all of these energies now why does this matter okay so like think of this on a hormonal level your hormones are coming down in access correct

And they’re interacting with the gut they’re interacting with organs so we are electrical beings we are cells essentially the frequency are electrical when you go in it’s sodium it’s potassium it’s electrolytes well what is that that’s the foundation of electricity so we are electrical beings and we’re interacting with electrical radiation what is that going to

Do that’s going to push things off balance i read this really interesting article and actually wrote a post on it today about the link between emf heavy metal toxicity in our environment and infertility fertility issues hormone imbalances so what is the problem with emf the problem with emf is that we’re getting it from so many angles we have wi-fi we have our

Cell phones we go outside we’ve got these big 5g towers that are coming into play and like literally it is impossible to escape emf now we know that we are electrical beings we know that we are emotional beings guys look at the nervous system i have this huge fascination about the nervous system because the nervous system is electricity that’s how we receive

Inputs that how we that’s how we receive sensations that’s how our mind our brain interprets the external environment something happens it becomes an input and then our body responds to it through electrical waves so that is no different from us on the cellular level that is no different from our counterparts on the cellular level it would be naive for us to

Think that parasites bacterias and viruses have no electrical conductivity within them they are electrical beings just like we are so to simplify this when you stress an emotional system with things that are not necessarily good and like i said when i was looking at this research the interaction between heavy metals and radiation or emf is negative it causes a

Negative input it causes deterioration of the body so what is that going to do pathologically physiologically well it’s actually going to switch the bio mechanics or sorry the biochemical physiology of the body so when i say biochemical i’m talking about the hormone balance i’m talking about uh blood sugar i’m talking about you know the stability the physiology

Of your body that makes it um homeostatic which is sorry i’m using all these big words which makes it normal essentially you run at a basic certain chemistry so when we throw that chemistry off we experience dysfunction and emf is a large contributor to why our hormones go a little wonky so number one what can you do about that you can unplug your wi-fi at night

You can help with ema emf transmitters i don’t know personally which ones are fantastic because i use um i use what do i use and on the market i’m not going to tell you which one to buy i personally like shungite shungite is really really great for transmission you can put it on the back of your phone you can carry it around but you can put it in your room that

Just helps disperse the emf energy so enough of that let’s talk about again environmental toxicity so i’ve talked about bpa before bpa is a really sneaky one guys because they took it off the market and they said okay everything’s bpa-free but what they’ve done is they’ve chemically altered the chemistry of bpa so it’s bpa but it’s just in a different chemical

Form so then they can take it they can take it to the market and they can market it to you so if you want to understand these different bpas i actually have my free hormone exogenous etch in exogenous estrogen guide that you can download so head over to my instagram it’s a free download i break down all those different bpas that are chemically different but

Doing the same thing in the body so that you can kind of look at labels and understand that so we want to avoid bpa we want to avoid plastics we want to avoid chemicals so if you’re in the grocery store and you’re picking something up and you are not quite sure what that ingredient is chances are that it’s not natural i know what apple is i know what pineapple

Is there are some names that are maybe latin that are maybe um chemically written that we don’t understand and that can be a natural form so that’s where it’s important for us to use maybe apps like think dirty to find which ingredients necessarily are good and which ones are bad if you pick it up and you don’t know what is in that like if it doesn’t say exactly

What is in that product you need to question it you need to understand it and you need to really think about it canned foods they are sitting around forever they’re leeching all of this stuff into our food and then we’re eating it that cannot that cannot be good for you think about the processing of food where is it coming from how long is it sitting do they have

To spray pesticides on this for it to stay as a shelf life like what is the processing of this food and how are we getting it and that’s really important where are the where are the soils you know what are the soils doing we become conscious and cognizant of this stuff the more that we can remove these environmental toxicities another big one cups we go out to

Eat fast food fast food we all know fast food’s not great we all know pro suits processed food is not great but what’s not great on top of that is that cups are lined with toxins and chemicals so i’m putting a hot beverage into a reusable cup well yeah it’s convenient but if i go to starbucks or if i go to tim hortons or if i go to any coffee shop and i do that

Daily how many chemicals am i putting into my body and i’ve talked about bioaccumulation before this was a huge topic in the fertility ball when i was teaching women is that we accumulate over time and it might not necessarily hurt you right now but when you start to develop things down the line it’s because you have accumulated toxins it’s so logical when you

Break it down like that if i accumulate toxins eventually something’s going to happen in the body eventually the body is not going to be able to handle it so that’s another big one for estrogen i’ve talked about deodorant i’ve talked about makeup i’ve talked about hair products i’ve talked about anything that you use in your immediate environment you really need

To source and look at what is in it because if it is if it’s not natural if it is not aqua which is water or sorry agua water if it’s not plant-based extract if it’s not essential oil-based if it’s not something that is naturally occurring you need to think about what it’s doing to the body and most importantly what it’s going to be doing to your hormones again

Sorry side note on that guide about exogenous estrogens estrogen modulators or estrogen medics are chemical constituents that act like estrogen in the body so they’re not the synthetic form or they’re not the naturally occurring form of estrogen they are something else that binds like estrogen in the body so what does that mean that means that the body thinks that

There’s estrogen in the body when it’s not in the body when it’s not your natural occurring level so that’s where we get estrogen dominance estrogen dominance is the phenomenon or the clinical pathology of excess estrogen in the body now it’s not necessarily that you’re producing more estrogen it’s that there’s higher levels of estrogen and when we have higher

Levels of estrogen we have those clinical symptoms of estrogen dominance which could be you know fatigue issues mood issues there’s a myriad of sorry hate that word there is a large spectrum of different symptoms that we can have with estrogen dominance there’s also estrogen in our foods now this is where phytoestrogens sometimes get a bad name for instance soy

Soy products are estrogen phytoestrogens they’re phytoestrogens so what that means is they buffer estrogens now people think soy products estrogens i don’t want to take soy products because i’m going to grow man boobs i’ve heard that before you know it’s called gynecomastia i’m being very serious so um men try to stay away from soy products because they don’t

Want to do this and i’ve heard that before actually with my endometriosis endometriosis clients is that they are trying to reduce estrogen levels because high estrogen is linked to endometriosis there’s more to that clinical picture that is very true but soy itself does not act in the body the same as an estrogen medic it’s a phytoestrogen like vitax like like

Herbal products that are phytoestrogens they buffer estrogen they bring it down or they bring it up and that’s what the buffering is so there’s certain foods that can actually help us normalize levels rather than reduce them another great one and i love this it’s not a phytoestrogen but it’s called flaxseed we all know flaxseed because what what happens when we

Have excess estrogen in the body we want to get rid of it we want to you know get it out so that the the levels are not building well flax seed is a fiber so what happens when we have this excess level of estrogen is that we either keep it in our liver and it continues circulating through our gut and comes back in so what we want to do is we want to push it out

And that’s what fiber does fiber binds those excess hormones and it pushes them out of the body so that we can gain normality and this is a huge one for birth control if you have been on birth control for a long period of time chances are that estrogen progesterone is a little bit off there’s not a woman one woman that has come off birth control that their normals

Have been perfect their levels sorry have been perfect that there has been no changes that’s because you’re synthetically working with a hormone and that it’s not going to leave overnight it’s not going to go overnight it’s going to be stored in the liver it’s going to be stored in the adipose tissue adipose tissue also creates estrogens and then it becomes this

Big complex issue of hormone imbalance post birth control that’s a whole other topic that i don’t really want to touch on today i just want to focus narrow on estrogen and estrogen modulation in the body last note is on exercise and my exercise is really really important so exercise is important for a couple of reasons and number one is that i just told you that

Adipose tissue creates creates estrogen so adipose tissue is fat tissue so extra fat extra estrogen it’s typically just how it goes so as we start to break down fat tissue we start to expose the body to higher levels of estrogen now if you have pcos you have potentially insulin resistance you have more metabolic issues with weight distribution so you might have

Issues losing weight gaining weight usually it’s losing weight so my concern with that is that the more adipose tissue you have the more estrogen that you’re going to have and you’re already dealing with a hormone imbalance due to excess hormones modulators in the body so exercise is really really important for that population but also for everybody else because

What it’s going to do is it’s going to reduce the amount of adipose tissues it’s going to take all of those synthetic those extra estrogens that are not true and inherent to the body it’s going to help eliminate them it’s going to help get rid of them it’s going to increase blood flow it’s going to increase oxygenation it’s going to bring the health of the cells

Up and it’s going to help normalize that hpa access because the more that we flow the more that we go and the more that we flow the more that we go the more that we get rid of environmental toxins toxins pollutants heavy metals all that stuff that can also build up in our lymph drainage so exercise is really really important even if it’s just a little bit of

Movement because that’s going to help normalize our hormone levels so i’m going to end the video here because i know if i go on too long you all get bored so i hope that was interesting let me know what you think of this video and i will ask you guys what you want to know next week

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Exogenous estrogens – Where are they and what do they do? By THETA COACHING