Facial Hair/ Hirsutism/PCOS: 3 months of spironolactone

Hello, I have hirsutism

Hey everyone is me let me do her and i have hirsutism and um hirsutism is when you girl but it’s amount of body hair and facial hair for a woman okay so none of you got that other way i’m gonna tell you my three months of being on spyro not expiring a lactone i’ve got in this sense i don’t even know anymore but i’ve been on for three months now it’s september so

Around july because i’m are doomed june i start taking this and this time i’m taking 50 milligrams of spironolactone and i’m just gonna tell you my experience so far so honestly i never showed you my pill before but my pill looks like this looks like i don’t know cousin lighting is annoying so it has like this v form it really is not and it has these words on it if

You can see it okay so it’s just as 1885 on here so mason i think one of those a day and i’m gonna tell myspace so far has been okay none nothing really new new results honestly i just keep me you guys updated cuz i know you guys wanted to know how it’s going on it’s not okay so far and skin is glowy ish or whatever so um yeah nothing really happening i’m not look

Like any hair up here anything like that obviously it’s reduced the hair grow with a little bit yeah that’s pretty much all i have to say what’s this i’m on here let me talk about electrolysis or whatever and why not making so many videos of those um the reason for that is i am broke yes broke broke broke broke i’m very broke so i’m waiting for my financial aid to

Drop or whatever so i can start going i mean i stayed money for but like still i’ve got bills to pay and things to do and i gotta go to school i gotta work so i gotta try to put it in my um put it in my schedule somewhere to go you know i got school full time anyway so i’m trying to like get there but it’s not happening as i’m fast i’d like it to be so i’m talking

About that and to go see i got something right here in here been lazy have it on my face so i’m yeah that’s why i haven’t went so far um yet so uh yeah but don’t worry all we go in there eventually just taking me a minute the same with my hair i want to get my hair done for so long but i can’t go cuz i’m broke so that’s not having a broke so yeah yeah yeah yeah so

And i have a lot of these pills left i’m going to turn this way so this is how much i still have left this suppose the last one for three months cuz i’m posed to take i was posting twice a day these i suppose like a hundred but i decided to take one a day now and hopefully let me tell you update because i don’t know when next time i’m gonna post that video i will

Go back to her october 1st or like the last day of september i gotta got to go change my schedule so i can go to her on a thursday and set up a friday because i got work and they be trippin so i need to go see her then or another day but i don’t get my schedule again until next month so hopefully when i go next time cuz i who knows if i’m gonna videotape next time

The only reason i’m videotaping today because i gotta finish all my homework all my work everything stayed whatever satsang there’s i’m videotaping today and hopefully what i want to do i want to put the just up to 75 and then start taking birth control because when you correlate those two things together a health will helps with the hirsutism we’re gonna do some

Research to see which of birth control i want to use cuz birth control has screwed me up over the past and a camera which one of us before so i can tell her not to give me that same one but i know she’s prescribed me that one so obviously is gonna be my document somewhere and when i’m asked to take it so um yeah so that is the plan for when i go back in october

But that’s what i want to do up the dose of 75 and then if it was 75 works well enough i’ll put up those to 100 but right now and i’m gonna stick to 50 for a couple of months and then we’ll see how 35 does and on the birth control so yeah and that is the plan for now it’s so crazy how my medication is cheaper than everything else i gotta buy so yeah so that’s the

Plan for now i just wanna give you an update about that and hopefully i’ll get to electrolysis very soon and september to my financial aid refund should be coming very soon hopefully hopefully so um yeah that’s all i want to say that’s my update for now if you like to be depressed like if you want some more press subscribe um you know yeah so see you later bye

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Facial Hair/ Hirsutism/PCOS: 3 months of spironolactone By Olivia – Dior