facing medical Trauma | aimovig injection and migrain update

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So i’m sitting here presumably about to give me give myself this shot it is a amovig um auto injector it’s to help prevent migraines i’ve been having a migraine every day for i own blur a month i think at this point i think three months um on and off and i’ve had a continuous tingling sensation in my head constantly since the beginning of the month that could

Have been a medication my doctor even said that was possible and they took me off that medication of course oscar has to get up here get down um anyway i have to give myself a shot and i’m sitting here freaking out because auto injectors are a big symbol of medical drama for me i might talk about that later on but i’m going to try to give myself this medication

Um hopefully i don’t freak out and chicken out because it’s been out of the refrigerator for almost an hour at this point you’re supposed to leave it out for at least 30 minutes before you give it itself give it to yourself i waited a little bit longer and i also wanted my house to be asleep so everybody in the house is asleep or they’re at work so this is what

The auto injector looks like i don’t know why my camera is making it backwards but it’s ammo veg i think is how you say it it’s a really pretty color you take out this and then you push it to your skin and pull the trigger i’ve watched several videos of it some were making it look incredibly easy others were having trouble with it injecting so i’m curious to know

If i’m going to be strong enough to push the trigger button to do this injection um i would be so much more happier to do a self-injection where i actually had to draw up the medication and physically put the needle in my skin um because i wouldn’t have to be sitting here dealing with an auto injector i hate audio detectors to kind of give you a little bit of

Information and backstory i used to take camara as a child and that medication burned for one but um my medical trauma started when i was a kid because i just didn’t have any say over my medical of anything um doctors didn’t take me seriously my parents were listening to the doctors and it was just a hot mess and so i wanted my doctors to give this medication to

Me i was supposed to get it on the 30th of january i was planning on taking it with me to get to my ivig clinic when i got my veggie so that they could give it to me there um oscar can you please be quiet for a second um but i ended up having a migraine that stopped me from going um and i was already waiting um after i got this this was dispensed on the 18th and

Then it’s now july 1st so it’s been a while and so i’m sitting here knowing i need to give it to myself and i’m taking it out of the fridge so i kind of have to give it to myself at this point or it’s going to go bad so i guess i’m going to start i am going to have this over me while i give it so that you can get this view too it’s in the way but i don’t have a

Better setup because i don’t know what else would work but okay so if you’re watching this because you’re about to give yourself a shot or you’ve been prescribed this there’s a lot of other people out there that have made videos that i make it so much look so much easier and um aren’t nervous i recommend you find those videos and watch them because um i’m really

Not teaching you how to do this i am recording myself to help my um nervousness my cat keeps trying to destroy everything um i’m recording myself to help with my nervousness and also to be able to document my journey of you know overcoming so i’m trying to overcome this fear um i did want to give i didn’t want this to be given by a doctor but unfortunately um

I’m running out of time i want to give it to myself as soon as possible um preferably i guess before my ivig not the day of so it has some chance to work okay i don’t know if this is a good shot or not i can’t really totally tell but it should be oh i’m so nervous again if you’re nervous i’m probably not the person to be watching so i’m not even cleaning myself

Correctly when you clean yourself you should start at the middle of where you’re going to give it and then go out and never go back in because that kind of apparently recontaminates the area something i’m afraid of is that i’m going to push the plunger and it’s not going to inject um because i’ve seen videos where that happens sometimes and i guess maybe they’re

Not pushing it hard enough or they’re not pushing the thing on their skin hard enough i just know i really don’t want to do this once i take this thing out i can put it back in i think but it’s already been a refrigerator so i have to really give myself it so i’m supposed to take this and press it to my skin okay so there’s not very much i really don’t want to

Do this see i did it and i my heart starts beeping really fast now because i pressed the button and i did what it did to other people i don’t know how hard you’re supposed to press it but i pressed it and it they should really not make this that hard to do it because i can guarantee you my heart is way over 100 beats per minute right now and i really don’t want

To sit there and like hold it and press it a million times and not know and be kind of surprised when it gives it to me if that makes sense because when you’re pressing it you should think assume that it’s going to give it to you and it doesn’t i’m shaking y’all it doesn’t even say anything on here about how hard to pressure firmly push down the auto injector onto

The skin until it stops moving when you’re ready to enjoy press the start button you will hear a click i didn’t hear a click i think the only positive thing about auto injectors is that if the medication burns you don’t have to sit there pushing it manually torturing yourself the device is torturing yourself for you that’s the only positive thing i can see so

I’m going to go ahead and clean my skin again okay wait for it to dry it burns because of that scratch on my leg and there’s not i know on the there’s one auto injector for migraines that has a safety on it this does not have a safety on it i don’t know if i can do this well it’s a good thing i’ve been here for less than six months and i was talking for a good

Portion of it so if i’ve already like put it down on my skin and press the button at that point that’s pretty good so i see most people push it down like that and they i guess you could hold the skin tight but i’ve never done a shot like that i’ve always pinched it and you can pinch it but i’m seeing that pinching it and keeping a good pinch is hard let me let

The baby in okay i need to hurry up because i’m gonna dry the medicine out if i don’t hurry i know that i needed all these alcohol wipes for a reason so i got so many am i in a good area again okay please so oh i did it it hurt not as bad i wasn’t expecting i kind of um let up a little bit but i didn’t completely take it off my leg and i get myself a nice

Pretty princess band-aid oh yeah you see my hand shaking it does not feel good but it’s not as bad as i was expecting i can’t believe i did that by myself okay i think i’m gonna get my heating pad out um my leg kind of feels a little funny i can’t decide if that’s because of the injection or nerves it’s probably a mixture of both this site is a little tender

So i feel like i kind of want to rub it around i don’t know why that helps but it does i guess it’s like when you’re patting your stomach i can’t believe i did that i’m gonna go i can’t believe i did that i’m super excited my leg does hurt but not too bad i gave myself a shot and it’s not even that i gave myself a shot i just went through so much crap to do

That mentally and i get to tell my therapist about this tomorrow i’m super excited hopefully this damn thing helps hopefully i know i don’t get to find out really for three months i think that’s how long it takes to find out but um i’m interested to see if my tingling sensation goes away over time because i don’t know if it’s a migraine or if it’s something else

But yeah i’m excited so fair warning i’m exhausted i would be asleep but i am waiting to be able to call my doctor’s office they are lunch and so i need to call them today so i can make sure that that gets done so i decided that i’d do this my experience with the shot was okay um giving the shot was not as bad as i thought it was going to be and i think that’s

Because i had previously given myself the b12 injections um and i think like previously when i was doing that i didn’t think that i was really battling a lot of anxiety and trauma with that one i thought it was mainly the fact that i just had to stab myself myself um but i think it was more like a lot of trauma too um i will say that the b12 injection was not

The first shot i’ve given myself i actually gave myself shots when i was younger um i think i started when i was eight and i did it for a while and then stopped i would turn my refrigerator off normally i kind of pause it while i’m talking but it’s got medication in it so i can’t right now i’m so sorry that’s loud but biggest things with amovig i haven’t really

Seen any big benefits from it um my migraines are not any better the tingling in my head is only any better i’m actually going to be getting an mri soon i think it’s scheduled for the 8th of october um to see if there’s anything like with my head that’s causing the migraines part of me doesn’t really think that some of my symptoms are migraine symptoms but that’s

That’s a different conversation it’s going to be doing of my head i believe but i know my my part of my neck and my spine because the numbness and tingling is just horrible um and we don’t really know what’s causing it it’s been a symptom that i’ve had for probably about two years now i think maybe maybe a year or something i don’t really know exactly because i

Wasn’t doing bullet journaling at the time and so i’m bad at like trying to gauge time but i know it’s been at least a year um it was every day starting um august i think that i was getting it and so that’s what i was talking about in the video i don’t know if i edited that out or not but lots of injection site reactions i got a little red my leg kind of felt

Weird i don’t know how else to explain it besides my leg felt weird and it was painful i had to use a heating pad because it was pretty bad eventually my i think it was my left arm but one of my arms started hurting really bad my hypertension got worse um tachycardia was a big issue about two hours after they shot i was like super anxious which is apparently a

Fun side effect that you can get from the medication um that i did not know about i was awful it was so bad it lasted for hours i went to sleep and woke up still feeling like it thankfully i had therapy the next day because it was just so bad i ended up giving myself the shot again a second time and i didn’t get the anxiety like i did but i did get injection

Site reactions i was very shaky and i had a lot of muscle spasms after it i think i had that the first time um i i know about the shakiness i’m not sure if i had the muscle spasms but um yeah i i don’t really think the shot’s working for me and the side effects that i get are kind of concerning because i do feel like my pots gets worse after i get myself the

Shot for a few days which you can make hypertension and tachycardia work so making my pots worse makes sense so i’m so excited that i was able to give myself the shot i’m thinking about switching um my migraine neurologist to just my standard neurologist because i finally did get a neurologist that’s really good i’m currently seeing a pediatric neurologist for

My migraines i’m thinking about just switching over to my other one so i only have one neurologist i think that would be easier and i really don’t think this guy is too invested in trying to help me um because i did want to look in to make sure that there weren’t something else going on because i do know that i have migraines my migraines have gotten tremendously

Worse since i started ivig and i need to talk about that with my iv ig doctor um soon but i’m getting this numbness and tingling in my brain and my head um and everybody’s just like tacking it onto migraines and getting all these other symptoms they’re just tacking on the migraine the pediatric doctor was not in anywhere near con interested in looking for other

Things and not by looking i just mean like ruling out i want to make sure other things are rolled out so that we actually know that we’re treating the right thing um because i’ve dealt with issues where people say it’s this and then you find out later it’s not and then you’ve wasted all this time that you could have been doing something else and sometimes treatment

For one thing is horrible for the other things so i am getting an mri i think i mentioned that i can’t remember it’ll be the eighth and it’s of my head i believe i know it’s about my spine but i think she’s doing the head too um hopefully we can figure out what it is if it is migraines okay i guess but like if it is migraines hopefully we find a treatment that

Actually works because the ammo vigor analysis is not cutting it and i doubt doing one more month is going to be a big difference i have the shot is coming up in a few days now so i don’t know if i’m going to give it to myself or what yet there is a infusion for migraines that i want to try that i need to talk to my doctor about because i think it’s every three

Months and i already have a port so i might as well use it and you know doing an iron fusion every three months is a lot better than another shot every month hopefully we figure it out because i’m i’m losing my patience yeah i’m super excited that i was able to give myself a shot and yeah bye

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