Hi guys it’s a chatty dad one with you wanted to bring this story to you experts warned of potent new painkiller everyone is making a big huge deal about this because the fda has approved this drug well they’re all saying that it’s going to kill people and people are going to die it’s super dangerous well this is a baby compared to oxycontin and ms contin and

Stuff like that this is vicodin okay this is vicodin put into without tylenol pure hydrocodone put into a time-released formula vicodin okay lortab lore set hydrocodone i’m sure that you know people who’ve taken it or that you’ve taken it yourself for getting a tooth pulled or an injury of some kind this medication is a schedule 3 narcotic they can call it in on

The phone they can partial fill the prescriptions it’s a long ways away from being the most dangerous drug personally i’ve taken this medication myself this medication is not that big a deal it works ok but compared to the other stuff that they got benton all and stuff like that this is nothing now the zohydro the time-released medicines the top most potent pill

They have is a 50 milligram pill i know people who have taken 4 to 6 10 milligram lortab 10 5 hundredths at one time and they didn’t die they probably got high and all that kind of stuff but they didn’t die this is the thing that everybody’s up in an uproar about they have studied this thing extensively and like i say it is nothing compared to oxycodone oxycontin

This stuff is a baby compared to those other drugs now it comes into capsule that’s a hard gelatin capsule that has little teeny beads inside those little teeny beads have a coating around them so that you can’t you can’t melt it you can’t crush it you can’t do this kind of thing to it that the people we’re doing with the oxycontin the old oxycontin people were

Like melting them down and smoking them all kinds of crazy stuff but in this day and age where they have polluted our earth so bad that we’re living in a toxic environment people are coming up with more autoimmune diseases and problems then there ever have been there are more autoimmune problems then it has just gone through the roof i am all the time here and

People talk about have an immune system problems this that we have all these digestive problems which is one of the things that i have my immune system is overactive it is so overactive that it kills me it sees my body as a foreign invader and it eats it away it kills it so i have to take cancer medicine to knock it back to where it’s a normal immune system okay

I’m no stranger to pain medicine and stuff like that i think it’s sad that people are going to get into an uproar about a stinking lortab that’s the time-release lortab and if people die from it it’s because they abuse it and like i say for again oxycodone oxycontin an ms contin is way way more strong than that and shoot they have oxymorphone they have stuff that

Is so close to heroin it’s not even funny that they prescribe instead of allowing people to go back to using laudanum and stuff like that and powdered opium paregoric used to have i should say they used to have paregoric which had powdered opium in it it was for stomach cramps and stuff like that i remember when i was a kid my stomach was hurting real bad my grandma

Gave me some paregoric and it made me feel better it helped my stomach cramps and stuff and it wasn’t till i was older that i found out that there was powdered opium in the paregoric okay that is no longer available anymore they’ve taken all this kind of stuff away they’ve made it to where you have to go through hell to find a doctor who will write you some pain

Medicine and if you find a doctor that will write you the pain medicine good luck because pharmacies half of them won’t fill it because they the dea has threatened them so severely that they’re scared to touch anything especially as scheduled – so as a hydro er big flip and deal now there’s people who don’t like to take drugs and don’t like to take narcotics and

That’s good and fine that’s great if they can go without taking a narcotic if they can deal with their pain without having to take something for it that’s wonderful but everybody’s not like that everybody’s not the same some people need something stronger personally myself hydrocodone ain’t much better than tylenol and they’ve been loading tylenol into the stuff

For so many years now it’s causing liver damage with people tylenol has done more damage than the hydrocodone itself by far these antidepressants do more damage than narcotics by far except for the addiction problem some people can’t take narcotics without becoming addicted and then they lose control of their life and you know have a hard time i know a lot of people

Who drink alcohol because they don’t want to take painkillers but i see people everyday suffering in tremendous pain where every one of us all of us i don’t care who you are if you are an adult living in this world in the united states of america you either drink alcohol take some form of a prescription medication smoke marijuana or something you do something to

Try to help yourself there’s no harm in it there’s no problems with it as far as i’m concerned do what you got to do to make it because this is a vicious world and it’s a toxic world we’re living in and we are seeing our body’s breaking down way way faster than our parents and our grandparents did they don’t understand that age group of people most of them do not

Understand the severity of the situation because they grew up on an earth that was not toxic their bodies were not turning against them and breaking down so fast they were not eating food that’s poison that’s got chemicals and crap in it so they grew up in a different world and that’s wonderful but please don’t don’t try to stop somebody else from taking something

That they need if this is what they need if they need to take an oxycontin 80 milligram pill twice a day what is it to you what is it to anyone if it helps this person exist without wanting to commit suicide then good i say then good and that’s the case with most people because most people i know don’t just want to run out there and jump on the pill wagon and get

On narcotics because it’s there’s a bunch of crap involved with having to get medicine pain medicine especially they’ll shovel out medicine that messes with your dna structure but the other medicine is a different different ballgame because they want control anyway i just thought i’d throw this out there hope everyone’s well this is chatty dad one have a great day

Never give up your guns it’s the only thing we got left stand between us and total tyranny take over this is chatty dad one over and out

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