Fentanyl overdose major concern in the US as its easy availability causes an alarm | WION

With easy availability, Fentanyl overdose is a major concern in the US. Social media is being used to crack drug deals as agencies try to control the menace.

Fentanyl a drug when used for medical purposes can ease severe pain however its abuse can lead to serious breathing problems or death fentanyl is easily available and it’s now becoming a source of major concern for the narcotics department we are correspondent susan tahrani reports from new york listening the leading cause of preventable death among americans between

Ages 18 and 45 is isn’t traffic accidents suicide or gun violence it’s fentanyl overdoses where as little as two milligrams of the synthetic opioid can be lethal it’s a hundred times more potent than morphine almost all of the fentanyl entering the united states comes from mexico smuggled by mexican drug cartels across the southern border and with the chaotic influx

Of migrants pouring in due to this administration’s lacks border policies thousands of pounds of deadly fentanyl is also trafficked into the country robert almonte is a texas based security consultant and former deputy chief of the el paso police department he says border patrol agents are overwhelmed without much support from the federal government you have a

Lot of experience with the narcotics division in law enforcement decades how is fentanyl made in mexico and what is the china connection well there’s a definitely a big china connection and actually that’s where all the precursor chemicals are are coming from from from china and uh my hat’s off to dea because they’ve increased their efforts in in targeting the

Precursor chemicals that are coming out of china i believe last year they seized 2 000 pounds of precursor chemical fentanyl is so deadly because it is pressed into pills made to look like xanax adderall or oxycodone or mixed into other drugs to increase their potency meanwhile fentanyl tainted pills bought on social media apps like snapchat and tick tock have

Caused drug deaths to soar among youths these pills are now easily available to anyone with a smartphone including miners and the people that are selling these these drugs these pills they don’t come out on facebook and say hey you want to buy some fentanyl or or oxycodone they have like emojis that they use that are codes for the different drugs and then once

That gets the interest of the buyer then they start commuting excuse me they start communicating uh secretly through like snapchat or something like that and they order it and the pills are delivered straight to their door at their home i mean it’s just so easy to get uh fentanyl nowadays that it’s it’s just it’s a very very uh alarming so this is something that

Needs to be addressed on all fronts you know china mexico and our border uh but i think more importantly i think our parents need to get the parents need to get more more involved in a lot of their children and quite frankly get in their business by using technology to further their operation almonte says mexican drug cartels pose one of the biggest threats to

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Fentanyl overdose major concern in the US as its easy availability causes an alarm | WION By WION