Flonase Experience and Review

I am sharing my experience with Flonase that pretty much changed my life. Let me know if you have any questions .

All right i’m gonna be talking about my experience with flonase now this pretty much changed my life so i’m just giving my you know the background about this so i’ve had always had allergies ever since i was a kid and then like i never even knew us allergist thought i got you know you know a cold whenever you know rag weed or pollen whatever hit the hit the air i

Always thought it was like just maybe a cold that i was getting i had no idea had allergies until like i got older and i started listening to the stories and yet people were like tell me yeah the pollen hits the air you were suffering from all of these allergies that’s why you cannot breathe you’re congested at nighttime it has nothing to do with a cold or virus

Or anything and so i started doing everything i started getting you know tablets like algae allergy pills and all that stuff may help to a degree like with itchiness and whatnot but none of them did what flonase did now if you’re not familiar with flonase you should probably go online and do some research about it in the flonase it is a nasal spray and basically

What it is it it has like a cortisone or whatever type of reaction you know so it kind of like you spray it and it kind of takes your defense mechanisms down inside your nose your your your allergy responses in your nose it keeps it from overreacting to the pollen and whatever it is in the air ok so when i spray this it takes a little bit up for it to work it’s

Not gonna work overnight it actually takes a couple of days for it to initially start working and then i spray it every day for i think it’s like up to a couple months or so that you’re allowed to do it and it totally takes away my allergy during the time that the pollen is really high in the air and i’m able to breathe i’m able to talk and have conversations i’m

Able to sleep and all the above just like a normal person would do and it took me a long time until my adulthood to figure out hey this stuff works it’s not just a regular nose spray there are a lot of nose nasal sprays out there but no love them work alike flonase trust me on this check with your doctor before you get some product like this and try to use this

But i’m telling you mention this to him he’ll be like yes or she will be like yes give this aside they may say that they may say something different because you know your your needs may be a bit different but this actually helped me out the spray all i do is spray a couple of sprays in the morning and each nostril just like that you saw the spray come out and then

I’m good i’m good you know it takes about like three to five days for it to actually start working properly but once you get up to that five days you do it every day for maintenance and i am like able to breathe this is the greatest stuff better if you have any questions about my experience or anything like that just let me know i’m feel feel free i mean but this

Right i’ll feel feel free to ask me anything and i’ll let you know my experience but this stuff really worked for me and i’m sure it works for many others who have not tried this you should you should definitely try this if your doctor recommends it but it’s flonase ask me any questions thanks a lot for watching good bye

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Flonase Experience and Review By DIY Pinto