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A very good evening everyone welcome to our youtube channel so as we continue with this series called drug of the day our today’s drug is calcitriol so let’s get started before going ahead understanding what is calcitriol let’s let’s first understand the role of calcium in our body so calcium plays a very important role it is responsible for excitation of nerves

And muscles it maintains the integrity of cell membranes and regulate the cell adhesion it is also essential for your excitation contraction coupling in your muscles also an excitation secretion coupling in your glands release of transmitters from your nerve ending it is an intracellular messenger for hormones autocoids and transmitters it controls your impulse

Generation in heart determine the level of automaticity and av conduction also it is essential for coagulation of blood and it serves as structural function in bone and teeth these are some basic rules of calcium that we need to understand before going ahead now let’s go ahead now coming on to the next thing we understand that what is calcium so plasma calcium

Level is basically regulated by three hormones uh hormones your responsible hair for controlling your plasma calcium levels form of vitamin d it is calcium which is a drug of the day we’ll be studying in detail further coming on to the next part bhamre plasma may the normal calcium level is to be 9 to 11 milligram per deciliter 9 to 11 milligram per deciliter

Which means a 40 percent bound to plasma protein just some basic things now if okay so understand this parathyroid vitamin d responsible for increasing blood bone absorption and calcitonin and bisphosphonate decrease the bone resorption along with this uh examples is mr loop diuretics which are differentiating points okay going ahead let’s come on to the

Understand about vitamin d going ahead vitamin d it is an antidepressant substance okay which is synthesized the body and also in the foods activated by uv d1 hair which is antiochetic substance bound into food we have d2 which is calciferol which is present in full yeast fungi bread and milk d3 is choli calciferol which is synthesized in the skin under the

Influence of uv rays okay so coming 25 foreign d3 which is calcium diol in your liver and then in your kidney a calcitriol may convert otherwise 125 dioxide okay which is an active form of vitamin d3 or vitamin d okay which is converted 25 hydroxy d2 and 125 dioxide okay so don’t and what is the conversion very basic thing and don’t forget the active forms

Calcitriol in this d2 form okay so in math vitamin d2 and d3 are equally active but calcite triolos active form of b3 is more important physiologically there is a rate limiting step concern which is alpha hydroxylation and kidney so you took kidney major hydroxylation this is brought about by increasing the synthesis by either increasing the calcium channels or

Yet is analogous to any steroidal hormones vitamin d receptors nucleus it will synthesize the specific mrna and protein synthesis this is how it acts by vitamin d receptor okay coming on to the next part now your diagram is important okay now if you see here the osteoclast precursors express the receptor for activation of blast secretion of acid and proteolytic

Acid hydrolysis osteoblasts produce another protein osteoprotein opg as well which can bind rankle and prevent it from combining with rank to similarly it promotes the laying of osteoarthritis bone mineralization may be helped of both mineralization and absorption same parathyroid receptors on the osteoblast membrane and induces the wrangle discovered the

Bone resorption subsequently it promotes new bone formation as well bone this option predominates when high concentration of paratha present continuously but about intermittent exposure due to low concentration it has the opposite effect of high concentration with hormones that is enhancing the osteoblastic newborn formation the calcitonin is responsible for your

New bone formation okay so this is the whole entire mechanism faction coming on to the next part calcitriol so yes it enhances your tubular reabsorption of calcium and phosphate in the kidney which we already saw but its action is less mark than parathyroid parathyroid is more responsible for this action now vitamin d deficiency plasma catchment phosphate level

Tends to fall okay because of intestinal absorption is inadequate it’s not absorption inhibitor okay that’s why the level of calcium phosphate goes down this is what is the effect of vitamin d deficiency that is also you can see as calcitriol deficiency okay next hyper vitamin c okay vitamin plenty of fluids and corticosteroids is the treatment next coming on

To calcitriol it uses yes it is used in profile access and treatment the concentration is difficult a different sorry of nutritional vitamin d deficiency so yes vitamin d deficiency we use calcitriol or postmenopausal osteoporosis and it has given up very good results so these are few uses next part is drug drug interaction cholesterol reduce the responsiveness

Of target tissues to calcitol their prolonged use can cause rickets cultural by pacific so these are some brand names caldeca and roccaltrol caltrol of calcitriol okay so yes if you like this video then please do subscribe to our channel and also press the bell notification on so you get the daily updates on the week that’s been posted we have a free whatsapp

Too where we daily post them sections regarding gpat on hyper so yes you can join them by contacting on this number given below going ahead coming on to the mcq part which is not true about calcitrol is a deeper twenty-nine secure calcitrol first enhances the absorption of calcium and phosphate from intestine okay it increases the tubular absorption of calcium

And phosphate okay it is active form of vitamin d3 okay it enhances the reabsorption of calcium phosphate from bone now pause for a minute okay so okay coming on to the next part which are the following the topical vitamin d analog i think we have done this let’s see the options cholecalciferol doxor calciferol calcifer triol or paricalcitol what should be

The answer calcipotriol or we can say locally acting so yes we have done this it’s topically acting vitamin d analog which is calcium coming on to the next prevention of treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women may be achieved by all except the concern your prevention of osteoporosis and post-menopausal women replacement therapy second calcium vitamin

D supplements third bisphosphonates and fourth we have to give this replacement okay so yes you cannot you don’t give multivitamins rest of all is given so here we end with mcqs so if you like the video then please do like share and subscribe uh share it with your friends you can also follow us on instagram facebook and linkedin if you have any doubts or queries

Regarding we can contact on this number given below thank you so much for your time thank you bye

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