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Yep that’s me you have asthma or copd you need relief from symptoms ever discus inhaler may be an option for you good evening this is gonna be your addressed discs inhaler that you’re gonna be using just to go through the parts for the discus inhaler right here is gonna be what you call the outer case and look at right here is going to be the thumb grip and slided

All i’ll be here to open up the inhaler itself this is going to be the mouthpiece now involved with the mouthpiece you’re gonna make sure that you wrap your mouth around it and have a good seal before inhaling the medication turn the discus this way is going to be the lover this is where you move all the way over to the side to load the dose inside the mouthpiece

And then right here will be the counter and what this is gonna actually show what how many doses you have left in the inhaler and when you first open it up i should be reading 60 if you look right here this is gonna be say it says the pouch opened so what you’re gonna do is when you first open up the pouch from the afford pack you’re gonna write down the date here

And it’s very important that you do so because after 30 days you’re gonna have to do to use by date so when you open it 30 days out you’ll make sure you write the use by date because after 30 days the inhaler will be no longer useful next what you’ll be looking for is the counter here like i said there’s gonna start off at 60 when you first open it up now when

It gets close to coming of using all the doses inside the inhaler it’s gonna go it’s going to turn red at 5 when that happens you want to make sure that you contact your pharmacy for a refill now once you do actually get the refill for the newest inhaler make sure that you store it in the fall pack unopened in a dry area now make sure like i said you don’t open

It up because once you do open it you have 30 days from the date that you open it to use the inhaler next we’ll transition over here to showing you how to use inhalers step by step from the full package tell me how it works when you do get your prescription and will come in a foil pack like so and what you do is take the air out of the foil pack and you can also

Take the package insert out just in case you need help with any direction and then when you take the foil cut you can just throw it away so when you’re ready to take your medication which will do this take the thumb grip back as prescribed it’s told to before and then you’ll take the lever and you’ll pull it back so that the medication is a little bit so when you

Are ready to take it make sure that you hold the inhaler horizontal do not flip it over and tilt it because the medication can fall out so when you’re ready what you’ll do is hold the efforts to the side you’ll exhale for as long as you can so and then you’ll wrap your mouth around the mouthpiece as tight as you can and then you’re going to inhale the medication

And try to hold it for at least 10 seconds but if you can’t just do it for as long as you can so when you are ready for your next dose all you’ll have to do to clean it is just get a damp rag and you could just wipe around the mouthpiece do not put the inhaler under running water because it can that’s what the doses that are inside so then when you are done with

The inhaler and all the doses are gone and your counter says zero you can thoroughly the inhaler in the garbage but make sure to dis face all of the information from the inhaler like your name your address just so no one gets your personal inhaler so we’re going to do next is going to the side effects of this medication they were just getting ready to give me

Some more information i needed to know look you will stop yelling at me this medication should be taken twice a day 12 hours apartment do not take an extra dose but you can inhale the same dose twice if you miss it dose is important that you should take it as soon as you remember or it is close to your next scheduled dose just skip that dose all together some

Common side effects that may occur with this medication include thrush and with thrush you’re gonna see some white patches on your tongue but did you decrease the chances of getting thrush you can just wash your mouth out with water after take your medication or you can brush it you can use your medication before brushing your teeth in the morning or at bedtime

You may also experience some side effects such as brought irritation cough or you may have some hoarseness or voice changes but that’s okay because those are only minor those those are only minor some more severe side effects that you can experience with this medication is exacerbation of symptoms such as bronchospasms and bronchospasms presents and wheezing or

Difficulty breathing if that happens you should just contact your doctor or seek medical attention as soon as possible and it’s very important to remember that this is a maintenance inhaler it is not for acute attacks so if you have an acute attack you need to call 9-1-1 or you need to use your rescue in here but this is only for maintenance bizzy’s finally i

Have a new medication i’m so glad you told me about this new oms what friends are for

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