Hair 101 – How I Curl & Care For My Hair (from a former hair noob) Karima McKimmie

Pretty much everything I know about hair in 15 minutes, told by a former hair noob that now knows a little better 🙂

Hello my name is karima and i do makeup after some 10 years in the beauty industry i have finally figured out how to curl and style my hair so this video is for all of my fellow hair beginners out there i am going to teach you everything i know so i’m going to show you how i went from this to this before we begin i want to share three hair truths that have been

Very important for me number one get your hair cut and colored by someone who respects your hair and then listen to that stylus advice so my hairdresser i went in and i said i want to be blonde and he told me look it might take us a few sessions and i think that is a mark of a really good hairdresser they’re willing to give you the truth in order to really preserve

Preserve the health of your hair so in case you’re curious because i get this question a lot when i go to my hairdresser i ask for a balance cuts that helps my fine hair to look more voluminous and some face framing layers in terms of color i asked for a mix of balayage and highlights because i want something really low maintenance i want my hair to be able to

Grow out and me not have to rush back to the salon because my roots are showing so it’s a really easy low maintenance style balayage and in terms of the color it changes every time i go because obviously we’re adding and mixing but i like a a cooler slightly cooler tone blonde because that sits a little bit better on my skin tone warm hair really warm hair makes

Me look sunburned i don’t know what it is and it might be different for you but definitely a cooler blonde hair number two use great hair products whatever that means to you so shampoo conditioner and a mask that’s suited for your particular hair type and your hair concerns product absolutely makes a difference i notice with my hair’s health the longevity of my

Styles the color of my hair absolutely products makes a difference so currently i’m using the all bay gold last so bougie so lovely really enjoying that currently i’m using a mask from moroccan oil this is the weightless hydrating mask really great lightweight mask in case your locks tend to get quite weighed down number three use a heat protectant every single

Time you apply heat to the hair so if you blow dried your hair last night and you’re curling it today both times would warrant a heat protectant a lot of products have heat protectant qualities just make sure you’re using it to protect your heat from your heat tools protect your hair from your heat tools foreign portion of this video how i’ve been styling my hair

Recently it’s very important in this instance that i can see these glasses by the way are bailey nelson before everyone asks so i’ve dried my hair to 100 i like to dry my hair with a large paddle brush this is really convenient if you have very long hair i find it’s one of the fastest ways to to dry long hair but the important thing here is we want our hair to be a

Hundred percent dry no dampness at all because even if it’s a little bit damp when you go in with your heat styling tool it will further damage your hair now if your hair is like mine and it’s quite like silky and my hair so silky i mean the texture is quite fine and it doesn’t really hold very well you might want to go in with some dry shampoo and there’s a trick

With this we want to spray the dried shampoo into the roots this by the way is the batiste dry shampoo deep frizz purchase it priceline really like it i’m being strategic here kind of like sectioning a little for the best coverage focusing on the crown of the head because that’s where i find my hair tends to get a bit oily i’m finishing this guy so clearly i’ve

Enjoyed him so once you’ve given that dry shampoo around 10 minutes to do its absorbency magic it’s really important that you go in and massage the product into the roots i never did this until recently when i had the bright idea of actually looking on the instructions and it tells you this on every dry shampoo bottle and it honestly makes the biggest difference

When i started adding this massaging step in my hair felt much cleaner i got much more volume and the dry shampoo does its job better i’m going to take off my rings because they’re pulling out my hair next very important to always use a heat protectant my favorite heat protectant right now is the bumble and bumble hairdressers invisible oil uv protective primer

This stuff is bomb i read some good reviews online picked it up and it makes my hair really silky and manageable it makes a style last longer and obviously it protects it from the heat so i’m going to just do a really rough section here my hair in about two just so i can get that heat protectant really evenly throughout my hair to curl my hair today i’m going to

Use this ghd no lie i purchased this ghd when i was like 15 or 16 years old and it still works amazing i have a very strong attachment to it you could use a hair straightening iron you can use a hair tongue if that feels more natural to you i personally am more confident with this guy so when it came to to curling my hair i spent years looking at youtube tutorials

Online desperately trying to teach myself how to do hair form a hair noob right and really it didn’t click for me until one day one of my good friends the lovely michelle cross on sat me down and she was like girl we’re gonna figure this out today and she sat there with the hair iron off and she took my arms and she rotated them until my brain got a sense of the

Movement and once my brain got a sense of that movement and what it should feel like it got a lot easier for me so if you have a friend that is really good at this i would be asking them very nicely to maybe go through this activity with you because legitimately was the only thing only thing that worked for me so we’re going to section our hair we’re going to

Make horizontal sections and the more a beginner you are i would say the smallest sections to part just so that you’re not confused about which bit have i curled which bit have i not cold it can get a little bit confusing so i like to go from just under the ear straight across and then lift that portion of the hair out of the way i like to split my hair down the

Center at the back and pull these areas forward so we’re going to be alternating the curls towards the face and away from the face if you want a little bit more of a princess curl then i would be alternating them all away from the face and you’ll get that kind of very large uniform bouncy princess curl if you want more volume more movement and a little bit more

Of a beachy curl than we alternate alternate the waves i’m going to take my finger and directly going upwards i’m going to take a sliver of hair we want our hair to be kind of like a ribbon a thin ribbon as opposed to a ropey twisty ropey thing so ribbon i’m going to take my hair iron that has now been on and i’m going to curl away from the face there are really

Great tutorials on youtube how to curl your hair with a curling iron they may be helpful for you i don’t know so this is away from the face now for my next one i’m going to continue with the same thing take my finger go straight up get my ribbon i find it quite helpful actually to very carefully section out that hair a few times with my hands just to make sure

That all the little flyaways are good now i haven’t 100 mastered this bit just as a disclaimer i’m still working on this bit so don’t judge me we’re going to wrap towards the face this is the bit that i just taught myself recently the alternating curls still new to me continuing we’re going to curl this one away from the face so towards away towards away towards

Away curling towards the face towards the face towards the face oh if your hair as you’re putting your hair through the straightening iron if your hair starts to like grip and it’s really hard to pull through your angle is could be improved and that was what i definitely needed help with when i first started curling my hair my big problems were sectioning

Which i fixed by creating smaller sections and also that angle which was more a matter of having someone explain it to me on to the next section now what i’m going to do here is all the hair that i’ve curled i’m tucking back and all the hair that i’ve not curled i’m pulling forward and that will help me to determine what i have curled versus what is left uncurled

So i think the first time i tried to do this i cried i got so frustrated like the number of times i’ve cried over my hair it’s embarrassing but i just got so frustrated that i couldn’t figure it out and now i want to say it takes me maybe 15 minutes to do this so there is hope for everybody if at any stage things start to get a bit naughty messy you’re confused

Get your brush find your ribbons do a little bit of smoothing you’ll be right i believe in you so if we just backtrack a little bit to the motion that i’m using with my hair straightener there are many methods to do this as i said plenty of tutorials on youtube but i’ll tell you my version that i’ve just slowly gathered over the years ultimately it’s a like a

Hundred and that’s 180 it’s at 360 turn in its simplest form we take the hair straightener at the roots we then slowly do a 360 degree turn and then slowly drag the hair down the shaft and you will get a curl that way push all the hair that’s been styled behind and then bring the unstiled hair forward foreign layers away from the face away from the face towards

The face i think this situation here is a really good example of something that would confuse me so we’ve got a bunch of curls here but we’ve also got some unstyled hair here and i think the easiest way to separate the unself from the style is to look at the tips just slowly piece them that way helpful for me might be helpful for you report back okay last section

By the way this moroccan oil paddle brush how awesome is this amazing so i like to do it uh my middle part just off center face framing layer away from the face i’m constantly combing everything and it’s because i have all these baby hairs that have uh arrived after my hair started growing back i lost a fair bit of hair so i’m not complaining i’m happy they’re

Here creamer can do hair who would have thought if ever you’ve over curled a piece of hair while it’s still worn just slowly extend it your hair will set in the position in which it’s cooled so while it’s cooling you have a little bit of opportunity to soften that curl also i feel like some people ask me about the dyson air wrap love my dyson air up for me it’s

Not a curling device for me it’s more of a below drying device i use it if i want big bouncy hair as opposed to curls but yes i still use and love my dyson air up i’m considering getting the new one we’re going to finish off with a little bit of hairspray this is the aveda air control i’ve gone through many of these i really enjoy it it’s got a nice herbal smell

And a good hold that has softness to it so it doesn’t make your hair crispy or tense i would typically at this stage be doing my makeup so the longer you can let your hair set before fibbling or combing or brushing it out the longer the curls will last so i will see you in half an hour okay now our hair has had adequate time to properly cool and set i’m going to

Take a wide tooth comb i used to brush my curls with a hairbrush just a puddle brush and i definitely found that that reduced the longevity of my curls so my hairdresser recommended that i use a wide tooth comb and it works i’m going to brush through all of these curls now depending on the look that you like that you’re going for you could just leave your hair like

This so you can absolutely leave your curls here if you if you like that vibe i’ve noticed that if i straighten my ends a little bit it feels like a cooler hairstyle like a little bit more fashion forward i like it i just go ahead and i curl the ends look there are probably legitimate ways of doing this but that’s not why you came here okay you came here for the

Noob way a little before and after there once the ends have been straightened and once the ends remain curled i think you can kind of see a little bit of a a different vibe there quite an important step i suggest a hair flip okay we’re very almost here so as i said i have a lot of baby hairs i have a load of little flyaways and i’ve used multiple techniques with

Differing level of success right now because i am a very lazy i just takes my hairspray spray it on the pot and then use a comb to gently set down those baby hairs if you have another solution for this i would love to hear in the comments but it’s got to take me less than 40 seconds so if it takes me any longer than that i’m just not going to do it you can also

Use a pomade to lay down baby hairs but i feel like it makes my hair feel a bit dirty that’s good enough so that is pretty much my current hair routine it’s not perfect it’s a bit rough it’s the kind of thing that i do multiple times a week and when you see my hair in most recent videos this is kind of kind of the look that i’m going for i try not to touch my hair

Once it’s styled try not to brush it excessively the more you touch it the greasier it gets and also the style doesn’t last as long i really hope that you guys enjoyed this video let me know in the comment section down below what would you like to see from me next i am all ears if you would like to see a little bit more from me you can come say hello on instagram

At karima mckimmy i’m super active there i will see you next time bye

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