Hay fever – products – Piriton Cetrizine Loratadine

hey guys, seen as the whether is so good at the moment hay fever is also at its worst.

Hey guys so i just thought i’d make a hayfever video and i’ve struggled with hay fever for so long and i actually haven’t found a product that works for me yet and it actually doesn’t seem like it but i’ve actually just been blowing my nose all morning and my eyes aren’t too bad and i did have a bad throat before and what i used to use was parities and zyrtec when i

Was younger and these worked and then behavior wasn’t as bad and now just recently this year it’s kind of come back and it’s really bad and i used the lloyd’s pharmacy nasal spray and i find nasal sprays are really good and they kind of get to the source of the problem instead of waiting for a tablet to work and but i haven’t found the lord’s pharmacy on the shelves

And i don’t really fancy spending seven pounds on one product online and they actually used to be only like four pound forty nine so they’ve kind of put the price up so i’m not gonna look elsewhere here’s the lloyd’s pharmacy one what i did try instead of that was this product and this may pay for you were really bad so they still be going in the bin after this

Video that’s that and i’ve not used it for a week but i just thought i’d show you this was really bad and obviously it’s gonna very people to people but that just didn’t suit me and it just made to hay fever symptoms really bad and i’ve used this this is a deep congestion and it kind of cleans out what is in your nose you can see here it says it’s for a cold flu and

Hay fever sinusitis as well and it hasn’t actually got anything in other than like salt water which is good well instead of using the nasal sprays i thought i would go on a whole of tablets now i use this one when i was younger so i’m gonna be trying this again for a month wait for a while for it to wear off and then i’ve got this one again it’s it’s one a day for

A month and then i’ve also got this one this is quite a popular one with people again one a day for a month so i’m going to be just trying out the various hay fever remedies and i know you can get these things where you put them up your nose and the what they like electric i know they kind of look weird maybe they work for some people but i don’t really fancy doing

That this was what i meant but yeah the sprays i found work really god like the lord’s pharmacy one and then when i was younger the parities tablets worked really well so i’m just gonna try them again and see which works best what i’ve done i’ve actually just opened these up to show you these look really small and but you can see they’re all like an average size and

Not really a problem to take i struggle taking big tablets so i just thought that would help i also forgot to mention that this group of antihistamines can actually make you feel drowsy and tired whereas these two are non drowsy and i’ll put the link to the nhs website where actually mentions about the side-effects of these and their uses and these are all the products i just mentioned

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Hay fever – products – Piriton Cetrizine Loratadine By E Jayne’s Vids