HCG vlcd day 1 :-)

I believe I’ll be making chili a lot!

This is me renee checking in on my vlcd day number one everything went pretty good i didn’t get hungry or anything like that matter of fact i didn’t eat until like after 12 and i enjoyed everything everything was really good i had the chili today i highly recommend it i got it out of the hcg gourmet cookbook i got it on my kindle there’s a whole bunch of recipes

In there i think i’ll really enjoy that one was top-notch i have a few things that i used for my hcg diet and i printed off the manuscript of pounds and inches and my printer was broken so i want it to the library did it cost me like three dollars i have my book of notes i used in my little sister even wrote a note in here i guess the other day because she stayed

The night at my house and i guess she didn’t i talked to her about the diet and everything she’s 11 but she wrote me a little good luck note and i thought that was really cute i also have my hcg tracker book and it just kind of has each day and i don’t know if you can see that but you can check off everything and it’s got like a little motivation notes and a lot

Of cool stuff in it i do plan on doing it more than once so what i did is i went and just like photocopied one of the pages and a few of the other ones out of there so i can do it over and over again don’t have to use the book and i can reuse it and the hcg that i use is the whole cob and this is the box i ordered it rx the prescription through escrow refills com i

Had to use a code you can’t just order it you have to be like a previous user but i have a code if you’re looking for somewhere to get it um i actually found the hcg on youtube i had never even heard of it i literally just found out what it was a couple months ago and i’ve been researching it ever since i was on youtube looking for cellulite cream from the dr. oz

Show and i saw his episodes for hcg and i started watching them and then on related videos there’s all these other hcg videos and i just kept watching and watching i was starting out at youtube is actually where i found it on my weight i think i’ve gained like three or four pounds from the loading days so hopefully tomorrow being my second day i’ll have some kind

Of release top of that i can’t believe actually gained four pounds in two days of eating i have a question for y’all i wanted to know what p 0 p stands for i see a lot of y’all writing it i know it’s like staying on top of everything but i just wanted to know what stuff or i didn’t know i got this like liquid smoke stuff anybody who has the gourmet cookbook i

Think this is what it was i’m not sure if you can tell me if i got the right one i looked at all my labels real closely i found out as long as i stay away from anything ending and ose which is sugars you’re pretty good but uh i’m learning slowly that uh my desire to eat has rarely anything to do with my hunger i’m just figuring that out throughout the day and i

Was reading on my kindle i went and got the weight loss apocalypse i just started it really really into it if you haven’t read it read it it’s really worth it from what i can tell and it was only ten dollars on my kindle and i have some pictures from my food that i ate i thought they were pretty so i took a bit jerome but other than that i guess i’m gonna get off

Of here so i can watch all y’all’s videos and see how you’re going and i’ll make another video tomorrow to see if i have any release on my way leave

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HCG vlcd day 1 🙂 By Renea