He Injected Testosterone Into His Gyno And This Is What Happened…

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They found the dug up the info for me and uh kind of explained to me exactly what this guy’s logic was and showed the gynua in question so this is a post from uh march 6th it’s inflamed point three milliliters into the gland it hurts so bad so this almost reminds me of what’s up guys derek from placements.com today we are going to be talking about the man the

Myth the legend that injected his own goddamn gyno titty with testosterone so if you ever saw my uh video about the guy who shot test up his literal you’ll you probably can appreciate the literalness of this guy’s approach to gyno management so if you don’t know what video i’m talking about by the way it was like i don’t remember what the title was it was like

The stupidest thing i’ve ever heard or something like that and um it was a guy you can go watch it if you want to see it but anyways in this one this guy has uh you know i am sympathetic for the gyno development for the gyno development obviously like it’s a pretty uh hectic lump he is dealing with which i will show you shortly so i found out about this through

The more plates more dates discord actually so if you’ve been to the uh subreddit you’ll note there’s like a tab there’s actually a discord server too where a lot of the people from the subreddit are also on the discord which is like a uh i don’t really know how to explain discord on here i’m sure most of you guys already know what it is but if you don’t it’s

Kind of like a forum with more organized categories and whatnot versus on the subreddit it’s kind of like chronological order of different you know threads and whatnot and some will get you know bumped up to the top based on popularity and but in the discord it’s more like an actual forum so anyways um i didn’t even know about it until relatively recently and

Then i joined and apparently you know one of the most talked about stories on the discord was this guy in the discord who was trying to fix his gyno with localized administration of testosterone so this is uh um samar this is the guy with the gyno development i decided to inject into my gyno gland and it’s swollen and hurts what compound test um so anyways

They there’s like a whole bunch of information um that i’m not gonna sort through all of his posts but fortunately um some of the guys in the discord kind of like summarized it for me you know compiled some of the most important information that we’re gonna get we’re gonna kind of talk about like what the ramifications of this could be you know if it makes any

Sense what the this guy was thinking i was going back and forth with some of the guys on the discord trying to you know summarize and uh consolidate the information because i was just hearing about it for the first time and um you know they found the dug up the info for me and uh kind of explained to me exactly what this guy’s the logic was and showed the gyno

In question so this is a post from uh march 6th it’s inflamed 0.3 milliliters into the gland it hurts so bad so this almost reminds me of uh the gyno from temptation island with how inflamed this is right now um so anyways he ended up like i said injecting tests locally into the spot to try and get some antagonism of estrogen-induced rna transcription at the

Receptor sites you try and you know expectedly you think logically okay if i have all this estrogenic activity that is you know exacerbating the gyno if i just administer testosterone which would also five alpha reduce the dht locally maybe i can get some specific effects cite like site-specific effect and you know some people might think that sounds stupid when

You actually look at the bioavailability of certain well you’re not even using a serum so i guess like i’m trying to like give this guy benefit of the down try and like wrap my head around the logic here and he could be lying out of his teeth realistically but i’m just trying to you know explain what like we’re gonna get to localized action soon because that is

Something i think actually has therapeutic promise so anyways he injects supposedly tests right into the gland who knows if he actually did it um anyways everyone you know i thought it was hilarious everyone thought this guy is uh crazy for doing it if he actually did it nipple the size of a fairground tent um and then there was uh this post where he said uh

Or is it did you lower your dose of test or what no it’s not the dose it’s because i pinned into my nipple i don’t know lmao and this was his justification i’ve done chest injections with no pain so decided to do a nipple injection with a pikachu laughing psychotically what the kind of emoji is this dude um a very logical question why didn’t you just deploy

Nova or ai wow people people are starting to use the word deploy i don’t know if people actually do that from my stuff or if they actually say that now but that’s kind of funny this is the summary of his uh what led him to this point apparently so his uh original username before he changed it so he’s 19 years old lifted for two months before hopping on 500 migs

Of test the classic newbie test cycle of course and said i’m a blasting cruise for life and not take a pct i love this sport he then proceeded to say he was going to add compounds like sarms and by the way it’s not like this guy had incentive to write this and make this post because i wasn’t even on the discord until like the last week so this was weeks ago

Before i was even on here so he wouldn’t he wouldn’t be thinking in his head like derek’s gonna find this and like make a video about it everyone on this server knew i wasn’t on the thing so i would uh i don’t i don’t know how much more it reinforces the credibility of his statements and that he like actually did this but that’s at least worth noting because

Obviously if he knows i’m on there like maybe he might you know be incentivized he thinks oh you know like get a viral video idea kind of thing so anyways that was uh not the case at the time so anyways hopped on 500 tests proceeded to say he was gonna add compounds like sarms after a couple of months he said his traps are disproportionately big and he is going

To drop to 300 migs of tests presumably and still stay on rather than just getting off he was on several diets including keto with a hundred grams oats for breakfast but he burned it off so he went to ketosis still in the only protein and the protein only diet where he ate only lean meat so if you’re wondering why he’s giving a summary by the way it’s because

Uh he’s basically consolidating everything for me in one like concise little paragraph so i know what’s going on without having to dig through the entire uh historical posting of uh the nip guy so you know what all the he did that then eventually culminated in him jabbing a goddamn dart into his titty so he injected into his nipple because why not he injected

Into a sniffle because why not causing it to be inflamed drastically and then he left he also asked if he should do self-surgery to help his gyno then he left so okay so anyway the gyno is not this bad normally it was this after the shot which obviously you would expect that if you jab oil with anabolics in it that it’s not going to respond super favorably you

Know it’s like if you jabbed it into uh i don’t even dude like this is this is obvious so obviously you know this is uh i don’t think i need to tell you guys not to do this it’s just a another drastic example of the measure some people will take trying to potentially i don’t know if he did it but anyways um potentially thinking that it’s going to cause some

Sort of attenuation of his issue so anyways after i saw the summary of all the information i thought okay obviously a uh um a good video idea that might pick up stamen and give me a little platform to kind of catapult into the discussion of gyno management which uh you know i talked about how i was kind of just like brainstorming while i’m typing on the discord i

Was like so he’s not way off thinking about localized administration obviously don’t inject into your tip that makes no sense but it’s not actually that it doesn’t make the compound selection is what makes no sense considering downstream and aromatizes into estrogen itself and is what led to the gyno to begin with so like the likelihood that he’s telling the

Truth i don’t know but as far as localized administration it’s not totally nonsensical like you would think like if you had a compounding pharmacy that made topical reloccifine for example the bioavailability of this serum is actually so if you had a way to apply it literally directly to the spot where you want estrogen receptors to be occupied by this drug that

Otherwise gets nearly completely destroyed during the ingestion process does it actually seem that illogical to you know locally administer administer something no i don’t to be honest i think that actually is a you know reasonable thing to explore further having a uh even if you had like a topical dht not a dhc derivative like straight dht like there’s a reason

Why guys with micro penises if you apply topical dht what happens they respond like it actually can grow to a like obviously you have that disparity where you should have been otherwise if you had adequate dht production during your teenage hood but i’m just saying that there is you know evidence to suggest that topical localized administration of hormones can

Actually have a significant effect so with something like a serum which is obviously the no-brainer thing to go to rather than testosterone especially if testosterone is what caused your problem to begin with or too much testosterone is what caused your problem to begin with i should say among a myriad of other things probably like lifestyle diets body composition

Sleep hygiene blah blah you know using a topical serum or even if you really wanted to a topical dht that literally antagonizes or inhibits estrogen-induced rna transcription the receptor site would probably do something effective it may actually you know significantly reduce the gynum now obviously if you have a full formed lump getting rid of it entirely is

Likely not gonna happen with just pharmacology you’re probably gonna need surgery if you totally want it removed however a lot of guys have had success managing and reducing to such a significant degree that it’s nearly unrecognizable with aggressive serums like raloxophene when i say aggressive i just mean therapeutically in a clinical setting it seems to have

More therapeutic promise than novodex in terms of um gyno management so it is kind of like the gold standard of serms when it comes to gyno specifically as far as it being used in a post cycle therapy context subpar it’s not as good in terms of uh inhibiting negative feedback via the hpta consequently leading to um enhanced gnrh downstream to lh and fsh blah

Blah which then enhances your uptick in testosterone production blah blah blah but as a selective estrogen receptor modulator for attenuating gyno it is the most effective serum that i am aware of so it’s the superior choice and i think topical relocating could be a reasonable thing to explore and i believe if i’m not mistaken that certain compounding pharmacies

Do actually make it now like when i was looking at some of the uh product lists of some of the compounding pharmacies that my hrt clinic uses i’m nearly certain i either saw topical novadex or topical ruloxyphen and this was like back when i made my video on topical nandralone and kind of discussed what kind of a merit that may happen in a uh you know certain

Scenarios um that’s kind of where i saw it and i kind of you know skimmed over it didn’t really think i had a it didn’t really apply at the time to even speak of but now you know it sort of does now that we have this guy god damn painting into his tit so localized administration of things that bind to estrogen receptors may have promise i just would not inject

Them probably you know it’s probably probably not the best idea so anyway something with low oral bioavailability may be uh worthwhile in a topical setting for sure especially when you’re like literally applying it right to where you want it to bind so when it comes to gyno management you know what is the most logical first step personally is it you know should you

Go for an ai should you go for a serm what should you do you know i think the if you have a definitive lump like it’s different if you have a little bit of sensitivity you know you’re on your way because at that point you can use modulation tactics that may be as simple as use less of the that’s causing you to get gyno or using something over the counter that

May be specifically attenuating whatever it is that you have to a you know some degree that’s effective enough to manage your current state whilst you reduce your you know um stimulatory inputs of whatever it is that you’re taking that’s causing it to to develop to begin with but if you’re like full blown into gyno territory and have like definitive progression

Where it’s not just like oh like it’s a little bit of sensitivity right now and you’ve already tried all of like the main the obvious you should be doing like in increasing administration frequency lowering the dose of whatever it is that’s problematic blah blah blah that kind of stuff you would look at a serum over an ai in my opinion a lot of people they

Take the approach of let’s nuke my estrogen with letrozole instead of taking the approach of the selectively buying to estrogen receptors and you know modulate them as the name implies and actually allow your brain your heart etc to still get adequate estrogen receptor activation so you’re not inhibiting things that are actually health protective rather you are

Targeting the issue locally where you want it and not inhibiting in other areas of the body that is the ideal therapy in my opinion not crushing estrogen to zero in your entire body causing cardio toxicity neurotoxicity bone mineral degradation blah blah blah all this kind of you don’t want that kind of stuff is uh like it makes no sense when you have the option

Of something that’s targeted therapy and will not with everything else versus something that’s just a nuclear approach that sure it can help resolve it as effectively potentially but with all of this other satellite interaction that is harmful to you in many different ways so you know the obvious choice is a serm in my opinion when it comes to gyno management

Um obviously if you’re not at the point where you need surgery or you’re able to manage it with just pharmacology reluxafine i think is the no-brainer go-to it’s superior to tamoxifen from from what i’ve seen the only problem is access legitimacy you know just like the basic logistical concerns it’s not as easy to find high-quality reloccipine as it is tamoxifen

Because it’s just not as popular of a drug overall in the bodybuilding stand but yeah that would be like the ideal serum in my opinion for managing this issue rather than oh you know throw get on your rimidex right now or crush your estrogen to zero with electric zone it’s impossible to develop gyno like there’s more things that can contribute to gyno above

And beyond just your estrogen levels too which a lot of people don’t realize or they probably do but they just don’t think of it like things like progesterone prolactin igf-1 estrogen like cumulatively they all add up and can cause this development it’s not just estrogen doing one thing and it means you have high estrogen if you get gyno development all of them

Can add up to one cumulative you over and you don’t have enough of the inhibitory properties of the androgens you are taking in in order to attenuate whatever it is so you know obviously the the first thing you should be doing before you’re throwing drugs into your system too is where in this sequence of events am i up because there’s a reason why your

Prolactin’s up there’s a reason why your progestogenic activity might be up there’s a reason why your igf-1 could be um problematic there’s a reason why your estrogen can be problematic and on the flip side whatever your inhibitory properties are of whatever it is you’re using exogenously why is that not sufficient in order to stave off this why is your cycle

Poorly designed where you’re ending up in a position where you have gyno development to begin with this is the kind of thing you should ask yourself when you are making your cycle and or in the middle of it and you start experiencing side effects you have to really take a step back and be like what what did i up and or like what’s you know learn about your

Body you could have genetic polymorphisms that inhibit estrogen clearance you could have a lot of going on that you have to really take into mind and even things as simple as your body composition if you’re a fat your 25 body fat and you’re on diebold deca test what do you think’s gonna happen you know what i mean this is the kind of that like you really need

To consider beforehand and be well planned for but anyways the uh nuclear serum of choice well i guess i wouldn’t call it nuclear the most intelligent thing to deploy of course with your doctor’s recommendation you know not listening to youtubers and i would run this by your doctor and be like based on this clinical research it seems like roll oxy is the most

Promising gyno attenuating thing that i have seen what do you think this would be what i would run by them so anyways hope you guys enjoyed that learned something thank you guys for watching like subscribe don’t inject into your titty obviously uh follow me on instagram i’m our place more days facebook snapchat issue twitter tick tock apple podcast if you want

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