Hey Guys, Welcome back to my CHANNEL!!!! This video I filmed was a-lot different from my normal content!! However I have been asked on my instagram and here on youtube about my previous pregnancies and progesterone. I hope this video today answers all of your questions and also brings hope to anyone who is going through a pregnancy with low progesterone. As always I hope you guys enjoy todays video don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE !!!! xoxo~Brittany

Hi you guys my name is brittany and welcome back to my youtube channel you guys in today’s video i am going to be talking about how progesterone saved my babies so if you guys are new here again my name is brittany i’m actually a mom of three girls i have an older daughter named brielle who’s eight leia is two and alana she is seven months my baby girl so you

Guys i just wanted to go ahead and answer some of you guys questions about me being on progesterone during my pregnancy i feel as if across my you know youtube channel and on my instagram page that has been like the number one question that a lot of people have been asking me about is just you know being on progesterone for my pregnancies and i guess in today’s

Video i just want to you know go into depth and to really explain how progesterone really saved both of my babies so you guys back in 2016. um it was about october in 2016. me and tj we were actually in between insurances and in january we were going to have a new insurance so january was when it was going to hit the five year mark for me to get my mirena

Removed and you guys at the time me and tj knew later that year we were going to start trying to have another baby so what ended up happening was we went ahead and decided with the new insurance since we didn’t have to pay a copay we were just gonna go ahead and get my remain my marina removed earlier instead of getting it removed in january and have to pay 500

You know so when i got my morena removed i did try a couple of oral birth controls you guys and it just did not work for me and at the time me and tj we did know we wanted to have a baby later on that next year and it was just like you know we made the decision for me to just you know get off of birth control just kind of like give my body a you know a break a

Refresh a restart especially since we knew we’re going to start trying to have a baby anyway but you guys long and behold i end up being pregnant in february and i’m not gonna lie you know it definitely happened a lot sooner than we wanted it to i mean it was literally only five months since i got my my marina removed and i ended up being pregnant which was it

Was so crazy at the time but you guys you know we were like you know what this happened sooner than later and me and tj we started to get prepared for a new baby and we were excited tj at the time had like a little two-seater so he got him like a little family car and we were just you know really starting to get the ball rolling for this baby but you guys i ended

Up losing that baby in an early miscarriage and you know it was really sad me having to go through that and i think the hardest part about going through that miscarriage was the fact of it is that i had my older daughter brielle and i kind of already knew you know what i was losing and i kind of just i think it was just because i already was just like mentally

Prepared for that baby and you know it just it just was really heartbreaking to have to go through a miscarriage especially being as i never went through that before and you know it was a really i guess hard time for me but after i went through my miscarriage my ob gyn’s office they called me and my initial blood results showed that i had really low progesterone

So my ob gyn wanted me to follow up with additional lab work so you guys it was really hard for me to go back to ob gyn’s office especially in a state that i was but i ended up going back to the office and they found out that i had low progesterone and you guys i’m not gonna lie like me looking back at that i am really happy i made the decision to go back to the

Office and do the additional blood work because it in return has you know pretty much saved both of my baby girls leia and alana because i definitely believe without me being on a progesterone i don’t think that they would be here today now if you guys aren’t familiar progesterone and its role in pregnancy is really used to thicken your uterus lining to support

The baby so if your body doesn’t have enough progesterone pretty much what it does is that it will you know signal to your body like okay it’s time for you to have a you know a period and when technically it’s not so that’s pretty much progesterone’s role in your body and i guess that is why you know it’s so important for you to be on progesterone when you know

It’s low so yeah so when i got pregnant with leia my doctor’s office told me as soon as i got like a positive pregnancy test for me to make sure i call the office and follow up with additional blood work so when i got pregnant with leia i did that as soon as i seen a positive blood test literally that day or positive pregnancy test literally that day i was going

In to get my blood work done and when i got my blood work done for my pregnancy test my results for my progesterone came back at i believe 7.0 with leia and you guys my initial reaction i was like scared i was like oh my gosh i’m about to lose this baby because with your progesterone levels the doctor’s office wants to see it at least out of 12 and i was at a

Seven i was like oh my gosh god i cannot go through this again i cannot lose another baby and you guys i was really really scared and i was nervous but i went ahead and you know i got my prescription refilled my doctor’s office she actually prescribed me with the progesterone 200 milligrams for me to take it once every evening for the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy

So you guys i’m not gonna lie with leia’s pregnancy i literally was taking that pregnancy like day by day minute by minute hour by hour because every single time it was time for me to go to the bathroom you guys like my heart was pounding because i was just so nervous if i was gonna see blood or not and you know i think that you know just that whole pregnancy

It just it was a completely different experience from brielle my older daughter’s pregnancy just because you know i didn’t know how or what a loss was and with leia’s pregnancy because i knew what a loss was you know i felt as if that i was on the fence with a lot of things with that pregnancy i was very cautious and you know i mentally went through something

On a different level and i definitely can sympathize with any mama who has you know lost the baby and who is now pregnant again because that pregnancy will never be the same it will never be like your pregnancy if you had one without knowing what a loss is so i mean i guess just any encouraging words i can say to you guys is just literally just take it day by

Day second by second minute by minute and for me i think the nervous part about it was every single time it was time for me to go to the bathroom because that’s how you know i mean that’s how you know you lose you lost the baby and i think that that was like when my heart was beating every single time it was time for me to go to the bathroom so you guys when um

I was pregnant with leia i made it to my first eight week ultras ultrasound appointment and i was nervous then because you know i was on progesterone at that point for about four weeks and i just didn’t know if it was gonna work if you know we were gonna make it past you know our first trimester so i went to my first um ultrasound and lo and behold everything was

Okay everything looked good in my ultrasound with leia and i was just so blessed and you know we went on to you know make it to the 16 week mark that my ob gyn had me for the progesterone room and you know once i made this 16 mark you guys i’m not gonna lie i was just like happy i felt like i graduated i was like really overjoyed and i was thankful to god for just

Allowing me to be able to make it past that first trimester you know in that very very scary time so yeah and as far as alana goes you guys i really feel like i had those same type of emotions going through another pregnancy on progesterone and i think with elana’s pregnancy it was a lot different because alana’s pregnancy was unplanned and i think i was more so

Nervous because when i got my positive pregnancy test i just didn’t know how far along i was because with leia we were actually you know trying for her but with alana she was definitely our unplanned baby and my psycho was all over the place because i just got finished breastfeeding leia so it was like i didn’t know how far along i was in the pregnancy and to be

Honest you guys by the time they put me on a progesterone i didn’t even know if it was going to work with alana because i was just like oh my gosh like what if i was pregnant for this long and i don’t know if this baby is gonna stick and i felt like i went through those same like emotions all over again with alana’s pregnancy in my first trimester and everything

Like that until i made it past the first 16 weeks with her so that honestly was my experience on progesterone so i guess you know for the rest of the video you guys i do want to give you like just some real talk about how it is being on progesterone so the um main side effect i say when i was on progesterone was that i had extreme fatigue i was just already going

Through like the first trimester woes with the you know food aversions and just you know all the things that you’re going through the tiredness of the first you know trimester just all of the you know just the icky pregnancy stuff you go through it’s like escalated when you’re on progesterone and i think nobody really understands like how that really feels when

You’re on you know uh i guess a form of a hormone that’s replacement in your body so i mean i understand like it was you know it is a form of a hormone that i’m giving myself but it it definitely you know it’s not fun being on it um especially in the beginning um another side effect i found myself with progesterone is that i was very very hormonal and moody

And i really feel bad like my poor husband like i’m so sorry like i think i will be apologizing to him for the rest of my life because i already know like how hormonal i was and and a lot of it was really and truly out of my control because again you know my body is being pumped with a synthetic hormone and yeah and um honestly you guys like you know i’m not

Knocking you know the progesterone i’m not saying that if your doctor says you know you need it not to use it i’m just saying it does come with its side effects of its own and you know it’s not fun especially you know you’re dealing with your first trimester is just you know it’s just not fun but i will say is that i am grateful for you know modern technology i

Am grateful for the fact that we do have you know pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical companies that you know can help now aid in healthy pregnancies and you guys after my 16 weeks with leia and alana you know i went on to have a normal and healthy pregnancy and i have healthy babies and i think i’m just so grateful for the fact that you know progesterone is out

There and it can help us you know when we need it and i’m i’m just really grateful i’m grateful for my babies and you know i think that if i wish i would have known it back then so i could have prevented the loss of you know my other baby that i lost but you know god knows you know everything happens for a reason and you know i’m just i’m just happy with the

Family that i have today so you guys um i hope just this information just you know encourages you guys i hope this just brings awareness to you guys if you are you know feeling concerned about your progesterone levels your you know um ttc journey you guys advocate for yourself you know talk to your doctors ask for the progesterone blood work just do whatever

You have to do so yeah so you guys i hope you enjoyed today’s video i know it’s a lot different from the videos i typically post but i just really wanted to you know talk about this subject today and yeah as always you guys don’t forget to comment like and subscribe and i’ll see everybody in my next video bye you

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