What’s going on ta fam dp checking in with you guys and welcome back to the channel where we take bodybuilding seriously all right ta fam we’re going to be covering gyno and how to get rid of gyno using medication what medication we can use and how long for now i’ve already done a video on gynos which i’m going to link down in the description causes of gyno the

Types of gyno that’s all in the description check that video out if you haven’t checked it out before now speaking about causes of gyno one of the number one causes of gyno guys is hormone imbalance so that’s why i recommend you guys to always especially if you’re 30 plus try to get your hormone levels checked at least once a year alright i have teamed up with a

Group called it’s a great company they send you the hormone panel to your house you you do the test you send it back to them and they give you a full readout of everything the levels where they are where they should be and where they where what you might need to work on so it’s just a full analysis of your hormone pal panel if you’re over 30

You definitely should be getting it done once a year if you’re experiencing some side effects from low testosterone such as being moody maybe lack of motivation that’s something you’re feeling maybe you’re always feeling tired you’re not able to gain muscle correctly you’re you’re putting on more fat than you should be even though you’re training and you know

A lot of other things as well like sexual sexual dysfunction there’s a whole lot of things that goes on with your hormone levels so even if you’re under 30 you can be experiencing some of these things check them out guys let’s check let’s get i’m going to put the link down in the description for you guys with a little code discount code you can get

20 off i get mines checked once or twice a year myself and i couldn’t recommend it more for people that are into fitness if you’re a man and you’re into your health it’s something that should be on your yearly regimen all right all right so let’s get into this video about gyno medication right now all right guys so before we get into the video i want you to

Remember one thing i am not a doctor i don’t even play one on tv all right so this is not medical advice this is strictly for entertainment and in for informational purposes always consult with your doctor before you take any medication and most importantly do your own research guys do your own research this is your body do your own research so the first thing i

Want to talk about to help you reduce gyno or potentially help you reduce gyno is novodex also known as tamoxifen okay now novadex has been around forever i’m not gonna get into all the details of each drug because it’s gonna take make this video two hours long now this is not something you can just walk in the store and get you do need a prescription to get it

But of course certain things are available to people that know to look in the right places all right let me just say that so um it is a serm which stands for selective estrogen receptor modulator say that five times for me so basically it has shown to have about 70 there’s been a few studies on it concerning gyno’s it’s shown to have anywhere between 78 to 90

Success at reducing gyno now when i say reducing ghana that does not necessarily mean complete elimination okay that has not really been studied thoroughly these and these both there’s really not been a lot of studies on this but i can assure you the studies that they’ve done have been highly successful okay so with the novadex what you want to do or what you’re

Supposed to do according to the protocol is 10 to 20 milligrams twice a day that’s 10 to 20 milligrams twice a day for up to three months guys it does take a while for this stuff to work um you got to remember this is a lot it’s a big transition your body’s going to go into and it’s you’re trying to reverse something that mostly caused by hormones but of course

Like i’ve said in other videos it could be caused by food it can be caused by the environment so you got to give it up to three months if you give it up to three months and that’s what your doctor will tell you and you don’t see any results then you can decide whether or not you want to get surgery now what could potentially happen is it will reduce it to a very

Very small lump so you won’t even see it and you might not decide to yourself i don’t need surgery i don’t want to go through that and pay a couple thousand three to six thousand dollars and get the surgery this is good enough for me um so again novadex 70 to 90 success rate 10 to 20 milligrams per day twice a day for up to three months now the side effects are

Very minimal but of course is with anything guys there’s always always a chance of potential side effects i’ve never seen a drug that doesn’t have side effects um i’ve seen drugs with side effects that are worse than the actual thing that is that it’s helping you to cure you know what i mean like side effect is potentially dying for uh curing like foot fungus

Or something like that but um potential side effects the more common ones are nausea headache and sexual dysfunction now it’s not very common to get these side effects but it is potent there is a potential of it i believe they’ve according to the studies 10 to 20 of the people that take the medication males might experience side effects of course at that point

You just want to discontinue use right away um and things will go back to normal so that is it pretty simple guys um that’s number one let’s go ahead and talk about the second drug which is a little less known right now all right ta fam let’s go ahead and talk about the last medication that could potentially get rid of your gyno and that is called raloxifene

All right guys raw loxaphene why do they make these medications so hard to pronounce um the brand name is avista or vista e-v-i-s-t-a i’m gonna put this down in the description for you by the way guys now this is not as talked about when it comes to gyno as novadex or tamoxifen whatever you want to call it for some reason but it is well known in the bodybuilding

World you know bodybuilders experiment with all kinds of things they’re crazy people you know what i mean um and it has been shown to be more effective but not only that guys not just in the bodybuilding world there has been studies done on it and it’s shown to be more effective than novodex and getting rid of pubertal gyno that means the gyno that is caused

Through puberty or when you’re born as an infant and you get that estrogen from your mom which i mentioned in another video now these are usually the hardest type of gynos to reduce or get rid of this has been shown to really do well with that and even has been shown to get rid of it completely guys i mean 100 reduction so the protocol for this guys which i’m

Going to put down in the description for you and you know you look through different websites there’s a really good website um that talks about the protocol and i’m gonna put that in the description that it’s he actually has a youtube channel um the youtube channel is more plates more dates very cool guy he has a great a ton of great information but he has the

Protocol on his website which i’ll link it for you in case you forget so it’s 60 milligrams a day for 10 days and then it’s 10 milligrams for about three months you’re just going to take it until and for about three months if you don’t notice any reduction then you want to just obviously stop taking it consult a doctor see if surgery is the next option you also

Want to take 5 000 ius of vitamin d and 500 milligrams of calcium a day again this is going to be in the description i’ll put a link to his website directly and check out his youtube channel he’s got a lot of great information um if you’re interested in this kind of stuff what i can say though it is very effective guys especially being around the bodybuilding

World is a very effective uh protocol and drug in general for gyno so i just want to let you guys know that is it all right so you got your novadex and you got your um excuse me you got your novadex your or your vista or also known as reloccifine okay guys if you have any more questions leave it down in the description don’t forget the link in the description to

Get your hormone levels checked i’ll put everything down there as well for you so you can just pop open it up one last thing guys smash that thumbs up button and i’ll catch up with you on the next video the tap is here the tap is here the tap is here the trap is here

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