How to Learn a New Language – my personal tips & tricks / My Polish learning journey [ASMR]

Here are my personal tips & tricks to teach you how to learn a new language in 2022 while I talk to you about my Polish learning journey so far this year.

Hello there this is welsh asmr 80 to hey how you doing in today’s video um rather than learn polish i wanted to show you how i’m i’m learning polish at the moment and why i’m learning polish um i’ve noticed that we’ve got a lot more subscribers from poland um on the channel recently and i thought you might be interested also i’m going to share some of my tricks

And tips tricks and tips tricks and tips in um how to learn a language so stick around even if you’re not learning polish because lots of people ask me in the comments section how do i go about learning languages so i’m hoping to answer that a little bit in today’s video as well as relax you and maybe put you to sleep as well so let’s have a little look to my

Resources for learning polish and i’ll talk a little bit about why i’ve chosen polish at the moment okay i hope you enjoyed the video let’s go so welcome to my little desk area where you’ve seen me do lots of videos in the past uh maybe you’ve seen me do some videos in with this book i can’t remember if i’ve done any with this book and this one’s new so i don’t

Think i’ve done any videos with this one okay so i’m going to talk to you if you are learning polish which ones i recommend really quickly so i actually find that the oldest one i had really cheap i think i added secondhand 3.99 secondhand book s this old thing which you probably can pick up for even cheaper than that on amazon second hand is by far the best

Really good in fact really clear lots of vocab lots of grammar explanations which is vital even if you already speak another slavic language like i do i speak russian edition there’s a much newer edition i don’t know what that’s like if you look with this you can get it secondhand much much cheaper okay then if i’m writing them in order this is number one this

Is number two this is also really good based on grammar um it’s almost to be honest as good as that it’s a it’s very close as well you could probably find it a second and i don’t think they make this anymore i think they just do the french spanish german in three months at chipotle keys as well actually um they haven’t done any new editions of these so i

Would i think you i honestly could find these for 50p maybe less on amazon secondhand so go take a look see this is really good as well actually i don’t like this one too much this is the newest one it’s quite expensive it doesn’t really explain the grammar properly it’s a decent book i like the size of it because one of my tips and tricks that i use to study

Languages is i like to write all over the books i never used to but actually it is asian so i highlight the these pages are really big and clear so i highlight new words i want to learn i do the exercises and then i write out answers i complete the good thing about this book is it does have lots and lots explanations um sorry not actually and like tasks to

Do at the end of each section so for example i did this section on we buy some food in my uh then you know you do an activity here another one there there you do well there there is a really poor grammar explanation it doesn’t really cover it properly and then you do loads of activities so if you use it with one of these which is better i’d explain in the

Grammar you’re okay but by itself it’s not good i was looking at this this week for an explanation of the locative case it’s explanation of the located case is terrible it just said put the u at the end but that doesn’t work in so many different circumstances find it for you now i can’t see it but yeah it was um it was not great and here you know expressing the

Objects of actions um does the feminine but doesn’t do anything else it doesn’t tell you about the neuter or the masculine or the masculine human so not as good i’m afraid so apart from books i do use duolingo a lot i really like it i i know some people are bored of it or whatever i find it fantastic i just i do it a couple of times a day usually before bed

Which is when my memory that’s my second trick and tip if you study before bed then it’ll be the last thing in your brain at the end of the day and i always seem to remember it the next day a lot better particularly if you have enough time to review it first thing in the morning if you don’t then don’t worry but i i always do i always go to bed because i used

To read in bed um for years i’ve stopped that now but i do this in bed that’s why it’s on dark mode and i find it fantastic to it sends me off to sleep and i find it really relaxing i feel that sense of achievement that i have done something when i do it during the day so i just find a really rewarding sort of logical why do you want to work with us so yeah i

Just i find it so good and i love the translation aspect the grammar again is not fantastic so i mean it’s good for practicing the grammar but not for learning the grammar so again i always use these bugs for sort of grammar knowledge and reference so if something comes up here i’ll google translate it and look at different um for example different uh bookmarks

That i’ve got let me show you one actually so one of the it’s very very bright others better one of the free websites that i highly recommend is called cool jugator and they’ve got all different languages it’s fantastic there’s only one or two that i’ve been learning and not managed to find and you put the verb in that you want to look at so let’s say you want to

Say to go and he could do it in polish as well and then it conjugates the entire verb for you present tense in this case in perfect future imperative and then i’ve got these clothes but you can do past feminine future feminine etc etc and i’ve got past masculine opens so i if i find a verb in duolingo that i see for the first time and it’ll be conjugated i’ll

Go okay i’ll look that up in the cool jigator and then i can see the full conjugation and i’ll be thinking beforehandle if that he goes how would i say i go for example that’s another way that i use the internet to help i use this culture gator to make sure i know my verbs um another resource i suppose you could say that i’ve been using is netflix so they’ve got

Particularly for polish they don’t have any series which i prefer because i like sort of you know 20 minutes here 20 minutes there but they do have lots of films in polish i’ve watched two so far and they’ve both been excellent like properly good films and i instead because i can’t sit there for an hour and a half every day i find it too time consuming i’ll watch

You know 20 minutes half an hour watch some the next day some the next day um maybe watch some with lunch for example so um and then if you’ve got the subtitles you can see what they’re saying and listen and do some translation at the same time in your head so the plagues of breslau is one that i most recently watched that film is very dark but really really good

Then or deny their chair i think it means like i will find um and again that was a really really good film um again quite dark i don’t know if that’s like a polish thing um yeah i actually really enjoyed watching uh both films and i intend on watching even more i’ve got a couple that i want to watch in the future um really really good watches very good acting

Great story lines really good okay so you can see from my little collection of books that i’ve got lots of resources i do recommend that you get more than one resource and don’t worry i mean i’ve been collecting books for about 25 years lots of these are second hand secondhand book shops charity shops second hand on amazon so um i’m not paying full price i know

In some countries books are incredibly expensive when i lived in spain i couldn’t afford to buy books in the uk i’ve just managed to find places where i can get them for cheaper usually secondhand um so yeah this is what my book collection looks like and i just think it’s a really good idea to have more than one resource you’re relying on in case you get bored

In case you want to refer to something that’s not explained very well in one result and you can have a look at a different resource and see that’s explained better okay so lastly just to talk about why i’m learning polish at the moment firstly because i want to speak as many languages as possible secondly because polish is a language which is spoken a lot in the

Area in which i live curiously in southwest wales there are lots of polish speakers and i hear it much as i hear welsh being spoken in my area third because it’s a beautiful language and i just think it’s absolutely stunning it sounds wonderful and i’d love to be able to speak it forth because i already speak quite fluent russian and as the slavic languages are

Very similar and i really like slavic languages i like there grammar like the construction i like the way that the language works it would be another language that i could quite quickly get into an intermediate level with rather than starting something that i have no idea of any of the words whatsoever respond in polish i’ve got quite a good base already because

Of my experience of learning russian also ukrainian some serbian and croatian and some czech so polish sort of fits in quite nicely with those languages and um yeah just lastly because um i want to speak as many languages as possible and polish is a kind of achievable one lots of good resources lots of speakers in the local area that i could try and practice if i

Can have courage to lots of films on netflix the course has been on duolingo for a while so yeah it’s just quite sort of easy to get into all it’s quite a difficult language but that’s actually probably one of the fifth that’s probably the fifth point there it’s quite difficult and i enjoy the challenge of it so yeah i hope some of the tips and tricks that i’ve

Shared with you today have inspired you to learn either polish or another language drop me a little comment in the comments below write a little comment to tell me which languages you are learning at the moment which would you like to win to learn in the future and uh just drop me a little message and say vitai if you are polish and yeah i’d like to do more polish

Videos in the future so give me some tips on how to improve my pronunciation thank you so much so much thank you see you soon everyone okay

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