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How to Power on and Set Up

This is the care fusion a large specie ma pomp and ask two modules attached to it the main module we’re going to look at right now it’s going to be the large pca this is to deliver drugs like morphine and other drugs you have this push button right in here i’m going to show you how to turn it on and program it so first we gotta put systems on press this button

And we’re going to let it boot up now we’ve seen our screen sydney patient yes clears previous patient data you want to put yes because we want to clear it because you want to put your own input and save it oh and see we’re gonna press it on this one because we want to confirm the same profile as previous because we’re gonna put our own so you press now and then

We’re gonna choose the hem o’s and see so this module will work properly so we gotta press on the button next to the hem o and c and then we’re gonna press confirm once you have that patient data entry or not the weird about that or just gonna press confirm again and it’s gonna ask you are you getting out one she’s out modulate or module b i’m toby we’re gonna

Select channel select and then set key to program positioning and you’re gonna twist it and it’s going to be pointing at program because you’re gonna program it there’s a syringe already in there and time of the day that’s what’s in there you can leave it there if you want to change the time you could obviously change the time presses button but we’re just going

To leave it there and we’re gonna confirm now it’s gonna ask you for what syringe because it every senses what kind of syringes it has in there but it’s giving you the options if you do have a b d it’s a b d 60 so it’s gonna have b d plastic pack 50/60 mm/year so we’re gonna choose that one concern item on inject so bd it is and they confirm so now it gives us a

Drug library right here which you want to you can use it up pick whatever you want the most popular ones gonna be probably morphine say pick morphine and then morphine one gram per millimeter 15 grams per 55 midler was selected and just going to put yes on him and it’s going to ask you to attach different module right here but for now i’m gonna give you this module

Which is the last pump so you could i have the option of using this versus a pca so we’re going to attach this other modules asking for i’m just going to confirm and then it’s going to give us this and we are gonna go ahead and go to the next and confirm and we’re gonna go to pca dose only that’s what we’re gonna do because we’re going to use our push button right

Here so a pca dose only and then it’s gonna ask us for the dose i’ll just put one in the ramp and then lock out interval i’m just gonna put 10 seconds because i mean ten minutes after you press on the first one you have to wait 10 minutes so you get pressed on the next when i’m here you can put whatever minutes you want just put an example so i’m gonna put 10 1 10

And then confirm and then close and lock the door you’re gonna close right here you already have a line coming out of the syringe that’s gonna go connect it to the patient or actor and we’re gonna send all our pumps that the assignments will make sure lines i’m gonna put and a package so you got that so you’re gonna press start so it’s going to be ready and now

You’re gonna look at your push button right here it’s gonna lit up it’s lit up right now so to do the first deliver the first knows you pressing it and you’re gonna see oh it’s going to start running right now so it’s delivering the first dose at this point and once it finished delivering that first dose you’re not going to be able to deliver until 10 minutes after

Because that’s what we set it up in here you could set it up the way you want to and there is a deliverer first dose so this is not going to lit up til 10 minutes after the fact and they use it all over again and that’s how you work this a large pca pump let me turn it off i’ll to get a piss on this channel off for a couple of seconds they’re gonna go and it’s going to power down you

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How to Set Up PCA Module for ALARIS PC Infusion Pump | Alpha Medical Props for Film & TV By Alpha Medical Props