Humira Injections! My experience and review!

Humira Injections and my experience with them!

Let me show you what you do if you come in contact with one of these yeah run away oh god what is that hi youtube lan world you mera as a three months ago i started humera i love you mara why did i switch to mara i used to be on two medicines remicade and methotrexate oshi medicines were not working for me so my doctor said let’s try humera i tried you mara and

Now i’m on amira what is humira you might ask humera is a medication that is given to you in the form of self injections i know that sounds really scary but i’ll get into that later on in the video tamera is also known as a doll and ab cannot fit this is what the box looks like and this is what it is all have it down here in the video so you can see what it’s

Also known as but where’s the brand name that you know it as and also it’s a lot easier to pronounce i like that anyway so humera is also known as a tnf medicine tnf stands for tumour neurosis factor you marrow works by binding tnf and helps block the process of reading this right from the website block a process of inflammation in the intestines that’s caused by

Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis because tnf blockers including humera affect the immune system they can lower the ability of fight infections and may cause other serious side effects remicade also lowered my immune system a lot so i’m pretty much used to living with a lowered immune system and i get along okay i’m going that’s basically what humira is how it

Works and it’s taken mostly for crohn’s disease when all sort of colitis i’ve also heard of other people taking it for rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune conditions as well side effects of humera there can be a lot of possible side effects with humera some of the ones listed on the website you can get infections cancers on there chimera ash there’s like a

Small percentage and this is the same thing with romo k2 that there’s a chance that you could develop in foma you can get certain infections obviously because your immune systems lower you have a more chance of getting sick you can get an allergic reaction to the medicine as well all this other stuff and the list kind of goes on and you can check it out on humera

Literally it’s humera calm and you can go look at frequently asked questions and just find out as much information you’d like to know about the medicine that i haven’t explained to you other random side-effects you could get muscle aches a cough like fever and chills stomach pain feeling really tired takes a little bit of energy out of you so these are a lot of

Side effects i haven’t experienced many of these side effects like side effects i really feel sometimes i get a pain in my stomach and when i had to take the starter kit of humera which i’ll get into later in the video too i was having really sharp pains in my stomach and then they go away and i still get them a little bit but it’s not as bad as it was before and i

Feel like it’s just something i’d rather have and all the side effects i get from remicade and methotrexate so far humerus been a godsend the only thing i have to complain about it is the pain during the injection which i will also talk about in just what one second oh it’s time to talk about how do i use humera unfortunately you cannot take umayr by pill you need

To inject it inside of you there’s two forms of injections that you can have when my doctor said i should first try humira i wasn’t really worried because i’d already been used to iv infusions i’m used to getting poked all the time and then taking methyl trucks a i’m used to giving myself a self injection if you curious about methotrexate and that form of self

Injection please go ahead and click the video that’s here will be a link to it click the video it’ll take you right to the video and you can see a little video of me describing about methotrexate and i also have a video of me actually giving myself a cell action so go ahead and check that out if you’re interested unlike methotrexate when i would give myself a shot

Once every week hume area you give yourself a shot every other week but when you’re first starting humor you have to go through a starter set for your first month so basically how it works the first time you use humera you have to take four shots in one day it’s pretty terrible easily the most painful shots i have ever gotten in my life and i don’t say that to scare

You because humira is totally worth it so first time you get four shots at once and then two weeks later you have a little recoup period two weeks later then you take two shots at once and then after that every two weeks you only take one shot and then you’re pretty much good so there’s two types of injections that you can give yourself methotrexate it was more of

That here’s an empty syringe and here’s a vial now give yourself a shot you mare is a lot different the first difference with humera is you have to keep it in the fridge so in my fridge i just keep my boxes of humera next to my ice tea and my strawberries but i’m not worried about anybody accidentally eating it if they did they’d be in for a big surprise mara

Always comes in prefilled syringes or pens so the pen is what i started out with and i saved one for you this is what the pen looks like and it’s just joy –nt pen here’s a sharpie so as you can see the pen is like pretty large if you take a marker so larger than that so is this giant thing it’s not really a pen yeah right like thanks there’s nothing weird here’s

The pen and the pen is way more easy to use than the syringe and i saved a syringe for you this is what the syringe looks like let’s talk about the pen first so the pen is the most painful way to give yourself a humorous shot it’s not that the actual injection itself hurts it’s when the medicine is going inside it stings and earth very painful but how the pen

Works is in this little window before you give yourself the injection i’ve already used this one obviously it has a yellow before you give yourself the injection this will have a clear liquid in it and you’ll be able to see the human medicine when you give yourself the shot it’s going to turn yellow first time i experienced tamera i had to inject four of these

Into my stomach actually i didn’t inject it my mother did but you do is on the pen there’s number one and then number two and if you can count you know that you rip this side off first oh god what is that basically this side is the side that you’re pressing against pretend this is your stomach you’re pressing against your stomach oh i can’t see it i don’t know but

I’m getting really close to you and there’s a needle in there it’s going to stab you you take number two and pull it off how the whole pen is ready this side that goes on your stomach and this side is the part where you’re going to press down and when you’re press it down going to hear a big click the needles going to be injected into your stomach or wherever you

Give yourself the injection it’ll be injected into you and then the medicine will be injected into you as well obviously and then you’ll hear like a click click click and then this part will turn yellow and as soon as it’s all yellow you just lift it right up and then you’re done they say usually takes like 10 seconds it doesn’t take 10 seconds it’s faster than

That i usually do it on my stomach for both types of injections we tried it on my like back thigh wants and it hurt way worse than anyone’s on my stomach did i usually just grab a stomach and put it in and usually with the pens i’ve tried to have someone else do it for me so my mom did like the first four and then my boyfriends helped me a lot and he realized that

If he took my stomach and he didn’t just do it directly he’d like do it to this side with like grabbing the stomach because it’s subcutaneous i say that right so it’s not going to go in your muscle so he’d do it he grabbed the stomach and then he put it like at an angle but still like pressed down but i have an angle before he pressed the button and that seemed

To hurt a lot less than just going straight into it but yeah so you just press it and then you just press the button down and then you wait and then you pull it out and for me and my experience the actual pen hurts worse even though it seems a lot easier to use but it’s a scary giant thing after using this i went to my doctor and i was like why you rather have the

Syringe i was like yeah you ordered me the humera syringe and this is the other type of shot you can give yourself regardless if you get a pen or a syringe it comes in a box like this which like i said you keep in the fridge here’s the packet and here’s the syringe and it’s prefilled the nice thing about humera is in the pack it comes with two in a box and in the

Pack they give you alcohol swabs so you don’t have to go buy a bunch of other ones so off your hands obviously peel it off you can see it but good that’s the humaira and so basically this is what your syringe looks like you peel it off and then i say from my old needles for you i know i need to get rid of it but basically going to look like this except there’s

Going to be liquid inside and so you take it out of the container you wipe off your stomach or your leg wherever you want to do it i for stomach it’s a little less painful for me well one big tip regardless of if you’re using the pen or the syringe you do keep it in the fridge hurts more when it’s right out of the fridge so what i would do is take it out let it

Sit for like 30 minutes and then do it don’t let it sit for too long because it is supposed to be refrigerated at all times but don’t give it to yourself right after it’s from the refrigerator because it will hurt anything even more like i said it doesn’t hurt when the needle goes in it hurts when you’re injecting the medicine more like a burning stinging feel

That makes you not happy so you take the syringe you clean up whatever then you pull this and here’s the needle woohoo nice think about the syringes you do it pretty fast and i think the thing that hurts most with the pen shoots it in really fast and the pens needle it’s a lot more big than this needle and i’m going to insert some pictures right now when my mom

And i were really mad after giving me the pen one day i was in abrupt pain and we decided to break it open with a i don’t know what we used but we broke it open and you can see what the inside of the pen looks like so if you’re enjoying those pictures nice thing about these is it hurts when you’re getting it done and it hurts for like a minute after but after that

You’re fine and you’re happy go lucky go enjoy your life for the next two weeks anyway so these are the two injections you can get a humera in italy not that bad like i said you just do it you get it over with and these are a lot easier i’d recommend getting the syringe even though it seemed a little more scary because you have to like stab yourself but it doesn’t

Hurt when you stab yourself it hurts when you’re injecting the medicine but just keep going keep going i usually try to like watch a tv show or something or like listen to like music i like while it’s happening and have other people do it for you but make sure that they know how to inject you and they’ve either watch videos on it or had your nurse explain it to

Them or seen you do it before like i said this video isn’t really how to inject yourself so don’t just watch this video and think you know totally how to inject yourself make sure your nurse teaches you had already known how to give myself injections so this wasn’t like a big thing for me but my nurse was really helpful as well for that and there’s a 24-hour nurse

Hotline for humira and the 1-800 number i’ll put at the bottom of this video i believe you can ask for help at any time the day also pretty cool the humera website if you sign up for it you can get emailed reminders of what you need to give yourself your email so that’s really nice overall i have experienced great things with humera health-wise it’s helped me a

Lot basically overall i really like you mara flinders can get me off a prednisone have any more questions feel free to comment etc and i will try to answer them in the best of my ability that’s pretty much all for now my next video is going to be on my hermit crabs and that should be up within the next week and i hope you’re all doing lovely and well and all of

That stuff that’s it i will talk to you in the next video bye

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Humira Injections! My experience and review! By EmilyEllen