Humira Instructional Video

Doing anything for the first time can make you a little nervous like giving myself an injection but with the humira single-use pen you don’t have to worry we’ll take you through the steps now why do you need to follow steps because like anything there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it injecting yourself the right way means you get the full dose of the medicine

You need and you do it safely so let’s get started you’ll need a clean well-lit table or bench top take the humira single-use pen out of your fridge you’ll also need an alcohol swab a cotton ball a band-aid and your sharps container if you’ve got the humira instruction leaflet keep it in front of you too now take the pen out of its pack remember you can only use

This pen once so handle it carefully or you might set off the injection make sure you have all the items ready in front of you and if someone’s going to help you make sure they’re ready as well first let’s check that the medicine is not past its expiry date pick up the pen in the middle you’ll find the expiry date on the side of the pen here if the date is still

Current great if it’s expired throw it out and put a new pen from the fridge now look for the mushroom shaped window you should see a clear liquid inside this is the medicine if it’s cloudy put it back in the fridge and take out another you can’t use pens with cloudy medicine they’ll be replaced free of charge if the medicine in the pen is clear and the dates current

The pens okay to use but not yet let the medicine warm to room temperature first it takes about 15 minutes and it reduces the discomfort when you do inject first choose whether you want to inject into your tummy or the top of your thigh make sure you choose a site on your tummy or thigh at least 3 centimeters away from your navel or any previous injection sites

And avoid skin that’s red bruised scarred or heart now wipe the site with your alcohol swab and let it air dry for about one to two minutes avoid touching the site again if you’re injecting yourself pick up the pen and hold it horizontally now use your other hand to gently slide the gray cap straight off without twisting it if a small gray plastic piece falls out

Don’t worry that’s normal just leave it for now turn the pen round in your hand carefully so the plum colored cap is pointing towards your other hand then gently slide this cap off you’ll see a plum colored button don’t press it yet there’s still a couple of things to do first now squeeze a good section of skin around the injection site to create a firm section of

Fat to inject into put the gray end of the pen up against your injection site at a 90 degree angle to your body but don’t press the button yet make sure you can see the pens mushroom-shaped window clearly if someone is helping you they’ll need to make sure they can see the window if you can see the window and you’re still squeezing your skin great then you’re ready

Now press the plum colored button and keep it pressed you’ll hear a click and feel a prick as the needle goes in that’s normal just keep the pen firmly against your skin with the button pressed you’ll see a yellow indicator moving into the window it should take about 10 seconds to come to a stop that means the injection is complete now pull the pen away gently at

A 90 degree angle then release your skin the needle will now be safely covered by a plastic sleeve don’t rub the skin it can cause bleeding bruising or infection you might see a spot of blood that’s normal – just press your cotton ball on the injection area for 10 seconds if you’re using a band-aid put it on now congratulations you’ve done it now all that’s left

Is to clean up safely put the single-use pens straight in your sharps container don’t try to recap it you may procurement other waste can go in your normal rubbish bin and that’s it if you’re unsure about anything refer to the humira leaflet or watch this video again if you have any other questions all you need to arrange a replacement pam if your medicine has

Gone cloudy contact us using the details on your screen or speak to your doctor nurse or pharmacist good luck with your treatment you

Transcribed from video
Humira Instructional Video By Alex Tyers