Hypertensive Emergency

A patient presenting with a hypertensive crisis is interviewed.

So you present the murse department for evaluation of your high blood pressure correct and when when was your blood pressure node to be elevated i thought of those couple months ago i thought my heels like unit all holed up inside pledged in you that’s why i started getting worse and worse and then just started having headaches and when i tried sleeping night i

Guess it makes it a long time you’d run my blood i couldn’t let him play that said breathe while i lay down a little bit shut up shut up in la in 30 minutes bob y’all didn’t give her a hug i couldn’t breathe i had set up in the heart seemed i could get some of my head hurts i know to money aside this one is just blurry a lot of time when you see like my painting

Stupid a couple of hits wood and just headaches in my head kentucky and pull up the song hey well back when it first you start i have that real pale but he used to get rid of our face the real red but now just i guess it’s blue goes out a also town back my first are the news and that’s how to beat my head or put a balloon blowing each other did you feel any numbness

Tingling in your arms or weakness in your legs so that is all here yeah they crap crap really chest pain movie your chest pressure a now this leg eight i didn’t know be comfortable i couldn’t talk i mean i would cure when you hurt hate until it blood pressure on it when when did you see a doctor last nine i know i seen doctor nice dirty emergency room and even

Told him he just give me a blood pressure pill and it kept me machine and wait till when down did he did he write you a prescription to go home up he won’t ask why why would you why would he not write you on talking i had said primary job i don’t know okay all right how did you say so i told my son eat something keep him down cuz i’ll be him put on trouble each

Way you need to find your primary don’t want to tell me hmm okay a nice about my patient oh honey find a primary doctor protected now you talked in the past about in the distant past you had you had you some drugs but you nothing to reside yeah i you dummkopf my head really i mean i just knew to my head to them i spilled a little bit i mean i don’t real careful

Huh i mean now my exploits were fine yeah i mean i’ve been i work on my right right let me well to the last year yeah you don’t need to that i never i like for my beer uh-huh it’s a sig 986 a six-pack and evening thought that was only here for high school uh-huh we looked at you know drunk you need to okay seven career went on our girls have nothing okay that

Smoke don’t tell you at home but now i did that other called my headaches they do even only hate yeah yeah that means i got something someone i was when there was a cocaine yeah yeah and there was a – because bleach god you you tap taking my time and i had a bad headache okay so mm-hmm it’s probably not the best thing for blood pressure or alex tonight it will

Immediately okay it really do it not like when you didn’t know i mean i didn’t yell feel stoner shared it no me anything like it okay muttering a little walk so with these i don’t but i would recommend go laughing for sure okay well thank you for this interview i appreciate it

Transcribed from video
Hypertensive Emergency By Larry Mellick