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Sammy is a 23 year old active dancer at julliard school of dance sammy has always been athletic and always stuck to a strict diet because she wanted to be the best as she prepared for her first feature performance as sammy stood up to go to bed she noticed that she had gained some weight initially she felt sad and confused but then thought maybe she was just bloated

She didn’t take a seriously i went to bed one day while at practice sammy began to feel extremely fatigued and developed unusual muscle types out midway through practice she fainted sammy called it a day and went home to get some rest she ends up at the doctor’s office hello i’m dr. smith and i’ll be a physician taking care of you today what seems to be the problem

Lately i have noticed that i’ve been gradually gaining a lot of weight i’m having having random muscle spasms i’m always fatigued and my hair it’s beginning to fall out okay let’s see what the problem is first i would like to do a full physical examination and collect blood samples to send to the lab before i make a diagnosis nice to see you again send me how are

You feeling i’m feeling okay but i’m still weak i’m still gaining a lot of weight and my performance is in less than a month during your physical examination and thyroid ultrasound last week it confirmed that your thyroid gland is enlarged i also have your lab results it shows that your tsh level is 6 pico moles per liter which is elevated your other thyroid labs

Are also abnormal it looks like you have hypothyroidism hypo what what is that hypothyroidism is a condition which your thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone your thyroid gland regulates growth and development by creating hormones t3 and t4 which regulate important processes in the protein when your body does not produce enough t3 and t4 you will have

An increase in thyroid stimulating hormone this leads to decreased heart rate fatigue weight gain hair loss depression constipation dry skin trouble sleeping difficulty concentrating and joint and muscle pain this explains why you have been feeling the way you have oh okay so how do i fix this am i gonna die no you’re not gonna die from this standard treatment from

Hyperthyroidism involves daily use of synthetic thyroid hormone called levothyroxine this oral medication restores adequate hormone levels reversing the signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism treatment with levothyroxine is usually lifelong but because of dosage you may need change you have to come in yearly to have your tsh level checked an alternative treatment

Is having your thyroid gland removed if your thyroid labs don’t improve okay thank god i’m glad i’m not gonna die from this no you’re gonna be fine here’s a pamphlet more information on – bye doesn’t see that they are doing some research at the nih endocrine disorders lab on better treatments for hypothyroidism yes they are well thanks again doc see you next year

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