Welcome back lovelies! I am so excited to let you guys know that after a year of not having a period, it finally happened and I am beyond blessed to have my body back doing what it needs to! I am starting a new journey on Letrozole (Femera). Please keep watching and see my grocery haul from this morning!

Hi you guys welcome back thank you so much for clicking on today’s video if you’re new here my name is elisa hi nice to meet you um so if you are new here i just kind of want to give you a recap about what my channel is all about i am 24 my husband and i we are trying for our very first baby so we have been trying now for almost two years and it has definitely

Been a journey let me tell you so we started trying back in november of 2017 that sounds not right and in this almost two year journey it hasn’t been as easy as i thought it was gonna be but that’s okay so a year into the process we tried and no luck didn’t end up pregnant so we went and we saw sought out a fertility specialist um and we have you followed me than

You know what we did one round of clomid and my body reacted great everything was doing what it was supposed to but i didn’t end up pregnant so after that first round of clomid i want to say about a year or so ago my period just stopped so i hope you know if you’re clicking on this channel you’re clearly trying to conceive you want to know my journey so it might

Be tmi but you clicked on the video so you clearly want to know what going on so it was about a year that i almost a year that i didn’t have a period on my own so they were prescribing me i believe it was i’m gonna find the prescription and i’m going to list it down below that medication allowed force my body to have a period and i did that for about a couple of

Months and then when i i started my period that’s when we did our first round of coleman and body reacted good and at that point i was just like this is really feeling like too much to take on and i decided that you know what let me just back off let me just kind of wrap my head around this for a minute and see what happens and from that point on i was unable to

Have a period on my own at all i would if i needed to pay if i was gonna have a period it was gonna be because of this medication so so i took a break from clomid and that was back in february and finally decided that okay i was ready i felt mind body and soul like i was ready for what was next so i went ahead and scheduled my next fertility appointment scheduled

For this coming friday august 16th and i was ready to get back on the medication to force my period and i was actually ready to start lectures all so brand name is tamara for those of you who don’t know it’s just like clomid except less chance of multiples and fewer side effects of clomid is what my doctor had told me so he was the one who actually recommended

It and i said i decided that i was ready to start it so um but then something wonderfully amazing happened last thursday last thursday you guys i got my period for the first time in over a year and i am so excited i couldn’t believe it it happened all up all on its own and i have been thinking god every day that my body is reacting and doing what it needs to

Do on its own and i just decided to go ahead and start letrozole this month so lectures all was my first day i will take lectures all for five days it’s two tablets and then on day 21 which will be august 28 i’ll go back for lab work to see if it worked or not and how my body did so i’m very much looking forward to it and i really can’t wait i can’t wait to see

What happens i’ve got a good feeling and i just been like i’ve had all these emotions and thoughts and i figured you know what i need to get a journal i need to start logging this because i want to look back and i was thinking what i was feeling at the time so i went ahead and got me a journal so i’m gonna start jotting down in this i actually jotted last night

Sat down lit my candle and just started writing and it felt so good so i’m gonna start doing that and i also wanted to show you guys kind of my organization that i did yesterday which was a saturday night it got crazy wild organizing and cleaning so i love five below i if you guys have ever been but it’s amazing everything there is $5 or below they have these

Really cute little totes that i decided to go ahead and put everything in and i thought i would show you guys so if you if you were on this journey on this dtc journey with these in you probably have the same items but i thought i’d share and let you guys know what i liked what i keep and what’s kind of been working for me so i did order off of amazon just those

Ovulation strips that you dip and they’re easy super cheap a lot cheaper than going to walmart and getting the clear blue ovulation sticks those things are stupid expensive stick with amazon you can’t go wrong and then i also have i also from amazon went ahead and ordered these hcg pregnancy tests and these are so cute they’re just like the ovulation packaging

These are super cute really colorful i love him so i’m hoping i get to use these for the first time at the end of the month to see if i’m pregnant or not i’m not getting my hopes up but it is so exciting and then i also wanted to share with you guys one more thing that has actually been recommended to me by a handful of people one of those people being my cousin

She’s amazing she’s been kind of through this process with me you know following along she’s been my shoulder she was the first person to tell me about this and oddly enough my optometrist was telling me about it again over the weekend that’s how well she believes that’s how she was able to conceive their second child she says it’s good stuff and i’m like you know

What i’ve had enough to people recommend it it’s worth trying out so this is actually let me show you the packaging it’s the pre-seed personal lubricant fertility friendly i picked it up at walmart for i think less than $20 um not super expensive not super cheap but i figured you know it’s it’s gonna be worth it you know worth giving it a shot i think so it comes

With this tube and you get nine applicators so here is the tube there’s the tube there and then it looks like okay so they’re little plastic tubes looks like you just insert you put the medication in and start you know so i’m going to try that out and there was actually one more thing that i wanted to show you guys if you have not already seen these these are the

Soft discs they are menstrual cups and i thought oh my gosh this is not gonna be good what the heck they’re actually amazing so i believe they used to be called soft cups if i’m not mistaken and other soft disks i got this pop amazon you get 14 just those little disks for i think about 10 $11 if i’m not mistaken they’re so easy to use you just pinch down insert

And you’re good to go so these have been a few of my favorite things that i’ve been trying out most of which you can actually purchase from amazon because why not its amazon so that’s ak i am also going to do my grocery haul from this morning in case you guys want to see what i get at the walmart my absolute favorite i went this morning before everyone got there

And i just like to do my shopping i’ll go super early or super late and get it done with so i will go ahead and show you guys that and i hope you guys tune in to see what happens because i’m so excited to bring you guys along on this journey and i am i’m just praying that this is it it has been a roller coaster of emotions but i do know that throughout this entire

Journey god has been with me it’s timing that’s perfect so i just have to wait okay so i wanted to start off with everything that i got that i was able to use a coupon on i say i believe $24 on all of this i love dove body wash it’s at my absolute favorite but i purchased this and then i got one of these for free and these are i guess brand-new that i was able

To say was an additional coupon when i got to the store to save a dollar so i went ahead and got to you very excited to try this i think i’m gonna put these in the kitchen and it’s lemon and goji berry and it smells so delicious and then i had a coupon buy one get one free degree so i got one for me and the hubby and then i had save two dollars off of this $3 off

This is so exciting i always stock up on razors because you’re gonna need them no matter what and then i had a coupon save four dollars when you buy two guarnere products and i went ahead and went for the bigger ones because it was a saving so instead of the normal size i wouldn’t fit the big one and this is the avocado oil and shea butter they smell delicious

And then the last coupon i had was buy one say a nice product get one free and this is my favorite face wash so went ahead and stocked up and then of course i got some other things that i didn’t have coupons on but i need it for their house i got some sponges dish soap i’m very excited i got some tweezers i went ahead if you guys have not tried the elf eyebrow

Eyebrow kit you should it’s maybe three dollars and it does the job my favorite and then it was time for me to get a new bra brush anyway so i went ahead and got this one it’s really cute with that minty green i got some duster kids because i need to clean today flushable wipes of course and then i’m very excited i want to talk to you guys about this slider this

Is the pre-seed personal lubricant we are gonna cover that later on i promise okay so now let’s go into the kitchen to see what i actually got grocery wise i was really in the mood for sandwiches so if you guys have not tried this dave’s killer bread you need to because it tastes so delicious i love whole grain bread this is one of my new favorites i went ahead

And got some chips got some coffee last time i went to walmart they didn’t have a house one and this is the only one that i like from starbucks when it comes in the k-cup so i went ahead and found that i was thinking about making some tea and then i went for some ice cream because i need chocolate because you know chocolate and i went for some mac and cheese

Delicious i got some screen mozzarella and there’s a sandwich sliced mozzarella i went with the smoked ham and turkey i think i’m gonna use both of them because i’m really hungry and it’s only 9 21 i’m gonna try this bright spicy brown mustard it sounds really good so i’m gonna give it a try i’ll let you know if it’s yummy or not of course the milk i wonder then

Did frozen veggies this time i typically do can but rosen is this quick and easy and i don’t have to whip out a pop everything so i got some broccoli carrots and i got some fresh blueberries because they are so yummy i’m gonna head and got some ground turkey which is a must in my house and then i went for some chicken and i hope you guys enjoyed my little grocery

Haul forgot i my coffee which is you know i need a function to get through the week and through the workday i got the coffee mate hazelnut and then if you guys have tried this let me know i’m really excited there’s been a lot of hype and i don’t know if it’s gonna be as good as i’m you know the hype on social media but let me know what you guys think i’m gonna

Try it out and i’ll let you know if it’s one of my favorites or not but i am excited to try it if you haven’t already please hit that subscribe button i would really appreciate the love and i will see you guys in the next video

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