Insulin Resistance and Depression Link Found. Keto cure?

I found an article in Psychology Today about insulin resistance and it’s link to many diseases and specifically depression and Alzheimer’s. Having dealt with the issue of depression as well as insulin resistance this article piqued my interest and I wanted to share it.

Hello and welcome to putnut’s kitchen what we’re doing today is a little bit different than the usual we’re not reviewing any food items we’re not creating any food items but we’re going to talk about the effect food items can have on your body so stay tuned okay thank you for staying through the intro appreciate it what we’re talking about today is an article

I found in psychology today it was written by a thomas rutledge phd they always have to tell you who they are don’t they and it says is your depression really insulin resistance and then it goes on to say if so lifestyle changes can make a major difference i thought this was an important topic to discuss because i myself for many years before i started keto i

Had depression sometimes it was debilitating depression you know the kind where you just lay in bed you don’t want to get up getting out of bed is harder than working eight hours for a normal person that kind of depression it wasn’t all the time though it was more of a seasonal depression i know they call it seasonal uh affective disorder and they try to say it’s

Different but it’s not um usually january and again late may into early june usually by the fourth of july it was over with the rest of the year i’d have the occasional bout with depression for a few days week or more but the other two yeah they were four five six weeks sometimes and i took every medication you could think of for it medication would sort of help

For a little while and then my body get used to it and then i’d need more and you know it helped for a little while my body get used to it and then they get me to the max dosage and after a while it wasn’t working so they switched me another one after a while i just quit taking them and it didn’t seem to make a difference it didn’t make it better it didn’t make

It worse it’s like you’d start taking the medication and a few weeks ago by and the depression fixed itself and you go oh boy the medication’s working and it wasn’t the medication at least that’s my opinion so what’s really going on here according to this guy and it makes a lot of sense is that insulin resistance is actually the root cause of a lot of different

Kinds of depression and that makes a lot of sense it really does um it’s also the main cause of diabetes it contributes to a lot of other diseases but then it says that recent research puts a spotlight on insulin resistance and it goes on to say also mental health in the form of dementia and depression matter of fact the article goes on to say that uh let’s see

Where is it at here it talks it talks about uh yeah there it is they said alzheimer’s disease is sometimes referred to in it by some specialists as type 3 diabetes so so much for brain fog from eating too much sugar right there you go there’s your answer but this was something that really struck me and i wanted to bring it to the attention of the keto community

If anybody else wants to review this article too that’s great we need to let people know about this because this article is making it seem like not only is depression probably caused by insulin resistance but it’s also easily cured by proper diet now of course they didn’t mention the keto diet in here they just talked about you know getting rid of sugar and

Processed foods which is great but you still have insulin from potatoes you still have insulin from rice you know the insulin resistance the insulin gets spiked by those things so they’re a culprit too so we need to get rid of most if not all of the carbs and then there’s no more insulin spikes which cures the insulin resistance your body becomes less and less

Resistant to the insulin over time now yeah if you go back it’s not a complete cure it’s not like it’s gone forever if you go back to eating unhealthy lifestyle you’ll go back to having the same problems you had before but it says how does this happen it says among other effects still being investigated insulin resistance results in a buildup of amyloid b plaques

Now this is talking about the alzheimer’s disease causing inflammation and neurodegeneration and disrupting neuron signaling same thing same thing with depression so i really encourage everybody to look into the article i’m going to put a link in the description please take a look at it read it for yourself decide for yourself what you think it means but i just

Thought it was a really good article makes perfect sense with a lot of things i’ve been going through because since i’ve been on keto i’m not depression free but it’s not debilitating anymore i might get depressed but i can keep going to work i can keep getting up in the morning i can keep doing the things that i do in my life and those are important things to

Be able to do now it it brings out at the end in summary it says insulin resistance is the most common and least appreciated cause of our modern epidemic of chronic diseases that’s no surprise that’s for those of us who realize that you know governments in bed with big corporations and the big corporations want to make food as cheap as possible and sell it to

You as high as possible so we keep getting all this garbage food that we’re taking in and it’s causing the internet that’s why they don’t want to talk about this that’s why this isn’t something and it brings that out in the article that this is very not very well known very few people are aware of insulin resistance even though it’s one of the biggest culprits

In the medical field so and at the end it ties it up it says thankfully these effects are not only reversible but reversible through lifestyle changes alone for the person seeking to improve their physical and mental health and i thank you very much for watching hi this is putna if you enjoyed that click right over here for more low carb recipes and reviews and

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Insulin Resistance and Depression Link Found. Keto cure? By Putnut’s Kitchen