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An entire family is struggling with fentanyl addiction, in part 2 of this clip from Season 24.

This program contains subject matter and language that may be disturbing to some viewers viewer discretion is advised i am the mom here i don’t mean to be pushy but responsibilities gotta come first christine her boyfriend chantelle and my other two boys jordan and joey all live together in a small studio apartment my family is pretty excited but everybody who lives

In the apartment is addicted to fentanyl hey buddy what’s your name last time joey od took two narcan my role is to make sure they keep living she bringing them shan her overdoses started happening more and more in the last year and i know it’s because she’s away from her son i’ve chosen drugs over my son what i do now for them is virtually nothing you 100 enable

Them i am working this intervention with ken seely because this is a really tough one do you think joe has addiction issues how can you not so i have to ask you because you’re around a lot of drug use are you using drugs now no i don’t use the drugs i don’t need to do nothing to me i’ll go through the motions but that’s a tough answer it’s a yes or no question are

You okay drinking i’ll have a drink of alcohol and i will take a hit of meth i don’t know who shops i don’t know about that my family moved into the apartment that we’re in right now about three years ago i love my family members but the apartment it’s just so small and there’s no room i spend a lot of time with my family on average i’m here about four nights

A week even though joe and i are divorced and we have three beautiful children together there was a time when we were a normal family those days are over everyone who lives in the apartment is addicted to fentanyl and meth look he overcooks everything look at that almost burned when my dad comes around it’s a little different than it is with my mother like our

Relationship is like we use drugs together me and my mom but me and my dad had never really had that relationship but he’s got a drug addiction like the rest of us and it just doesn’t like to admit it i don’t know why it just shows you that the drugs have taken over every aspect of everything in their lives you should tell you’re gonna find out in life there’s

Not too many people you can trust i need a man no you don’t even man that’s the worst thing you can say you know what you’re missing in your life is your son it’s been about four years since i’ve seen my son the time that we had together was so just sorry tomorrow the way this is gonna work is we’re gonna stagger the interventions we’ll we’ll break it down to

The three interventions instead of just the one that’s perfect have any of you did drugs have you done drugs with your siblings or say you’re the only one you want to explain it to them it’s too complex to explain people understand my words but they don’t understand the situation what do you hear your dad saying i hear excuses he doesn’t like to be confronted

That he has addiction issues and he won’t admit it makes it continue to be okay but that’s not what it is sylvia and i could see that joe is struggling so once he’s gone we’re gonna regroup the family and let them know that we’re gonna offer joe help too but the reality is is he’s really sick and they’re not gonna get better if he doesn’t get better so we’re gonna

Offer him treatment tomorrow too chantelle hey shannon chantel hey talk to me chantelle’s overdosed on fentanyl quite a few times so i always try to keep narcan uh with me or around me or put it on the wall so you can’t miss it like i’ve saved shintel’s life about close to five times myself it’s scary she breathing oh thank god we’ve talked about a lot of things

The last couple of days and i know a lot of things have been on your mind so joe we want to talk to you for a few minutes okay this family loves you and today they want to honor you okay dylan dear dad i’m writing to you today because i love you it’s so heartbreaking the way this life has become normal to you i want to have a closer relationship with you i

Want to be proud to call you my dad will you please please get help today if you go joe your children will also follow you that’s i’ll take care of everything joe don’t worry about anything just take care of you a lot to take care of i know i’ve been preparing for it i’m okay it’ll be okay you’re gonna lead by example and you’re gonna tell your kid you’re going

To i’d like to go yes i think that’s a yes my sweet joke no emma give me a shout out hello people my name’s ken and i’m sylvia we’ve been working with your family for a couple of days now okay i mean would you like to read something to your daughter dear christine i am more than concerned about you i’m terrified i cannot lose you to addiction i cannot lose

My grandchildren to addiction christine we’d like to get you some help okay would you like to go get better would you like to go to treatment yes oh and tim what about you because we also have a place lined up for you if you’re interested sure oh my god oh my god you’re so beautiful we were called in by your family to see if we could help you guys and see

If there’s anything we could do because it sounds like there’s a lot of suffering in this family dylan did you have something you wanted to say dear shantel i’m here today because of the unconditional love that i have for you i remember when i first got to meet your son my nephew he was only a few weeks old i saw the light in your eyes when you looked at him

And you were an amazing mother even though i know it’s really hard that you walked away from your son for all these years you did the right thing but now it’s time to come back and come back healthy i’ll go go oh hello gosh jordan hi hi how you doing good so good come right over here and sit beside dylan so they’ve been trying to think of a way to help you

Guys because they realize everybody’s been suffering a little bit and a lot of stress in your lives and they just want to help so they each wrote a little something down if you don’t mind if let’s do it dear joey i’m here today because i love you more than you’ll ever know you are the closest sibling to me i am angry at the way that drugs have stolen so much

Time from us i can’t wait to see the beautiful person you blossom into with sobriety the person you were always meant to be i love you joey my sweet guardian angel so after you’ve listened to your family do you want to go get some help well you should tell shentel’s already on her way to treatment jordan has said yes and the only one we have left is joey and

That’s going to be the tough one because he seems very paranoid and i’m afraid that he’s not going to understand what is happening and he’s going to refuse to go to treatment are you really going yeah i love you too we’ll let you know where he is and that he’s okay bye jordan they’re all gone yeah i mean i’ll go i guess but yeah okay oh that was nice

Now that i’m in treatment i feel healthier i feel more joy i feel more coherent feel like i have better focus nice in there right right in there well i have some really good news for you you’re gonna uh you’re gonna get ready to transition over to our outpatient program you’ve met all of the expectations from a clinical perspective dude i’m so stoked on that yeah

Even though joey is doing great the rest of the family is not with the exception of christine’s boyfriend tim they all left treatment within a few weeks i was at chemo palms for about 19 days and it was amazing but i thought that i was willing and ready but getting off of fentanyl it was really hard for me and since returning back to california i’ve also returned

Back to using i’m still way more open-minded to recovery in the future but the fact of the matter is i don’t have my son in my life and that is my reason for life so i’m not giving up i went to oregon trail recovery and i stayed for about 24 days but knowing that my sister left and i found out my mom had left too so everyone was leaving one by one and the whole

Point of it was to to all get sober together and that just wasn’t going to be a reality anymore so i just didn’t see a point to be there i’ve been thinking about returning back to treatment because the future i want for myself just to be off drugs one day you

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