Is there anything better than Arimidex to combat estrogen?-Ask the Doc.


You you you you okay next question doc so dutch i wrote a test i’ll run tests eat and take 300 milligrams and dekha 300 miles for 12 weeks i’m assuming per week injection of both compound is very is every once is every once a week currently i’m at week number 10 during week 8 i started to feel my left nipple has a lump thing underneath i assume it’s a gyno and

My body start my body starts to have more water tension especially around the belly area after doing some research on the internet i realized that these symptoms were caused by excessive estrogen in my body i took a term index for 1 min rub for the first day and 0.5 every other day during my week 9 of cycle dino and excessive water retention or a belly area have

No longer bothered me however i start to notice a few side effects from the yemeni remain x my skin gets sensitive i get red flashes the hair gets thinner especially the front front hair it’s a pain to see my hair to get thinner yeah join the club my most concern is it spots is it possible not to take care of my decks to fight excessive estrogen level because who

Doesn’t want to look at their best do you recommend anything else safer than their room index doc thank you well first i wanna make a comment that he’s very astute in how in figuring this out because i went so far every bed when i see guys come in and tell me that because of their use of decade’ roblin and alone that they have gynecomastia that it was proactive

Hyperprolactinemia too much prolactin from using deca drama which in my experience has been so far just legendary iii think that you have to use quite a lot of decade’ roblin to get an elevated prolactin level so i’ve made multiple bets with people that it is indeed elevated estrogen is this fellow found out because remember if you assume that decade’ roblin and

Testosterone are wearing the same pair of tennis shoes and get to the androgen receptor equally as fast well you know a lot of body builders will assume well i’ve been on a testosterone replacement therapy base for a long time and it’s just that it’s a baseline i’ve got it all figured out well i’m adding something decadent which doesn’t convert to estrogen but

In fact a little bit of it does i think he was even the thing is a little llewellyn who documented that about 20% of decade’ roblin can convert but let’s assume it doesn’t let’s assume there you know it doesn’t convert so logically you go well great i’m adding something done convert i would have to why would i even think it’s gonna be excess ester well because

They’re fighting for the same position on the ar right so 50% of the time your testosterone doesn’t have a place to go right mmm putting it very simply but but so it can more easily convert besides the fact that now you’re not working within this tighter you’re working within this tighter because you’ve added more testosterone and testosterone like substance

To the picture and your body over reacts if you oh when you get outside a certain tighter so yeah i’ve said look i’ll pay for the labs if i’m wrong and i haven’t lost one yet but this guy figured it out as well that’s pretty cool um and yeah you found out by using an actress or emma dex that it was indeed estrogen because it resolved so we’re assuming without

Having tested that that’ll s what’s going on clinically but it sounds to me like in this case he might have used too much because you’re getting red skin yeah that to me means a hot flash you’ve over suppressed it i understand why because you want to get rid of that yeah and sometimes although rarely when you catch it early the gynecomastia what we reverse more

Other than more often than not it’ll go away enough so it’s not bothersome it doesn’t hurt and you don’t see it cosmetically but in my experience if you see something that you feel is the size of a marble when you extract it is probably close to the size of a golf ball but who cares as long as it you know because you shouldn’t it’s not necessarily gonna mean

You’re at more risk of cancer or something like that it’s just a matter of really is it painful or is it cosmetically undesirable and then find get rid of it but let’s see he said something else though right about the oh anything other than arimidex first of all i would try reducing the dose of arimidex and seeing if that’s really what’s going on here you might

Want to test another words get some laboratory assays to see you know what the right dose is it doesn’t say how much he used right you thinking one though he sign it one per day when many run with more than 2.5 there we go well that doesn’t seem crazy but at the same time everyone’s different right now he might only need one milligram a week so right that’s my

My best guess is what’s going on here safer vernix is very safe about the side effects everyone’s different you try in this country to be definitely more expensive but eczema stain mmm or aromasin is the brand name he found my parents well i was gonna address that just one one quick thing roughly speaking one milligram of anastrozole equates to about the same

As 25 milligrams of aromasin and what i’ve seen over the over the years but they do work a little differently so it’s not exactly a smooth trade like that but maybe he won’t have the side effects but again my best guess is is because he over suppressed the ashley hair thinning is more than likely nothing to do with with estrogen excess or or not hair thinning

Is genetically predisposed male pattern baldness meaning that from back here is typically well always both of the the type of hair thinning is is genetically predisposed but it can be slowed by diminishing the exposure to dihydrotestosterone do you not estrogen typically however if you’re suppressing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen then you could be

Making it funnel more to dihydrotestosterone that might be what’s going on again i’m reaching here but it’s definitely plausible but i would attack i would pursue the dihydrotestosterone excess as a source of exacerbation of male pattern baldness if it’s if it’s instead a receding hairline we call it where again it’s genetically predisposed to date we find that

Diminishment of your dht really doesn’t have any effect one way or the other so it might be a lost cause i love you know there’s something called latina proust which is what the tisse which is made by allergan for eyelashes was really meant to be originally but for one reason or another the deal didn’t work out where allergan got ahold of latina proust instead

They use the different prostaglandin but latina pros will work on your eyelashes but also help your hair regrow wow way better than minoxidil let’s say there’s nothing oh yeah yeah i didn’t wanna say the brand name just so name in trouble but minoxidil will make for peach fuzz if you’re lucky yeah and it’ll fall off as soon you stop using it the tanner process

Will actually sprout a lot of customers hair male or female wow on the head we using a phone combine a 0.01% of tanna pros with you know point-o 1% finasteride so we’re using the alpha reductase and 5 alpha reductase inhibitor topically and i’ve seen great results from that so for you know keeping the hair on your head that’s a good one in this country we have

To have a compounded so it’s not something you can walk into your local walmart or you know drugs and pick it up i’m glad to see that the water retention went away and the gynecomastia went away one other thought is typically as soon as i see any gynecomastia rear its ugly head get on a blocker like tamoxifen no the next and then convert to or concurrently use

Something that blocks the conversion from testosterone ession use under block 3 scepter right away so you didn’t dip in the bud no pun intended but yeah cuz you know otherwise you’re going to be looking at a surgery it’s very hard to reverse breast tissue growth you know hopefully you pay for that over there thank you

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Is there anything better than Arimidex to combat estrogen?-Ask the Doc. By JayCutlerTV