IWCC Group 3 With albuterol

Pharmacology group three presentation on albuterol

To go outside and play it’s a beautiful day out there always watching tv or playing on your computer go outside where’d that come i never exercise i always left union beside my favorite shows are i’m gonna get rid of cable in the internet if you don’t start exercising mom i need tv it’s my window to the outside world dijanna let’s go come on mom’s right we got to go

Play come on i got a playoff it’s a beautiful day out come on right just throw the ball around here for a little bit we’ll have fun all right i won’t hurt you too bad i promise okay i’ll give it a shot come on let’s go let’s do this all right all right come on oh fun fresh air it’s a little better so this is what out sounds like for that bad yes no matter already

Good exercise alright let’s go inside watch tv married come on exercise is important let’s go play but here mom here i’m gonna go out for a pet all right we’ll play some more over there okay good throw johnny now come on over come on then you’re gonna keep coming keep driving johnny i’ve never seen you run so fast yeah which is getting smaller you want to try that

Alright come on let me help watch on it hey johnny you feel okay it didn’t work i didn’t leave myself hums no relief hey you sorry you didn’t get any relief you better go get mommy i’ll go get mom oh mom mom i miss johnny it’s time johnny he’s having problems breathing it’s nothing he’s he’s more than just out of breath he’s not that he’s not just tired you can’t

Agree are you sure yeah i know i know you sounds like he’s wheezing really hard and can’t get air in or out i don’t know what’s wrong with her i mean i’m really out of shape or something oh but come on bond he needs you hello i’m dr. nixon so what brings you in today well i don’t know i feel fine right now but earlier i kind of felt like i couldn’t breathe really

Whoa when did it start and how long did it last for well i was going outside to exercise with my brother and i just threw a really long pass to him and when i was running up to him that’s when it started and it just started to type felt kind of tight in my chest like i and i felt like i couldn’t breathe and i i started coughing okay did you feel me feel anxious

At all with you something i did yes i felt really anxious i kind of i was scared that you know like i couldn’t breathe all right do you think that maybe you running around outside might have started you symptoms well i definitely think that i had something to do with it because i mean i’ve never done that before and that’s what i was doing what happened do you um

Usually get this when you exercise we’ll see there’s the problem because i don’t usually exercise uh-huh so this was kind of a first time exercising yeah all right did you do anything to relieve these symptoms i tried to go to the bathroom cuz sometimes if i’m not feeling well that’ll help it didn’t help this time and so that’s what i tried okay when you were coffee

Did you have any musical sounds favorite stuff south by musical in your coffee uh yeah i kind of sounded like a wistful yeah when i was breathing and i wasn’t trying to but it’s kind of uncontrollable okay did your was your heart beating faster than our mom can you remember um yes it was how long did he symptoms last forward oh i think it was about 20 minutes oh

Man you feel fine now i feel fine all right well i’m gonna take a listen to ya anyway here and see where we go from there okay could you sit up for me please take some nice deep breaths and again okay good so back do you breathe normally are you having any pain at all no no just you feel pretty good by now yeah i mean i just pretty much took it easy but laid down

And sat down and it kind of just went away after a while okay well i’ll be right back in five minutes and i’ll let you know what’s going on okay okay johnny well after going over your symptoms and your history i think you might have exercise induced asthma oh it’s nothing what do we do well i’m gonna start him on a bronchodilator called albuterol okay it’s for

Chronic and acute as my aunt for the prevention of exercise induced asthma okay do you guys know anything that has them no okay well aspects inflammatory disorder of the airway walls associated with varying amounts of airway obstruction this disorder is triggered by stimuli such as stress allergies and exercise when activated by stimuli the bronchi airways become

Devious and in flames leading to constriction of air passages this obstruction contributes to wheezing coughing coughing breathlessness and tightness in the chest pretty much describes it right there that’s what was happening yep okay well i’m gonna put you on albuterol since as a sort sort on the airway the bronchi are constricted okay so they’re constricted well

What does that mean they’re tightening up they’re not allowing air flow through okay and so albuterol starts to stimulate some sunni like the bronchi in the lungs and that which relaxes the bronchi smooth muscles and darts to rum and thiolate the bronchi which ultimately leads to dilate the bronchi and increase airway okay so that that will just pretty much stop

The feeling of i can’t breathe yes it will open up your airway so it doesn’t constrict tight enough anymore okay and i’m gonna start you on albuterol because it is has less side effects than other bronchodilators and i wrote you a script or albuterol and i’m giving you two the first dose here it’s gonna be a nebulizer which you put over your mouth your nose and

Mouth inhale oh thank god you figured out what was wrong oh yes it’s there’s just a few things that you need to know about ab you know if you miss a dose take as soon as you remember and do not ever double your dose or increase your dose about talking to me first about okay and notified me asap if you have any shortness of breath dizziness increased sweating or

Chest pain okay and one more thing is call me before taking any over-the-counter drugs such as cold or cold symptoms or die at those thank you doctor you’re welcome do you have any more questions so okay so if i take this then i can exercise with my brother again yep just take it 30 minutes before you do any strenuous activity all right that was an awesome steak

Thank you oh good now it’s time for your treatment now i know you don’t want to do this right now but right after you eat is the best time to avoid nausea vomit ass that’s what the nurses world taught us remember oh yeah and now you may feel restless or shaky you might get some chest pains or palpitations just let me know if you do that’s a side effect about being

Wrong okay remember to breathe deep i wait until all the medication is gone i think i got it kengo exercise now um you have to wait at least 30 minutes okay oh man good nice to taste in my mouth wait i know you have a bad taste in your mouth but caffeine can increase the it affects about butor also you need to rinse your mouth out with water you’re right mom as

I’m glad you’re paying attention ha ha that’s much better alright hey in 30 minutes you mean football you want to exercise again with me johnny yeah i’m feeling great are you sure remember what happened last time well yeah that was kind of scary no i’m just dying you know but the doctor gave me that that thingy that i breathe in and mom said as long as i take

That i can make the exercise again now what did the doctor say the barometer of you oh he said it was exercise induced asthma so basically just pretty much with physical activity as long as i take it before i should be fine and what kind of medicine did you have i believe it was called albuterol and it’s gonna help you breathe there yeah i feel much better already

All right well let’s do some exercise yeah i know how to hit this thing yeah all right you hit this thing i’ll keep on saying drive already okay ready set go right donnie prime right well that’s kind of wait it is how do you feel i feel awesome you’re not having any symptoms now thank goodness for albuterol and exercise

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IWCC Group 3 With albuterol By Kole Petersen