Kicked Off The Beach! – Kitchen Sink episode 1

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Anyone single here just kids right now so we heard about you dropping your pants in front of people hey it’s been a minute since i filmed the video and you just might notice i’m in a bit of a different environment i’m not gonna give you too many details of where i’m at but basically i’m in a place where there’s not a lot of people and especially no blonde girls i

Want to be standing here for a bit still filming the videos the other day mateo came to my door and he told me that he’s gonna go to the ringling brothers clown college to pursue his dream of becoming a clown instead of leaving i didn’t really know what to do with myself so i just said it how would i get an education and now i’m at college before him and i left

We decided just to fill up this one big video that was gonna make a send off from each other and it was a complete disaster sometimes the camera battery died the audio was all messed up we have set a few people in the mix but we still got some pretty good clips out of it so i’m basically making this whole video series as like a it type of video whatever scraps

And leftovers i have from other videos that didn’t make the full video i’m just putting this because i’m a lazy piece of why make new original content if i could just use clips for my old videos so pretty much just gonna be just a bunch of random clips along with behind the scenes of other videos so uh enjoy well yeah ladies also coming in town ready to come your

Way coming your way you guys look like you need an alpha part of your crew excuse me guys so i was tripping in from pump town you know trying to catch a quick quasi but uh i don’t know where i’m going you guys need like an alpha like i mean the shirt says it all kind of alpha and up yeah yeah you sure i could be your bodyguard you guys might need a protection oh

Yeah what if you guys need a bodyguard though but like something i’m telling you people are closing up here it’s crazy the heat the heat’s extreme just so hard so flexing are you sure you show yourself excuse me gents it’s kind of wandering over from pump town just wondering if you guys need you guys need an alpha in the group you know she kind of says it all you

Know you guys need something ambassador tracing maybe i guess he’s some pastor tracer no rub it on you go rub it on you go oh man no so this one time is walking home he goes good what are you doing and i was like dude read the shirt read it and you looked at me and he went he went oh i’m sorry alpha university pick it up today on a bread yes who’s dripping

More mommy who’s dripping listen side makes the bag i’m alpha as though no you’re good what the now i like it now you’re good well i can do multiple iron’s good and nobody i’ll play you in spike while holding all my hey please don’t curse dude i think we got it yeah good for business when his pants down to his head i’m dripping right now i’m dripping right

Now come on man all the ladies are coming over here man you got it you got to do some business bro i’m just like you we got the do-rags we’re all we’re all one oh yes will this be better is this better it could be compromised hey guys um anyone single here no there’s no one singly guys here i don’t know i think i think i can get all right never mind never mind

Lifeguards believe it or not i’m actually a certified lifeguard would you mind if i pop on the stand get a good good luck for you guys you sure freaking ayahuasca on the job right does it have anything to do with my sag don’t be sack phobic out here i have the red shorts and the shirt if i left i may have may have not got fired more recently believe it or not

Can you point me the direction of where the babes are at i’m looking to find a wife oh what’s up all right so we heard about you dropping your pants in front of people oh well the deal is i have these pants i never got a belt so it’s kind of like you know accident you know i just like let it go and just goes yeah it’s a big uh it’s a big no-no yo yo yo yo how

Are pouch in this day what’s up shoddies um let me cut this here i’m in love with you guys really yeah i love you what’s your name melanie melanie will you make me the happiest man in this world and marry me yes that’s the wrong finger thing should we should we should we kiss the bride on the cheek what’s it save it for later tonight later tonight i’ll see you

Later yes i’ll see you later all right bye melanie i love you dude sag sack works every time works every time bro i almost kissed her you got her number no i’m not sure that’s for a number that’s the name of the game i forgot to get your number we’re in the car ride in the yanke all in hats you know it’s just a casual day filming a quick video you know i

Don’t really know what to say there’s a red rooster roosters or um family of a bird birds fly you know what else the only mammal that can fly is a bat who else is a bat batman batman versus superman was a pretty bad movement who directed that movie zach schneider what else is zack schneider direct oh what was it the 100 the like 100 movie 300 yeah he had directed

300 which is about like it’s like orange yeah spartans who invaded who invaded troy a trojan horse it’s far into it around that time are you guys posting this youtube what dude okay we were supposed to see the camera could i get your number yeah well we’re gonna we’re getting kicked out right now michael you failed i know dude you broke characters it’s kind

Of not it’s not that hard to see the camera so what youtube channel oh yeah we’re at the top yeah we’re kind of like a big deal so are you guys married we almost got married no yeah we did get here we got married i gave a ring yeah yeah she may have not kissed me but we’re saving it for later yeah that’s right no free medal no premium yeah we’re too risky with

The physical touch yeah dude i put the ring on her finger that was like that was a little bit i’m not gonna lie i got a little bit harder are you guys in college kevin almost i go to ringling brothers clown college where’d you graduate from ringling brothers clown college yeah for real we’re clouds we’re actually clowns like what what’s bring lane brothers cloud

College it’s actually this will be harder to get into than harvard yeah that’s facts that is the truth does he even exist anymore yeah it does it’s a big deal yeah which one do you guys go to ringling sisters yeah brothers uh clown institute yeah honors program wow so you guys really it was really hard to get it you really know your yeah melanie i love you i’ll

See you at my wedding yeah tonight if i if i got a kiss i would have that would have been like the best clip ever boy so we almost i almost had her i wonder some news i’m getting married and you guys are invited yeah absolutely fumbled you look like a idiot you want to be my best man she agree to get married she may have not give me given me her number but she

Agreed to to a wedding kevin you wanna be my best man i don’t do weddings if you don’t want my best man would you at least just attend just pop by maybe christian what do you think about this you coming oh you guys like a package deal would you guys do security if i paid you guys you know i mean i don’t want anyone people like you know you gotta be a pretty penny

I have plenty of pretty pennies my dad my daddy actually owns this beach he’s the one i’m playing near right now yeah we’re running out love you guys are saying up christian and kevin please forgive me for that for what i’m about to do i need to get out of these jeans dude oh my god that is so much more comfortable holy

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Kicked Off The Beach! – Kitchen Sink episode 1 By Maybach Mike