Learn how to use INBRIJA (levodopa inhalation powder)

Patient Information Leaflet and Instructions For Use:

Read and follow the accompanying instructions for use before you start using ambrisia and each time you get a refill as there may be new information remember the instructions for use and this video don’t take the place of talking to your healthcare provider about your medical condition or treatment hi i’m peter and i’m here to show you how to use imbrija please

Know that using ambrisia may take some practice at first here are the parts to your embrysia inhaler before we continue here’s some important information to keep in mind never swallow and breeze your capsules embrysia capsules should only be used with the ambrysia inhaler and inhaled through your mouth let’s get started let’s prepare your dose find a clean dry

Surface and make sure your hands are clean and dry too then get your embryo inhaler and a strip of capsules tear off a package of two capsules always check the expiration date then remove the blue cap on the inhaler by pulling it straight off twist and pull off the mouthpiece to separate it from the handle carefully peel back the foil and take out one capsule

Remove only one capsule at a time and do that just before you’re ready to use it never use any capsule that looks crushed damaged or wet if it does throw it away and get a new one load the capsule by holding the inhaler upright using the handle drop one capsule into the opening of the capsule chamber do not try to load two capsules at the same time reattach

The white mouthpiece by lining up the white arrows on the handle and mouthpiece firmly push the mouthpiece and handle together until you hear a click only do this once because this punctures the capsule if you push the handle and mouthpiece together more than once you can damage the capsule and you may not get your full dose if you push down more than once throw

The capsule in the trash and start over with a new capsule when you release the mouthpiece it will spring back and stay attached your inhaler is now ready to use hold the inhaler level and away from your mouth stand or sit up straight and look straight ahead breathe out do not breathe into the mouthpiece while keeping the inhaler level close your lips firmly

Around the mouthpiece breathe in slowly and gently just enough to hear or feel the capsule whirl as it spins inside the inhaler the whirl means the inhaler is working and you are getting your medicine then take the inhaler out of your mouth and hold your breath for a few seconds then breathe out it is quite common to cough when you breathe in but try not to

If you cough out the medicine it will reduce the amount you receive in your body for some people coughing may feel like the sensation of choking just remember you don’t need to breathe in strongly you may take more than one breath per capsule if it’s easier for you some people have found that sipping liquid before and after breathing in the medicine also

Helps with cough please see the important safety information at the end of this video if you didn’t hear or feel the whirl take deeper longer breaths until you do if you still don’t hear or feel the whirl try cleaning the mouthpiece before moving on we’ll touch more on cleaning the inhaler later twist and pull off the mouthpiece and take out the used capsule

As you are throwing the capsule away you will notice that there are two puncture marks on the top of it you may also see powder residue this is normal repeat these steps with the second capsule carefully peel back the foil and take it out load the capsule by holding the inhaler upright using the handle line up the white arrows and push the mouthpiece and handle

Together until you hear a click standing or sitting up straight hold the inhaler level and away from your mouth breathe out keeping the inhaler level close your lips firmly around the mouthpiece and breathe in slowly and gently as you did with the first capsule you will hear and feel the capsule whirl hold your breath for a few seconds then breathe out twist and

Pull off the mouthpiece and remove the used capsule you’re ready to dispose of the used capsules and store your inhaler throw the used capsules in the trash to avoid powder buildup you can clean your inhaler as needed start by removing the white mouthpiece you will see that there are holes on both sides of the mouthpiece use a new dry cotton swab to wipe

The powder off the holes from both sides of the mouthpiece using a circular motion you can also use a dry tissue to wipe the outside of the mouthpiece do not clean any other parts of the inhaler do not rinse the mouthpiece or get the inhaler wet always keep the inhaler and capsules dry replace the mouthpiece and cap aligning the white arrows store a capsule

Inside the inhaler for a future dose always keep the inhaler and capsules dry it’s important to note that once you’ve used all the capsules in a carton throw out the inhaler for your next dose open a new carton each one has a new inhaler and capsules and that’s how to use embrysia thanks for watching and please refer back to this video and the instructions for

Use included with each refill anytime you need a refresher if you have any problems using ambrisia contact imbrisa support at four 1-888-887-3447 embresia levodopa inhalation powder is a prescription medicine used when needed for off episodes in adults with parkinson’s treated with regular carbidopa levodopa medicine inbrisia does not replace regular carbidopa

Levodopa medicine important safety information do not use ambrisia if you take or have taken a non-selective monoamine oxidase inhibitor such as phenylsine or trancipramine within the last two weeks before using imbrija tell your healthcare provider about your medical conditions including asthma chronic obstructive pulmonary disease copd or any chronic lung

Disease daytime sleepiness sleep disorders sleepiness or drowsiness without warning or use of medicine that increases sleepiness including antidepressants or antipsychotics dizziness nausea sweating or fainting when standing up abnormal movement dyskinesia mental health problems such as hallucinations or psychosis uncontrollable urges like gambling sexual urges

Spending money or binge eating glaucoma pregnancy or plans to become pregnant it is unknown if embrysia will harm an unborn baby breastfeeding or plans to breastfeed levodopa can pass into breast milk and it is unknown if it can harm the baby tell your healthcare provider if you take maob inhibitors dopamine d2 antagonists including phenothiazines buterophenones

Risperidone metaclopramide isoniazid iron salts or multivitamins that contain iron salts do not drive operate machinery or do other activities until you know how embresia affects you sleepiness and falling asleep suddenly can happen as late as a year after treatment is started tell your health care provider if you experience the following side effects falling asleep

During normal daily activities with or without warning if you become drowsy do not drive or do activities where you need to be alert chances of falling asleep during normal activities increases if you take medicines that cause sleepiness withdrawal emergent hyperpyrexia and confusion fever stiff muscles or changes in breathing and heartbeat if you suddenly stop

Using imbrija or carbidopa levodopa or suddenly lower your dose of carbidopa levodopa low blood pressure when standing up that may be with dizziness fainting nausea and sweating get up slowly after sitting or lying down hallucinations and other psychosis embresia may cause or worsen seeing hearing or believing things that are not real confusion disorientation

Or disorganized thinking trouble sleeping dreaming a lot being overly suspicious or feeling people want to harm you acting aggressive and feeling agitated or restless unusual uncontrollable urges such as gambling binge eating shopping and sexual urges has occurred in some people using medicine like embrysia uncontrolled sudden body movements dyskinesia may be

Caused or worsened by embrysia imbrija may need to be stopped or other parkinson’s medicines may need to be changed bronchospasm people with asthma copd or other lung diseases may wheeze or have difficulty breathing after inhaling embrysia if this occurs stop taking ambrisia and seek immediate medical attention increased eye pressure in patients with glaucoma

Your health care provider should monitor this changes in certain lab values including liver tests the most common side effects of embrysia are cough upper respiratory tract infection nausea and change in the color of saliva or spit do not orally inhale more than one dose two capsules for any off period do not take more than five doses ten capsules in a day

Please see accompanying patient information leaflet you

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Learn how to use INBRIJA® (levodopa inhalation powder) By INBRIJA® (levodopa inhalation powder) 42 mg capsules