Let for all Then the area bounded by y = …

To ask Unlimited Maths doubts download Doubtnut from – Let `f(x) = min [ tan x, cot x, 1sqrt3]` for all `x in (0, pi/2)`Then the area bounded by y = f (x) and the X – axis is

Question u1l late fx is custom minimum of 10 x cortex and 1 by root 3 for all x belongs to 0 to pi over 2 then the area bounded by the curve y is equal to fx and x x is taken up canonical my efforts to define kil cookus i define a minimum of 10 amps cortex and why it’s goes to up 1 by root 3 for all x belongs to 0 z 0 to pi over 2 then the area between the curve

Of y is equals to fx and fx is the accessibility flux nicaragua flux in tunic which vitarka a minimum of booty say about me okay okinawa sells beliefs kid grab dona mati grab the tag upon x is the score will be my area with the kazuma key area kansai area iconic alma do required area i walk on server ticket escalator my function could define guru to function

Fx guess that’s a minimum optical effects minimum of pre-1998 thicker cortex or 1 by root 3 tk twister a minimum nickel na / key syndrome enjoy excellent dramatic i would zero say 5 automatic ag was a pi by 2 matrix kupatana forbid open can mingle 9x except area d a hamburger my uncle grab down t nunca 10 x 4 x or y is equal to 1 by root 3 the a lemongrass

Explained critique whose girl get up and required ariana kalinga yeah better mcgraw but don t get off maneuver tiny a bending krautrock yeah y is equals to 1 by root 3 tk or jus blue color man grabbed rock blue pillar walla cones a graphic cortex over the red walla member to the red wallach 8 and x tk to read over like i have 10x tower got my minimum the hoodie

Here i’m gonna go grab with a 9 minimum mathematic the minimum 0 to pi by omega 0 second my 0.3 0.1 so ver is the other my x-coordinate veloute a yoga and of then of critter q value 1 by root 3 comma booty pa value is eggy 5 by 6 figure or e value point 1 zookeeper for jump at an anchor cortex is equal sql ookay okay sql upto viii is giving you one movie ticket

Or yaga you point x coordinate is given by y for you ski with me here for evil upon yoga yeah well upon 2 pi by 3 ta ja rp called t tag value 1 by root 3 yogi a mother my minimum of fx the hoodie was a pepper to me talking my zero say pi by 6 they go to minimum coincide give us the power signal comes a cropper then next again algorithm pi by 6 ei pi by 3 beats

My minimum gravity go to minimum once a minimum y is equals to 1 by root 3 t 4 other my foot pi by 3 pi over 2 min ago the minimum coincide cortex top nico to area in kalina would yang area inside yah like total area nickel in tech areas running koneko other my area they could to you take rectangle bindra happy again a point is going to burger man let’s say spawn

Two people’s outta here correspond square mike you both know taken your point p or q or e g9 oo respond to my are bold is not again too obvious your bun right your fingal banega the rectangle value command atenolol a key area both open i say as it is like ii again yeah our my rectangle valley area like who take a yoga rectangle area at this cave open callaghan

Here length into width to agura my skill and they go to length yeah length i skip pi by 3 minus pi by 6 figure into rs kyogre upon a height they get the height with you ziggy 1 by root 3 this ski i – i give 1 by root 3 the yoga rectangle area above neighbors cap on dry up neighbors a key really much right here how well do area which are well to get a semi redis is

Headed carew up never scones idea which i you allah or east i demand yah i’m a veloute ego is symmetric overcome quarter tank outside complementary function of the agape usual area is symmetrical over which is my you about my area you read well of course on my path our own equals seryoga nothing my totally abbulu your total area ok x-axis cassatt under mania but

Totally aleck county k2 totally ryoga mu k over l abortion to manipulate said it here area evolve are you can counter 0 say fiber 630 correa or is good opening calculate d korea is cogan when you calculate rho 2 tk 3 get now gyro upon l same-sex drilling a tiara got pi by 6 into 1 by root 3 taken yep mess except on one by root sweetie pie by 6 root 3 a rectangle

Do bitumen rosca aerial examining you have currently i got pi over 6 root 3 or your area kansai area by by 16 v n3 tuck or similarly area early ku 5 by 3 is the power to the kobe camera area a k equals over again do you know complementary function rotate and export x2 a area yoga or e upon e cos n pi by 3 is a fireman to 30 area yeah take a company bus you solve

Oh yeah now becoming a really cool area up another upon calculate crazy area whoopee area cows ever total area the area was i got to a plus charging up pi upon 6 root 3 or a yoga other my a big goon – i give us a pi by 6 pi over 6 for 10 guy integral to integral the coup de cachoeira 0 7 limit rocking a 0 say pi over 6 or yaga yaga 10 x dx or yep now rectangle

Guy idea or assyria covenant to say multiply carvaka already to 6 root 3 a document a next guy until they go to 10 eccentrically i can assign trigger luther yeah be open to solve go to 2 or 10 x integration kya kehna 5 minus ln cos x gk is an open limit cause counter working here – ellen go sighs miss gyro say bye-bye 6 the working here or plus pi upon 6 root

3 evaluate it is your rectangular idi amin in karratha open it’s me a while you a critic a – cause of privacy a parliamentary coup through – or you – ln caused by ice sixes i go or – up – pika – are you – oh you are a sign a limit viloria – edge it is a ln cos of 0 tk e value as i got or plus pi upon 6 root 3 a burger upon his course all cry cause you’re okay

Belly coyote caused you to value one with yet again my umbilical – – ln cos pi over 6 pi over 6 goodnight 30 degree or cos 30 degree k value kavya root 3 by 2 tk cos 30 value t root 3 by 2 or y -1 as follows plus or a ln cos 0 k value 1 or theta k ln zero or you plus pi upon six troop three ln1 give a little 0t you happening over time ln one i learned one key

Value k okay zero pol you come to cancel away same idea courtesy ln one go zero put corona here the answer may – go – square just cookie – ed just was i got through ln two upon root 3 was i gotta go – upon root 3 + 5 y 6 root 3 a burger my option my screw-up not answer again i would have an option my adoption cows i got take a unit to go undergo k square career

Dk about to call you because a thing ln you property earlier they are play ln 2 upon root 3 calm old square licks a thing yet to open either saved calls at escape our mateus to cope menisci borrows it closer to the pi by 6 root c or jaeger island whole by 3 i got a pawnee square square cutter did you finally hosea ln 4 1 3 + pi upon 6 root 3 top non sorry i open

Automatically ln 4 by 3 plus pi over 6 root 3 lm for visitors of no answer yoga – a is the correct answer – ef non tsuruga

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Let `f(x) = min [ tan x, cot x, 1sqrt3]` for all `x in (0, pi/2)`Then the area bounded by y = … By Doubtnut