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This was our second month using letrozole! I didn’t have to go and get my progesterone checked this month so I had no way of knowing if I had ovulated but I completely forgot I had ovulation test and the results are shocking!!!

Welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be an update on where we are with our letrozole tablets and if they worked if the devon white this is our second month using them so yeah i didn’t have to go get my progesterone check this month if you can remember i mentioned that in the last video um and i forgot that i had ovulation sex lying about and i

Decided to take one the other night i decided to take one on the 22nd of march if you could remember i said i was going to be over later on the 21st of march which was my birthday and i thought i’m going to take an ovulation stick and see if it comes up positive and i could not believe her poster of this test came up like this is how poised of the test came up

Can you believe how positive it was like this is the controlling this is the positive lane the test ovulation lane the test ovulation lane is darker than the control lane i have never had an ovulation stick this dark in my entire time of trying for our baby like never in a million years did i think that i was even like when i look at it now i’m like that is

Like that is the darkest lane i’ve ever had in my life like it’s crazy to think that that’s how dark it was and it just shows you that i was ovulating this month and i just happened to look where i keep like my kind of random stuff and i notice that i still had a box of the ovulation stacks and i picked that box up and had to lift than that so i still got one

Left tips well if this doesn’t work desmond i think use it next month i see em but yeah i got this oh and i thought i prefer to jump in the shower what harm can we do and it’ll actually depth and and the taste saying came up away as great as unless just now like i even keep into matthew and i was like matthew look how dark this lane is like i’m definitely oh

Really in this one and i’m pretty sure this down to the letrozole so it’s good results this month again but whether we have conceived this month as a completely other question like we won’t know until the start of april so fingers crossed everything as well and let’s just old tablets this month where can put a different i didn’t have any side effects the first

Time that i took them the first month i had sore heads and i feel quite sick ii and this month i feel nothing i had no sadness no headaches like nothing like i feel completely faint i think the only thing wrong with me was i had a dry mouth a long and i’m pretty sure that’s one of the side effects so yeah i started them again and to finish them and we definitely

Obviously did best month i don’t know they at first i didn’t really believe them because they’re not a my i took it off lesions that when i was using them they would come up like the latest lane and i’m like i don’t know if that means i’m actually ovulating because you can give you the package is at that ain’t cess dark it can be ovulation and i’m like how do

You know that that’s ovulation like that could mean anything that could mean that oh you just had a little bit billion but you’re not going to get pregnant this month so i think you know so when s came up i knew straight away that i was ovulating and yeah i’m just so glad and i can’t give you a lot about the assurances bill because if you’re not going back to the

Door just to get your bloods checked then you definitely know that your belated this month so it’s a bonus and i’m kind of glad i found this is real cause i kind of cheered me up a little bit to know that i was ovulating because i didn’t know was i think the livers or tablets and not going to get anywhere or was i hitting them and i was going to ovulate again

Because i wasn’t going to the hospital i didn’t know am i gonna be able to find out if i feel like this month and tell my period comes or what but finding these was the best thing i ever did so yeah but definitely obviously this month according to this anime so yeh let’s see how things go i am still playing and very hopeful that we are going to have a baby very

Soon so yeah baby thus to you all as well i know i’ve been watching a lot of videos and a lot of the regular people that i watch on here have been son to struggle or and baby does to everyone and i hope that everything happens quickly for you as for me as well so yeah thanks for watching guys and i will see you all in the next video whenever that may be but if

You do like watching my videos please like and subscribe to my channel i do lots of different things though i’m constantly sat here thinking of ideas and if there’s any ideas and anything you want to see please leave a little comment and i will do the video for you but thanks for watching guys and i’ll see you medicine bang

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Letrozole Month 2 | Did I Ovulate Again? | The Hamilton’s By The Hamilton’s