Hi farmies um i’d like to talk to you today about levothyroxine so it’s a thyroid medication that we give for um hypothyroidism so it is going to um be a a supplement for t3 or t4 it’s going to be a synthetic form of t3 or t4 and these are this is kind of how i like to remember it so here’s your thyroid gland um and in this state we have this is given for hypo

Thyroid so in hypothyroid our t3 and t4 are low and our th is high right because it’s trying to stimulate that thyroid come on do something we don’t have enough of t3 or t4 so the way i remember that this is for hypothyroid i go level zero level zero how much thyroid do we have nothing so that’s our thyroid level zero so here’s our thyroid gland looks like a

Little butterfly there’s a little butterfly um in the middle of your neck so we have hypothyroidism we give some levothyroxine and now what do we want so this is the before over here that’s hypothyroid this is what we want you to become is you thyroid which is normal right normal thyroid so what we would expect to see is our levels of t3 and t4 to go up and

Our tsh to go down so after we give our medication here’s our thyroxine we’re going to expect a reversal in our thyroid level so when we check our labs our tsh should now be low because it’s not going to need to stimulate anymore because the body knows it has enough of t3 and t4 now so i want you to remember that we give this medication in the morning before

Breakfast so i gave you a little sunshine the other thing that’s kind of interesting about this drug is that after you pick a brand i gave you a bunch of brands after you pick a brand of thyroid whether it’s the brand name or the generic or whatever it is be consistent stay with the same brand so you want brand loyalty with this one it doesn’t really matter which

Brand but just stay with the same one and then you get the same level of the hormone the last thing i’d like to talk to you about is the effect of thyroid medications on your heart so you guys all know how much i like cardiac right so when you have a low thyroid so here’s hypothyroid um your heart is very weak and you get a stiffening of your blood vessels so

This gets really rigid and stiff um that’s with hypothyroid oops so we’ll go with low thyroid gives you a weak heart rate if you have high thyroid hyperthyroid your heartbeat goes really fast we end up with increase in heart rate so we can end up with um tachycardia as a side effect if we go too far so you know we want to improve that weak heartbeat but by

Giving the levothyroxine we can end up taking it too far if we get too high of levels we can start showing signs of hyperthyroid which would be tachycardia all right guys that’s my levothyroxine given for hypothyroidism um level zero how much thyroid do i have nothing level zero so i give some levothyroxine i improve my t3 t4 levels i drop my tsh um and i gotta

Watch out for some of my nursing administration issues meaning i’ve got to give it in the morning i’ve got to be careful to stick with the same brand and i have to monitor my patients for signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism all right guys whoops wrong card there we go synthroid um hypothyroidism remember that once your thyroid isn’t functioning anymore it does

Require lifelong treatment so that’s that is a medication that people are going to have to be on forever so if they say hey as soon as i start feeling better i can stop taking this med that’s the wrong answer they have to take it um forever as a replacement for their inactive thyroid alright have a great day

Transcribed from video
Levothyroxine By Kevin Ashak