Linzess (linaclotide)- IBS-C, CIC- by Saro Arakelians, PharmD- Episode #51

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Good afternoon everyone this is sarah archiness your clinical pharmacist welcome to episode number 51 of pharmacists education corner um today i’ll be discussing another medication with you the name of the medication is lenses or glinoclotide linses is from allergen pharma it was fda approved and asked on april 30th 2012. i have included the image of the lenses

And the capsule for you over here to see and i’ll get into the dosing in a second this is a granulated cyclase c agonists indicated in adults patients for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome or ibs with constipation um or chronic idiopathic constipation uh it’s um structurally related to human and guanoline and uroglonaline and functions as a guanolate cyclic

C agonist both um linochloride and its active metabolite bind to the ngc c receptors and act locally on the luminal surface of the intestinal epithelium activation of gcc receptors result in that increase in the both intracellular and extracellular concentration of cyclic analysis monophysite which is a same as cgmp elevation of intracellular cgmp stimulates

Secretion of chloride and bicarbonate into the intestinal lumen resulting in increased intestinal fluid and accelerated transit and this is how the medication this medication works as far as dosing it comes in a capsule format as you see in the image 72 microgram 145 microgram or 290 microgram uh the recommended dose in a dose for ibs is 290 in microgram by mud

Every day for um chronic idiopathic constipation is 145 milligames by amount every day or 72 microgram um orally once daily based on the individual presentation or tolerability for the patient it’s it’s it’s recommended to take on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes prior to the first meal of the day and it’s not supposed to be crushed or chewed and this is

Important for these patients to know about this capsule the most common side effects seen from this drug you know include diarrhea abdominal pain flatulence abdominal distension which is expected it’s important for these patients to know about these side effects and if they experience any of these side effects to refer back to the pharmacist or a healthcare

Provider for follow uh in clinical trials the efficacy of this for the management of ibs was establishing two double-blind plasma control randomized multi-similar studies in adult patients a total of about 800 patients and in trial one in eight or four patients in trial two were enrolled with the average age of a mean age of uh 44 uh years uh 90 females 77

Percent white 19 percent black 12 percent hispanic and they received the treatment dose of lenses for 290 microgram dosage versus placebo so based on this study and a few other studies elizabeth was approved from allergen pharma on april 30th 2012 uh for either a treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation again it’s

A capsule format comes in three different dosages and this is a summary information uh regarding lenses for more detailed information please refer to the package insert available from the manufacturer’s website as always hope you enjoyed this video stay safe and take your medications

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Linzess (linaclotide)- IBS-C, CIC- by Saro Arakelians, PharmD- Episode #51 By Pharmacist Education Corner- by Saro Arakelians