Medroxyprogesterone Teaching Presentation

Depo provera medroxy progesterone this is an example of a provera medication label hydroxy progesterone is indicated for use to treat amenorrhea in women who are not pregnant and are not menopausal if you have missed or have irregular periods then medroxyprogesterone may help you get your reproductive health back on track medroxy progesterone may help with

Abnormal menstrual bleeding as well medroxyprogesterone works by preventing overgrowth of the uterine lining and working as a synthetic progesterone hormone for both of these uses medroxyprogesterone is usually giving po or orally while there are many uses for mundroxy progesterone the most common use for hydroxy progesterone is for pregnancy prevention within

This use medroxyprogesterone is usually administered as a subcutaneous or intramuscular injection at either weekly or every three month intervals this can be done in a doctor’s office or also at home when used appropriately medroxyprogesterone can be 99 effective in preventing pregnancy hydroxy progesterone works to prevent pregnancy by preventing the growth and

Implantation of an egg during the menstrual cycle as well as beginning vaginal secretions to reduce the ability of sperm to fertilize an egg as a patient it is really important that you choose to be an active participant in your personal health care this helps to ensure that you receive the appropriate treatment and you and your doctor can kind of help to guide your

Health care to help achieve the goals that you are wanting if you would like to wait like five years to have children or if you want help just preventing children for the time being your doctor can help you by offering appropriate medical solutions and medications that follow your goals make sure you remember to go to your regular medical follow-up appointments

As they will be required while taking this medication this typically includes a yearly physical and a pelvic exam as well as a pap smear those are all very important to receive annually let your nurse and doctor know if you are experiencing any signs of an ectopic pregnancy such as intense cramping or painful abdomen pressure as that can be life-threatening oral

Tablets side effects include abdominal or stomach pain absent mist or irregular menstrual periods anxiety blurred vision breast pain or tenderness changes in skin color chills clay colored stools having the medication given is an im or sub-q injections can have some side effects too the side effects can include abdominal pain bloating decreased interest in sex

Depression dizziness and headaches it is very common at least at the beginning to experience some irregular bleeding that can last through the first injection breast pain or tenderness is also possible if you have a history of blood clot in the leg or the lung make sure to consult your primary care provider these images shown are just a few of the side effects

Or adverse effects that a patient taking depo provera could have the following information is important to know before taking medroxy progesterone if you’re receiving this injection the injection form you have to go to the doctor’s office every three months in order to get the injection if you miss a dose make sure you get the injection as soon as possible

While waiting to receive the missed dose in the meantime make sure you use a non-hormonal form of birth control like a condom or diaphragm with spermicide if you haven’t received a dose in over 14 weeks it is possible that you can get pregnant the drug does not prevent stis so make sure to continue wearing a condom during intercourse and then it may take some

Time after discontinuing deathbow provera before you are able to become pregnant before taking medroxyprogesterone make sure you let your doctor know if you’re taking amino glucomide anticonvulsants or steroids as these medications can diminish the effect to ensure you’re not pregnant before starting depo vera a doctor will confirm your pregnancy by having

You take a simple urine test make sure to tell your doctor immediately if you become pregnant or are considering getting pregnant shortly after taking metroxy progesterone also inform your doctor if you experience any continuous or heavy breakthrough bleeding breakthrough bleeding is a normal side effect of the medicine but just it should not be continuous or

Heavy and then also make sure to inform your doctor that you’re taking taking this medication that’s any doctor you see as it can affect the results of some medical tests this image shown is what depo provera looks like out of its packaging it comes with a syringe and a vial that contains the medication itself do you lead a busy life and cannot remember to take

A pill every day would you like to decrease the uncomfortable symptoms associated with your menstrual cycle then depo provera may be right for you talk to your doctor to see if this might be the right birth control option for you do not take if you are already pregnant or suspect to be pregnant if you have an active or a history of thrombophlebitis or cerebral

Vascular disease it is also not indicated for a known or suspected malignancy of breast known hypersensitivity to depo provera liver disease in undiagnosed vaginal bleeding do not take if you’re allergic to progestins depo rivera has a black box warning stating that the drug should not be used for long-term treatment more than two years as severe loss of bone

Mineral density may occur discuss with your provider any over-the-counter or other prescribed medications you are currently taking including herbal remedies as it has been found that herbal products such as st john’s wort can interact with the effectiveness of depo-provera these are the references that we used to create our debo provera teaching presentation you

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Medroxyprogesterone Teaching Presentation By Emily Braun